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1 PETRONAS E&P Data Centre (EPDC)
Country Presentation : Malaysia PETRONAS E&P Data Centre (EPDC) De Janeiro 15-18 March 2011 ©2011 PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the permission of the copyright owner.

2 PETRONAS Fully-integrated national oil and gas corporation
Wholly owned by the Government Has ownership and control of the domestic hydrocarbon resources for Malaysia, via PETRONAS PMU (Petroleum Management Unit) Malaysian Government PSC partners PSC Companies Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Petroleum Development Act 1974

3 Institutional Structure Relating to Petroleum Industry
Prime Minister Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Prime Minister’s Department Ministry of International Trade& Industry Ministry of Finance Malaysia Industrial Development Agency Department of Environment Economic Planning Unit PS Contractors/ Operators PS Contractors/ Operators

4 PSC activities in Malaysia
16 Operators from 10 different countries are managing more than 73 PSCs in Malaysia

5 PETRONAS EPDC Initiated in 2004 as PETRONAS E&P Data Centre (EPDC)
Accessible Organized, Centralized, Integrated Reliable Safeguard PETRONAS E&P technical data and information

6 PETRONAS EPDC 2010 Vision Revisited
Professional Service Oriented Efficient & Effective Reliable Proactive Integrity Cohesive Helpful Firm with PSCs - regulator mindset Balance regulator with service mindset A center of excellence for E&P data management, enabling the value maximization of hydrocarbon resources for Malaysia.

Regulating domestic E&P petro-technical data - physical and digital Provide centralized E&P petro-technical data management infrastructure for: Domestic PSC s and PMU PCSB International Operation Support PMU business functions with data/business alignment Promotion of open blocks Exploration to Production activities Strategic planning & national resource management

8 PETRONAS EPDC Maturity Model
Ultimate Target Target for years Current - Process – e.g. of workaround, Express system not accessible by PSCs, so they /memo request in Current position Source: D’Angelo, J & Troy, B 2000, Oil & Gas Journal, Jul.

9 PETRONAS EPDC evolves in three key phases towards realizing the vision
A Center of Excellence for E&P data mgmt, enabling the value maximization of hydrocarbon resources for Malaysia. Establish The Foundation On-going: Institutionalize Seismic data Geo Sample centre E&P Geocomputing Geospatial data management Physical asset database Completed: E&P Data Centre Phase 2 Seismic data management Log data management Document management Tape transcription Integration Roadmap renewal EPDC Roadmap GIS E&P Data Centre Phase 1 Future initiatives: Online presence All data and information submitted electronically All PMU processes run electronically Outsourcing optimised Corporate Strategy Studies Initiate: Completed: Well meta data capture Seismic meta data capture Legacy data scanning E&P DM Assessment Production RTO / IO Enhancement BCP / DRP Open up data to PSC Standards set E&P Data Repositories Completed: Capture and cataloguing of data and information on relinquishment of PSCs E&P IT Strategy Optimize Data management (Document cataloguing) Focus on biz needs Realize benefits/value from EPDC 1995 2007 Today 2015 Beyond 2015

10 Data Dimension 700 Tb of digital data Seismic Well Unstructured
851 Surveys: 3D : ~125K sq km (460) 2D : ~900K line km (391) Seismic 5807 wells Wildcat/appraisal ~ 2092, Dev/Prod ~ 3715,4519 well logs Well Report ~91K, Seismic Section ~250K, Well Log sections ~120K, Maps ~40K Unstructured Platforms = 330, Pipelines = 880 Technical report & as-built drawings~48K Surface Engineering 1004 shape files, Vector = 31 GB, Raster = 6.2 TB Geospatial/ GIS Projects ~ 250 at 218 TB G&G Interpretation Core Sample ~1.3 Mil units (64K boxes) Tape & Media ~350K units Physical 700 Tb of digital data

11 Facilities Data Management Office PETRONAS Visualisation Centre
Real Time Operation Room Tape Storage Tape Transcription Center Core Warehouses PETRONAS Geo Sample Centre (Ready by Q2,2011)

12 Initiatives for the past 18 months
Submission Compliance- PSC data audit Seismic and Well Data Submission requirement review and enhancement PSC DM Forum Quarterly Data Submission Progress Meeting Migration to Enterprise ArcGIS Server for GIS Geo-sample Migration E&P Data Operation Services Well information QC Define and Improve Standards Processes and Procedures SLA for data delivery Framework for Surface Engineering, Drilling and Production archival data PETRONAS Geo Sample Centre PETRONAS Visualisation Refurbishment Technical ICT Cost Optimization Program DRP – Business Impact Analysis (BIA) G&G Project Data Migration PSC Mgmt E&P Data Centre DM Facilities Technical Computing

13 Data Accessibility via PIRI-GIS

14 Process Technology People PETRONAS EPDC : Moving Forward
Clearly redefine roles & responsibilities Career path development Knowledgeable Workforce Governance mindset Manpower Process Promotion of DM Define / Improve Standards, Processes & Procedures Security, Control & Business continuity Define / Enhance Policy & Governance Technology Business Process Architecture Information Architecture Application Architecture Infrastructure Architecture People



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