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National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence

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1 National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence
IPv6 Malaysia - Government Movement & Implementation National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence Presented at Presented by Prof. Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass Director National Advanced IPv6 (NAv6) Center,

2 Government Initiatives on IPv6
National IPv6 Council The National IPv6 Council was established by MEWC in 2004 Functions: To provide leadership, and strategic planning for IPv6 implementation Members: MEWC, MOF, EPU, MAMPU, MOSTI, MCMC, and ISPs by 2006 ISPs Government by 2008 The country by 2010

3 Government Initiatives on IPv6
National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence (NAv6) Established in March 2005 by MEWC To spearhead IPv6 activities in Malaysia Core R&D Training & HRD Monitoring & Audit Awareness & Promotion NAv6 Roles & Responsibilities

4 Current IPv6 Status in Malaysia
IPv6 is identified as one of 8 key Infrastructure areas under MyICMS 886 strategy Under the RMK-9 ( ) IPv6 is highlighted as one of 3 technologies that the Ministry of Energy Water and Communication (MEWC) will priorities MYREN, a national research education network has an IPv6 dual stack deployed linking 12 Universities and research centers

5 Government Initiatives on IPv6
IPv6 is identified as one of 8 key Infrastructure areas under MyICMS 886 strategy MyICMS886 Strategy

6 Government Initiatives on IPv6
Initiatives in RMK‐9 MYREN Phase II: To encourage local R&D institutions and industry to collaborate with local and international research institutions Migration from IPv4 to IPv6 More efforts to improve information security to enhance confidentiality, integrity and availability of online information system Technology focus areas to be emphasized ‐semiconductors and microelectronics, IPv6, grid computing, language engineering and information security

7 IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia
The IPv6 Pilot Project was introduced in accordance with the National IPv6 Council’s vision of an IPv6-enabled Malaysia by 2010 One of the major milestones is to ensure that government agencies are IPv6-enabled by 2008 Two government agencies have been chosen to initiate the Pilot project, they are: The Pilot Projects will be pioneering the deployment of IPv6 in Malaysia Will function as reference and guideline for IPv6 deployment and adoption, focusing on the Malaysian government agencies. Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications (KTAK) Malaysian Administration Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)

8 IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia
IPv6 Pilot Project The step by step approach was taken to ensure that the migration would be free of any technical glitches or security issues. The project comprise of 4 phases The IPv6 deployment was done in a gradual manner adopting several well recognized transition mechanisms Dual-Stack Tunneling Translation Isolated deployment Expanding the infrastructure Production Implementation Commercial Services

9 IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia
IPv6 Pilot Project Objectives Establish basic IPv6 capability in network devices located at the peering points, backbone, and Center LAN backbones. Basic IPv6 capability is defined here as being able to transport and route in dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) mode, and that all devices that are configured in dual-stack mode must be able to interoperate with each other.

10 Areas of Focus for the Pilot Project
IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia Areas of Focus for the Pilot Project Networking Infrastructure Address Planning Information Security Transition Mechanisms Standards Training Testing Cost of Transition

11 IPv6 & e-Government Governments agencies that uses PCN at Putrajaya

12 Pilot Project IPv6 Connectivity
IPv6 tunnel Current IPv6 Connectivity for MEWC and MAMPU

13 IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia
Logical IPv6 Network Topology for the IPv6 Pilot Project Technical view of the IPv6 connectivity USM to PCN

14 IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia
Snapshot of IPv6 traffic information monitored using iNetmon Servers, security & routing devices installed at MAMPU

15 IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia
One of many networking equipments being configured during Phase-3 implementation Work done by NAv6 Engineers

16 IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia
Project Problems & Considerations Available Budget & Time Gathering accurate information Devices with hardwired addresses Important architecture devices that are not, and will never be, IPv6 capable (RFID time management) Variance across the agency in capabilities as budget becomes available

17 The Steps Forward Porting of Commercial e-Government Applications Sollutions e-HealthCare Solution e-Education e-Transportation E-Trading e-Telecommunications e-Utility Security Solution e-Homeland e-Taxation e-Land & Property e-Library People Hub Establishment Hub Vehicle Industry Application Services / Product & Applications Session Services Language Translation Authentication/Security Data Integration Forms Generator E-Payment Gateway Report Management System Content Management System Document Management System Workflow System Directory Services e-Government Infrastructure Solution Commercial e-Government Application being considered to include IPv6 capabilities

18 The Steps Forward IPv6 deployment throughout the Putrayaja Campus Network. IPv6 has been integrated as critical requirements for the network overhaul project. IPv6 deployment for other government agencies. Key agencies have been identified and IPv6 deployment timelines had been made available Participating agencies include: SUK Selangor Malaka State Ministry of Finance and more..

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