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Toward Enterprise GIS in Total E&P Indonesie Puguh SARWANTO (TOTAL E&P INDONESIE)

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1 Toward Enterprise GIS in Total E&P Indonesie Puguh SARWANTO (TOTAL E&P INDONESIE)

2 2 Click to play video Thank you

3 3 Introduction Operation area in Mahakam Delta cover 11 site custodianships within area 6,281.5 km2 Development of TEPI’s Enterprise GIS is divided into 4 Phases (Stand-alone, Centralize Data, Web Application & Integration) and has been developing since 2006

4 4 Highlights Introducing WebGIS in TEPI is tremendous way to publish and share geospatial data and activities. It’s changing the way of daily operation activities. GIS-Mahakam is integrating 9 databases from 6 divisions (Engineering Facility, Field Operation/Production, Geoscience, HSE, Marine-Logistic, Drilling-Well Service)

5 WebGIS-Mahakam User Statistics* Total Users : 2,684 (  60% of TEPI population) Total Hits : 100,957 hits Average per day : 84 users and 207 hits Average per month : 750 users (  17% of TEPI population) Special Training have been conducted to 448 people * Data per October 05, Web-GIS have been accessing since June 2009, by 12 divisions, more than 35 departments. < BACK

6 6 - Reference, date, place

7 WebGIS-Mahakam Applications PLANNING, DESIGN & PRE-PROJECT(USERS)  Well Planning (support Well Surface Meeting)*Business Development, Geoscience, Engineering Facility, Drilling, Societal  Well Site Preparation*Engineering Facility  iCon IntegrationGeoscience  SIGEO*Engineering Geophysics & Geotechnical OPERATION  Well ServiceWell Service  Seismic ActivitiesExploration  Work Permit Field Operations/Production  Marine Hazard Marine Logistic  Production - Plant InformationField Operations/Production  AVTS (Real-time monitoring & Playback)Engineering Facility & Marine Logistic HSE and Societal  Geographic Response Strategy & Oil Spill Simulation* Environment  Anomaly – PipelinePipeline Inspection  Anomaly – Societal point of viewSocietal/Land Affair  Land Asset Documentation* Societal/Land Affair * Still in ArcGIS Desktop

8 WebGIS-Mahakam Impact & Way Forward Users Requests  Handling Requests Mechanism Organization  GIS Committee was established by NOO No. EVP/013/2011 on April 7 th  Deputy Executive VP as Chairman  The member are from Survey Departement, IST, Geoscience-Data Management & New Venture New Development Features:  Marine Vessel Route Planning to minimize travelling cost and access time to location  Monitoring Logistic Distribution & Inventory  Integrated Planning for Well Site Preparation  Working Permit Planning for Clash Management  PRODOM & SAP Integration 8

9 Terima kasih….! “In the past, the main source of positioning risk was during data acquisition. Today, the main source of positioning risk is no longer data acquisition, but data management !”

10 Mahakam versus Paris Mahakam DeltaParis Operation activities in 11 RSES Site Custodianships, and average 300 Work Permits are opened every day. GIS-Mahakam store 1913 existing wells future wells, 258 platforms, 1630 km pipeline, 2862 piles, 1144 valves, 400 fleets movement, 7 location of weather station,100 other objects/layers, more than 10,000 CAD drawing files & 1,040 survey documents (14,447 files) < BACK

11 GIS Development Phases 11 < BACK Phase 1: Desktop Application Development Phase 2: Centralized Geodatabases & Servers Q Phase 3: Intranet Web-GIS Application Development Q Q Phase 4: Enterprise Databases Integration < BACK

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