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Safety Give one reason why safety rules are important.

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1 Safety Give one reason why safety rules are important.
What is one safety rule you have in your home?

2 Personal Responsibility
BVP Safety Rules Personal Responsibility

3 Personal Responsibility
Horseplay is not allowed in the classroom or studio. Do not run with the equipment.

4 Personal Responsibility
3. Wear clothing that is appropriate for the job. Wear shoes that enclose the foot. Avoid sandals and slip on shoes when operating equipment that moves or rolls.

5 Personal Responsibility
4. No food or beverages should be around any piece of equipment. Keep drinks, food, chewing gum and other items that may damage the equipment away from the equipment and out of the equipment rooms. Liquids may short out the equipment and cause an electrical fire.

6 Personal Responsibility
5. Always sit in a chair properly. Do not sit on top of tables or on the back of a chair. 6. When lifting a load, lift using the muscles in your legs not your back.

7 Personal Responsibility
7. In case of fire, notify the teacher immediately. If you are using a fire extinguisher, aim it at the base of the fire from about 8-feet away. PASS – press, aim, squeeze, spray. Avoid inhalation of the fumes.

8 SOUND 8. Keep audio at a safe listening level. The audio is too loud if you have to shout so someone five feet away from you can hear you speak. Turn the volume down.

9 SOUND 9. When wearing headphones, keep volume level low enough that allows you to hear the person next to you speaking.

10 LIGHTING 10. All lighting instruments that are attached to the grid by a c-clamp must also be connected with a safety chain. 11. Always wear protective gloves when adjusting lighting instruments.

11 ELECTRICAL 12. Only operate the equipment in dry surroundings.
Do not operate or plug in any electrical equipment while you are on a wet surface. Keep the equipment dry. Do not operate the cameras in the rain.

12 ELECTRICAL 13. Make sure the power switch on the equipment is in the off position before you plug it in or unplug it or attaching or taking off a battery. 14. Do not touch the electrical switches or the equipment with wet hands.

13 ELECTRICAL 15. Be sure the electrical cords are in good condition.
Do not plug in or operate any piece of equipment that has a damaged cord or exposed electrical wire. Report a damaged cord to the teacher.

14 ELECTRICAL 16. Be sure that all of the prongs are secure on electrical plugs. 17. Wrapping cables and electrical cords too tightly may cause them to not work properly. 18. Unplug all cables and cords by grasping the connector.

15 ELECTRICAL 19. Be sure the vents and openings on any piece of equipment are uncovered and not blocked in any way. The vents and slots in the cabinet are necessary for ventilation and protect the equipment from overheating.

16 GEAR 20. To protect the camcorder or camera from overheating, do not put the camcorder or camera in the case while it is on. 21. Do not insert your hands or other objects into the openings or vents in any piece of equipment; you could shock yourself, short out the equipment, or damage parts.

17 GEAR 22. Only qualified technicians should service the equipment. Do not attempt to repair the equipment or remove the outer covering. 23. When moving from one location to another on a shoot, always take the camera off of the tripod and collapse the tripod.

18 GEAR 24. Always use a proper camera bag to transport a video camera so the camera will be protected. 25. Never toss equipment (cameras, batteries, mics, etc.) no matter how close the person may be.

19 MOST IMPORTANT RULE 26. Immediately report all accidents, no matter how minor, to the teacher.

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