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Heads of NPs and Nouns Modern English Grammar 1 Session 2.

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2 Heads of NPs and Nouns Modern English Grammar 1 Session 2

3 MEG-1© FAM2 categorised word classes identified Phrases in sentences But first: what we did last week determiners, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. noun phrases, prepositional phrases, verb phrases, adjective phrases, adverb phrases

4 MEG-1© FAM3 determined their Heads examined the construction of phrases considered the Functional Categories in a sentence What we saw last week (ctd.) really difficult for Jenny Specifier HEAD Extension X post-Xpre-X XP Subject, Verb(ial), Object, Complement, Adverbial

5 The Noun Phrase Structures, Elements, Relations

6 MEG-1© FAM5 2.1 The Structure of the NP Determiner (d) NP pre-modifier (m) post-modifier (m) HEAD (H) dmHm dmH dH H Specifier Extension

7 MEG-1© FAM6 Do Activity 1 on page 15

8 MEG-1© FAM7 2.1 The Structure of the NP Determiner (d) NP pre-modifier (m) post-modifier (m) HEAD (H) in Marchafternoonwarmone dmHm wheel barrowredthe dmH cara dH Peter H Specifier Extension

9 MEG-1© FAM8 With the Home Study findings from Exploration 1 fill in the table for Activity 2, page 17

10 MEG-1© FAM9 2.2 Types of N a) (red) one(s) (some any) I Australia Bern Jim Leeds United company countryside courage cruelty death / Death future government information joy kindness love pity sleep stardom air aircraft bath beef bread cattle cow crossroads darts draughts fight flour flower goose gymnastics herd homework ice insignia … Abstract NounsConcrete Nouns Place- holders Pro- nouns Proper Nouns Common Nouns

11 MEG-1© FAM10 2.2 Types of Nouns b) Heads of NP (N) focus on Entities Entities are –p–people –t–things –a–animals –p–places Entities are also –a–abstract notions –a–actions –e–emotions –i–institutions –p–phenomena –q–qualities –t–times/periods –e–etc. They can occurs as –N–Nouns –P–Pronouns –P–Placeholders

12 MEG-1© FAM11 From Home Study, lets check Exploration 2 on page 16

13 MEG-1© FAM12 Nouns and how they behave a) xx measles x committee xx mathematics x coal xx luggage x cards x luck x bread x love x beauty x Leeds United x bath x life xx baggage x knowledge x audience x kindness x athletics xx information x army x ice x anger x honesty xx air xx homework xx advice 654321Noun654321

14 MEG-1© FAM13 Nouns and how they behave c) x run x enemy x rest x end x relief x drink x pride x draughts x press x death police x data xx physics x darts x past x cruelty news x crew xx mumps x courage x move x countryside x money x country x media x company 654321Noun654321

15 MEG-1© FAM14 Nouns and how they behave c) x world x hate x wind x gymnastics x water x group x wash x government x travel x go x team xx future x sun xx furniture x sugar X fun x start X freedom x staff x food x snooze x flock x sleep x fight x sky x family 654321Noun654321

16 MEG-1© FAM15 Do Activity 3 on page 17

17 MEG-1© FAM16 2.2.1 Countable vs. uncountable nouns do not take a concrete quantifier (e.g. a number adjective). always singular, do not take a take singular markers (verb forms, pronouns) abstract terms beauty, death, freedom, fun, life, luck, knowledge activities sleep, travel, emotions anger, love, relief, character features courage, cruelty, hate, honesty, kindness, pride substances bread, coal, food, ice, sugar, water

18 MEG-1© FAM17 2.2.1 Countable vs. uncountable nouns look like plurals, but are singulars. illnesses measles, mumps subjects mathematics, physics games cards, darts, draughts sports athletics, gymnastics, darts

19 MEG-1© FAM18 2.2.1 Countable vs. uncountable nouns form of a singular, used with singular or plural pronouns / verb forms focus on individual members or group as a whole army, audience, committee, company, crew, data, enemy, family, flock, government, group, Leeds United, media, press, staff, team,

20 MEG-1© FAM19 2.2.1 Countable vs. uncountable nouns These never take the plural in English: advice, baggage, furniture, homework, information, luggage, money

21 MEG-1© FAM20 Do Activity 4 on page 19

22 MEG-1© FAM21 2.2.2 Nouns with the vs. a nouns normally occurring with the Police/police news potential repetition bath, drink, fight, go, move, rest, run, snooze, start, wash uniqueness or globality air, country, country- side, end, future, past, sky, sun, wind, world, nouns normally occurring with a/an always with singular markers always with plural markers

23 MEG-1© FAM22 Do Exploration 3 on page 18

24 MEG-1© FAM23 2.2.3 Plurals (Exploration 3) b sheep sheep men women man/ woman eyes eye chassis chassis series series leaves leaf dwarves dwarf busses bus scissors scissors larvae larva deer deer bridges bridge salmon salmon ladies lady days day bourgeois bourgeois pyjamas pyjamas kisses kiss cries cry binoculars binoculars précis précis jeans jeans crossroads cross- roads aircraft aircraft N pl N sing N pl N sing N pl N sing N pl N sing

25 MEG-1© FAM24 2.2.3 Plurals (Exploration 3) b wives wife phenomena phenomenon indices indexes index criteria criterion trousers trousers oxen ox houses house corpora corpus trees tree nuclei nucleus hats hat clashes clash teeth tooth mice mouse geese goose churches church species species memoranda memorandum glasses glasses children child N pl N sing N pl N sing N pl N sing N pl N sing

26 MEG-1© FAM25 Home Study Activity 5 on page 19 Exploration 1 on page 24

27 MEG-1© FAM26 And thats all for today Tune in again next week for another captivating episode of

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