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Plurals of Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

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1 Plurals of Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

2 Plurals of countable nouns:
Nouns + S: Bananas, cats, dogs, books, pupils etc. Nouns ending in –s, -ss, sh, ch, x: Bus-buses, dress – dresses, hairbrush – hairbrushes, watch – watches, box –boxes Nouns ending in –O: Potato – potatoes, tomato – tomatoes BUT: Radio – radios, piano – pianos, photo – photos, video – videos, disco – discos

3 Nouns ending in -Y “y”меняется на “i” Согласные + y =ies
Baby – babies, a lady – ladies, a cherry – cherries (гласные:a,e,o,u)+y =ys Play – plays, key - keys

4 Nouns ending in – f / fe f / fe меняются на ves
Leaf – leaves, scarf – scarves, wife – wives, Knife – knives, thief – thieves BUT: Chief – chiefs, handkerchief –handkerchiefs, Roof – roofs, proof – proofs, safe - safes Шефы стояли у окна, комкали в руках носовые платки, смотрели на крыши и искали доказательства, а они были в сейфах

5 Irregular Plurals Child – children Man – men Woman – women
Person - people Foot – feet Tooth – teeth Goose – geese Fish – fish Sheep – sheep Deer – deer Aircraft - aircraft Mouse – mice Louse - lice Ox – oxen

6 S in both: the singular and plural
Crossroads – crossroads Means – means Series – series Species - species

7 Some singular nouns ending in “S” take only a singular verb
Athletics is….., gymnastics is……, maths is……, News is……. , Physics is…… Maths is my best subject.

8 Some nouns are always plural take only a plural verb
Clothes are…. Belongings are…. Goods are…… Surroundings are….. Her clothes are always fashionable.

9 Things made of two similar parts take only a plural verb
Glasses, jeans, scissors, shorts, tights, trousers These trousers are a bit tight. To refer to a single item, use “a pair of…” A pair of jeans is…..

10 A group of people either plural or singular verb
Army, audience, class, family, government group, public, staff, team My family live in Moscow. or My family lives in Moscow.

11 Singular or plural? Advice is...(совет/советы) Information is….
Knowledge is…(знания) Progress is … Money is …(деньги) Hair is …(волосы) Fruit is …(фрукты) Clothes are… (одежда) Trousers are…(брюки) Scissors are…(ножницы) Glasses are…(очки)

12 Nouns Countable A child – children A cat - cats A mouse - mice
A bus - buses a sandwich – sandwiches a dog - dogs a house - houses a radio - radios Uncountable Food:Butter – some butter Bread – some bread, Meat, cheese,water,tea,milk Lemonade, chocolate, salt Material:paper, wood, silver Abstract Nouns: peace, anger, love, war Many others: money, snow, Soap, furniture, petrol, oil, Information, news etc.

13 We can count some uncountable nouns by using a countable noun + of:
A bottle of milk, a glass of water, a jug of milk, a cup of tea, a packet of tea, a jar of honey, a loaf of bread, a slice of bread, a carton of milk, a can of Coke, a bottle of Coke, a bowl of sugar, a kilo of meat, a lump of sugar, a bar of soap, a bar of chocolate, a piece of cheese, a piece of furniture, a piece of chocolate etc. A piece of……… Advice, information, luggage, music, news, paper….


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