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A substantial shift in Urban Transportation

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1 A substantial shift in Urban Transportation
Sky Bus


3 Contents Introduction Components Working Principle Advantages

4 Sky Bus Suspended Railway system- Light weight coaches
Tramway Category- Constitution of India- Art.366(20) Operates parallel to existing roads -within municipality limits

5 It Is Pollution –Free Noise –Free Economical Air-Conditioned Travel

6 What is Skybus? A unique mass transit system which can be put in any congested and crowded city within 2 years for ease and safe transportation , without loss of time

7 Description Heavy 52/60 kg/m rails 8m x 2m box enclosure
Supported by1m dia columns Never collide or capsize

8 Capacity Can carry 36000 persons per hour (pph)
Can be extended to pph Can shift 20ft containers for corner to corner No other modes are capable

9 Components Sky way Sky Bogie Sky coach Sky Station
Transverser Arrangements

10 Sky Way Path in which Sky Bus travels
Includes concrete box - supported by piers Two Rails - approximately fixed - to guide the bus



13 In Curved Manner


15 Sky Bogie Standard two axle bogie Speed of 100 kmph
Linear induction motor – to be driven Disc and emergency brakes




19 Sky Coach Double walled shells - wide large windows
Air Conditioned travel – automatic doors Audio- Visual information - passengers 2m x 2m space –easy entry and exit

20 …….. Sky Bus pair of coaches, Capacity of 150 persons
Coach 9.25mx 2.4m Sky Bus unit : 18.5 m length4


22 Sky Bus Stations Stations – sky buses halt Smaller area consumption
Fully computerized – entry by electronic swiping card Lifted 9 – 10 m above G.L.






28 Tranverser Arrangements :
Provided – shifting Routes of sky buses; Tarnsverser is a systemwhich automaticallyshifts sky bus unit from one track to another.



31 Advantages Performance Safety Low capital & running cost No demolition

32 … No waiting for passengers Low operational cost Low charges
No problem of traffic jams

33 High capacity Luxury comfort Land & protection to existing bulidings







40 Sky Bus Means : The system which consists of an elevated track
with cars suspended below the track.

41 Test track at Goa Length : 1.6 km Maximum speed : 100kmph
Steepest Gradient : 1 in 50 Radius of sharpest curve : 105 m Radius of flatter curve : 875 m Maximum radius of vertical curve : 3375 m


43 Conclusion Advantages of sky buses are tremendous
For overpopulated cities ,it is safer Rubber based technology like mono rails - don’t compare with steel wheel on steel rail technology

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