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Clean-HighTech PT-system

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1 Clean-HighTech PT-system
APTS-PHILEAS: Clean-HighTech PT-system Phileas 18 m Fuel Cell Vehicles

2 VDL is a consortium of companies
VDL in the year 2010 79 companies Turnover $ 1,9 billion 16 countries Export 70% 9 million sq ft production area 7,400 employees 20 companies belong to the VDL Bus & Coach group Production in 2010: 1,800 coaches & buses Turnover $ 600 million 2 11 april 2017 General presentation VDL Groep

3 Phileas has been developed as an affordable alternative for tram systems (SIL 2 and SIL 4 level)
Available versions of the Phileas vehicle Length: 60’, 80’ and 85’ Hybrid propulsion versions Parallel hybrid diesel (Allison) Serial Hybrid fuel cell (Ballard / Vossloh Kiepe) Serial Hybrid trolley (Vossloh Kiepe) Primove Induction 80‘ (Bombardier)



6 Why Phileas platform for the H2 buses of Amsterdam and Cologne?
Innovative and futuristic design Light weight body construction (sandwich panels); lifetime > 20 year All wheel steering Flexibility in design; interior, exterior and system lay-out Independent wheel suspension Large capacity 18m (up to 140 passengers) Maximum weight 27,000 kg

7 Specification Phileas H2 for GVB & RVK
First 18 m Fuel Cell vehicle in the world! Specification Phileas H2 for GVB & RVK

8 System lay-out of the Phileas

9 GVB Amsterdam: RVK Cologne: 2 buses from 15 Aug.’11
Testing phase on the line RVK Cologne: 2 buses from 1 June ’11 Testing phase completed Driving in service

10 Future feasibility of fuel cell projects
Price fuel cell and hybrid system should go down Life time has to raise; 12,000 hours means approximately $ 2,00/km; incl. hybrid $ 3.50/km. This will never affordable to the operators. Lot of improvements made last years in size, costs, weight, etc. Still not enough! Maybe technology should be improved. Very poor infrastructure of fuelling stations for H2. We are running out of time! Battery developments will catch up with H2 rapidly.

11 The beginning of the end of iron rail in city transport
Thank you for your attention! Phileas The beginning of the end of iron rail in city transport

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