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Ahmedabads most efficient Bus Rapid Transit Service Buses move in the dedicated lanes at high speed without the obstruction from vehicles crossing or jay.

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1 Ahmedabads most efficient Bus Rapid Transit Service Buses move in the dedicated lanes at high speed without the obstruction from vehicles crossing or jay walkers forcing the drivers to apply brakes.

2 During our 7- days stay (from 16 th 22 nd Feb) we got an opportunity to travel by BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit Service) bus in Ahmedabad. BRTS is the unique gift to the people of Ahmedabad by their Dynamic Chief Minister Sri Narendra Modi. He sent the experts from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to the places like Pittsburg,Los Angeles (US) and Curitiba in Brazil to study the excellent working of BRTS there. Brazils (Curitibas) is the pioneering BRT SYSTEM. The technicians from countries world over are pouring in here to study their method. Today, Ahmedabad could surpass all those countries in efficiency. Technicians from other countries are now visiting Ahemedabad for this purpose. Line up of state-of-art BRT buses of Ahmedabad

3 01. As the bus arrives at the Platform of the station. the door of the platform and of the bus open up, and thereafter close, simultaneously before the bus leaves. The buses are fully air-conditioned. 02. Stations are in the median. 03. Ticket issuing clerk is sitting in the middle in a cage covered by a glass. BRTS is operational on 18.7 kms. from RTO to Pushpakunj at Kankaria Lake 01 02 03

4 Another good feature of the stations is that they have provided ramps for physically challenged people to use Wheel chairs. With walls in the ramp (pathway), there will be no spillage of people in the path of the bus.

5 The platforms have good seating arrangement especially for ladies waiting for the arrival of the bus. My wife among others, can be seen here Our people are exiting on reaching Kankaria lake

6 When the bus leaves the dedicated lanes to cross a junction, red signal stops other vehicles Stations are well-lit at night Ahmedabad BRTS is a bus-based high quality, high capacity rapid transit system In a BRT system, the buses travel in exclusive lanes, thus avoiding congestion. This is a system of segregated right-of-way infrastructure, rapid and frequent bus Operation, easy boarding and alighting facilities for the passengers and excellence In marketing and customer service. AHMEDABAD BRTS is officially named as JanMarg by Sri Narendra Modi which means peoples way – a road that can carry citizens in safety, comfort and at high speeds.

7 Gujarat Chief Minister: Sri Narendra Modi is seen travelling in a BRT bus on the day on its inauguration on 15 th Aug 2009. It is Modis personal interest that Ahmedabads BRTS became a reality and today the most efficient too. It is now getting International attention as per Times of India (24-02-2009). In fact the delegates from some 17 countries were a 2-day tour of Ahmedabad on 22 / 23-2-2009 to study its working and probably to copy. BRTS has been long seen by Urban Planners as an answer to traffic chaos in Big Cities International Award: BRTS Ahmedabad was conferred the award for Sustainable Transport for the year 2010 on Jan.12, 2010 in WASHINGTON D.C. U.S. A team led by the Standing Panel Head: Ashit Voha flew to Washington receive the said award for visionary achievement in mass transport from the U.S. backed Institute for Transportation & Development Policy.

8 BRTS Bus in Mondego, Portugal BRTS Bus, BeijingBogota, Columbia BRTS Bus in Los Angeles

9 BRTS of South Australia BRTS lanes & the Bus in Pittsburg, U.S.Newly Acquired BRTS Bus of Ahmedabad In Mexico City

10 Curitiba, Brazil CURITIBAs integrative bus system with its express lanes and bus expediency is being copied by countries all over the world. Cylindrical structures in either side of the buses are unique type of Bus stations Their experience – - 70% commuters are using BRT.. reduces 2.7 car trips a year -saves 2.7 Crores litres of fuel per year.. citizens only need to spend 10% of the income on on travel Their BRTS success story: CONGESTION FREE STREET – POLLUTION FREE AIR – HAPPIER PLACE- HAPPIER PEOPLE

11 Ambulances getting caught in such gridlocks are the worst sufferers. It is not known how many patients die in ambulances when caught in such traffic jams. It is common on our Bangalore roads, more so when some agitations are held. DEDICATED lanes of BRTS provide good solution. Ambulance shall be allowed to use these lances. The Buses ahead can move sideways a few feet, and allow the ambulances to push forward. Lives of critical patients in the ambulances can thus be saved. Scene of congestion on our Bangalore roads

12 Bangalore too is expected to get BRTS in the near future. The Government has appointed one Mohammed Mohsin (IAS) to head Bangalore Metropolitan Land Transport Authority (BMLTA) for the proposed BRT for Bangalore. BRT is seen as a cost effective method to deploy high quality rapid transit in cities. That is the crying need of Bangalore,. Bangalores congestion on roads is menace to the movement of ambulances carrying critically ill patients. BRTS should help providing free ways to them.(see picture and write up above) BRTS FOR BANGALORE ??

13 Seattle has excellent Underground BRT lane network. I had travelled by it in 2001 and had taken pictures there too Internet picture 2010 Picture by me in 2001(A) B BRTS Ahmedabad has installed this machine at the exit at every station. Ticket is to be shownto it while exiting. The machine will catch If the person who has taken ticket for a shorter distance, has travelled longer.

14 This Power Point Presentation slide show is my creation. I, with my family visited Ahmedabad on 16-02-2010 for a weeks stay. I was impressed by the overall development of Ahmedabad after I last visited that place in 1994. But what did impress me most was the introduction and the functioning of BUS RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM (BRTS)– a great gift to the people of Ahmedabad by their dynamic Chief Minister Sri Narendra Modi. The specially ordered air-conditioned buses that are running here in the dedicated lanes with speed, and without any obstruction, the stations in the median, automatic door opening, cleanliness and discipline etc. very much impressed me. Just as I was ignorant about this unique system of transportation until I saw it there, I felt that my friends and relatives may not also be knowing about it. Hence I clicked as may pictures there as possible, and collected the details from internet, and prepared this PPP SLIDES. This slide presentation is not for publication, but strictly for being viewed by of my friends and relatives only.

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