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Asia BRT Conference HUBLI-DHARWAD BRTS PROJECT Presented by: Commissioner, DULT.

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1 Asia BRT Conference HUBLI-DHARWAD BRTS PROJECT Presented by: Commissioner, DULT

2 Growth direction: along the corridor between the two cities. NAVANAGAR DHARWAD NAVALGUND HUBLI KALGHATGI KUNDGOL INDIA KARNATAKA DHARWAD DISTRICT  Twin cities separated by about 20 km.  Single municipal area: 202 sqkm  Population : 0.94 million(2011)  Density: 4678 persons per  Hubli: commercial centre and business hub of the region.  Dharwad: administrative seat of the District and Educational hub of the region. SOME FACTS

3 Travel Characteristics Two lane road. Average time taken: Peak period : 64 mins Public transport: main mode. 0.17 million use PT every day. PT operator: NWKRTC, a state government undertaking. 6000-7000 PHPDT. Buses comprises 7 % of total traffic along the corridor; carry 70 % of the passengers.

4 Context  Project sanctioned for widening of two lanes to four lanes.  Overall PT mode share for the twin cities: 30%  Two-wheelers: 67% of total vehicles.  Vehicle growth rate: 9.5 %  Mobility plan projected drop in PT share to 25% by 2028. Concerns for PT 45% of fleet over-aged, Congested buses, poor infrastructure, lack of last mile connectivity.

5 ISSUES Wouldn’t widening to four lanes be enough? Is BRT required at this point of time? BRT-land acquisition costs, resettlement issues.

6 Present V/C : 1.3 Even with 4 laning : V/C > 1 before 2020. With BRTS, V/C : 0.84 in 2031. Wouldn’t widening to four lanes be enough?

7 Is BRT required at all? BRT-land acquisition; costs, resettlement issues. High EIRR( 29.5%) Benefits: savings in vehicle operating costs, commuter time, benefits due to accident reduction, savings due to reduction in carbon emissions etc. Total benefits valued at US $ 611 million in present value terms. Makeover of PT required to retain present share; to attract more commuters. Public transport needs focus - NOW not LATER.


9 Proposed BRTS Corridor Dharwad CBT Hubli CBT Hubli Rly Station Airport Tarihal Industrial area Karnataka University NWKRTC terminal BRT Corridor Terminal LEGEND N Gopankoppa Electricity Grid FEEDER Navanagar Hosur cross Rani Chennamma circle (OCBS) Jubilee circle PROPOSED BRT CORRIDOR: 22.25 Km FEEDER SERVICE: 19.7 km Dedicated corridor:21.35 km Mixed traffic: 0.9 km BRT - NETWORK DHARWAD HUBLI

10 Elements of HDBRTS  Dedicated corridor for 21.35 km. In mixed traffic : 0.9km.  Central bus lanes with Median bus stops; Closed system.  Regular/Express services. Passing lanes.  At-level boarding & alighting; Off-board fare collection system ; Fare structure: Increase by 16-20% over prevalent fares.  Rolling stock: 160 : 12m, 900 mm floor buses; articulated buses(30)  Access to the corridor: At-grade pedestrian crossings; FOBs, Pelican signals.

11  Comprehensive development of the city transport infrastructure:  Depots, workshops, terminals both for BRT and feeder buses.  Integration, physical, service, fare, information.  ITS for BRT, Depot/workshop management, feeder services and traffic management.  Last-mile connectivity.  Integrated Land use and transport planning.  Communications and outreach. Elements of HDBRTS

12 Project financing Total project Cost including Land acquisition: $133.6 million.

13 INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENT Special purpose vehicle created for implementing the project: Hubli-Dharwad BRTS Company Limited – Company registered under the Companies act. – Stakeholders represented on the Board of Directors. BRT bus operations by NWKRTC. – Service level agreement between NWKRTC and SPV.

14 WHERE ARE WE TODAY DFR prepared by CEPT University, consultants for the project. Physical Design : Design of Corridor and Transit Infrastructure completed. Preparation of RFPs, Bid Documents under way. Land Acquisition under progress. BRT Corridor work under progress. BRT Project completion date: January, 2015.


16 BRT Workshop, Gokul road, Hubli Divisional workshop, Airport road, HubliBRT depot, Dharwad OCBS Hubli


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