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North Bend School District Bus Safety By Patricia McKenna.

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1 North Bend School District Bus Safety By Patricia McKenna

2 Be Respectful on the Bus Use Quiet Voices No Profanity

3 Disrespectful Behavior Loud talking on the bus

4 Disrespectful Behavior Changing seats and sitting on the Floor

5 Disrespectful Behavior Throwing objects on the bus

6 Respectful Bus Behavior Speaking only to the person beside you

7 Respectful Bus Behavior Greeting the bus driver when you enter

8 Be Responsible on the Bus Follow the bus drivers instructions Keep track of your personal belongings

9 Irresponsible behavior Littering the bus

10 Irresponsible Behavior Damaging the bus seats with markers or scissors

11 Responsible Behavior Take all of your belongings from the bus

12 Responsible Behavior Keep all of your personal items in your lap or seat

13 Be Safe On the Bus Wait in line to enter the bus Keep hands and feet to yourself Stay seated until the driver dismisses you

14 Unsafe Behaviors Changing seats while the bus is in motion

15 Unsafe Behaviors Throwing items on the bus

16 Unsafe Behaviors Students pushing other students out of their seat

17 Safe Behaviors Walk to the door

18 Safe Behaviors Enter and leave the bus one student at a time

19 Safe behavior Watch your step when you are entering and leaving the bus

20 Safe Behavior Respect other students personal space

21 Bus Evacuation Listen for drivers directions

22 Bus Evacuation Leave all belongings on the bus

23 Bus Poem When you ride the bus to school- Following the rules is cool. Be a friend to all those who ride- Sit in your seat with Hillcrest pride. So lets make every day a great day- Help the bus driver go on his way. Hillcrest Hound dogs are Safe, Respectable and Responsible bus riders!

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