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1 PeopleTools 8.45 Upgrade Musings David Kurtz Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

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1 1 PeopleTools 8.45 Upgrade Musings David Kurtz Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

2 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Who am I? Oracle DBA –Independent consultant System Performance tuning –PeopleSoft ERP –Oracle RDBMS UK Oracle User Group –Unix SIG Oak Table – – Book –

3 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Resources If you can’t hear me say so now. Please feel free to ask questions as we go along. The presentation will be available from Customer Connection Tech PUG Page

4 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 My recent experience Financials 8.4 SP0 –No service packs PT8.41.06 Oracle Windows Developed own Polish translation! No App Change PT8.45.10 Oracle Sun Solaris 9 Base language swap to Polish

5 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Business Drivers Handling of Polish characters –New version of SQR shipped with PT8.44 Oracle 8i going out of support –Which doesn’t mean that support washes their hands of you, –but there is no error correction.

6 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Strategy Build a new database on the target platform/Oracle version Oracle export/import sysadm schema –And another schema for legacy data migration –8Gb export in 2Gb parts Could have used Data Mover –But it would have been slower –Mandatory if changing database platform!

7 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 PeopleSoft Documentation Enterprise PeopleTools 8.45 Installation for Oracle –Fairly comprehensive Some omissions and inconsistencies –even fairly comprehensible! Enterprise PeopleTools 8.45 Upgrade

8 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Configuration 4 x 1.25GHz 1Gb 4 x 1.25GHz 4+Gb Node Web Server Node Tuxedo Application Server DBMS

9 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 My personal preference… Application Server –CPU intensive –cannot starve DBMS of CPU –Horizontally scalable Fewer CPUs –cheaper /CPU Oracle licence Different kernel configuration Node Web Server Tuxedo Application Server Node DBMS

10 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Unix Kernel Configuration On Solaris it is set in /etc/system settings recommended in Chapter 6B of PeopleSoft install guide –permit 1024 file handles per process set rlim_fd_cur=1024 set rlim_fd_max=1024

11 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Unix Kernel Configuration settings recommended in PSFT on-line performance red paper for 8.44 –And further adjusted by me Increase IPC message size set msgsys:msginfo_msgmax=262144 set msgsys:msginfo_msgmnb=262144

12 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Unix Kernel Configuration Increase maximum number of queues set msgsys:msginfo_msgmni=1024 1 per Tuxedo queue –So 1 per process type: PSAPPSRV, PSQRYSRV etc. 1 per server process –3 PSAPPSRVs => 3 queues 1 per WSL, WSH, JSL and JSH 1 per BBL

13 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Unix Kernel Configuration Mainly required by Oracle set semsys:seminfo_semmns=4096 (max semaphores) set semsys:seminfo_semmnu=4096 set semsys:seminfo_semmni=512 (semaphore sets) set semsys:seminfo_semmap=512 set semsys:seminfo_semume=10 set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=8 set shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=100 (max shared mem segs) set msgsys:msginfo_msgtql=1024

14 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Oracle Versions Oracle –Terminal Release –Went out of support 31.12.2004 –Certified up to PT8.45 Oracle –Highest version certified by PSFT –Security Patch 68? –Includes security patch –Only Some platforms certified so far 10g? –Not yet certified

15 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Oracle Database Creation PeopleSoft Database Creation Wizard –‘magic’ is about illusions, everything is hidden –I refuse to use it to create my database because I can’t see/control what it is going to on! PSFT abandoned Oracle DBCA in PT8.4 –It was better because DBA could control it –Can generate a set of scripts Manual scripts are still Oracle 8 oriented

16 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Oracle SQL*Net Query Kill from PT8.44 requires SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME –ps doc says this is seconds, but it is actually minutes. –Oracle Metalink note 151972.1: DCD explained BEQUEATH_DETACH=YES –Oracle Metalink note 74839.1

17 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200723987: SQL*Net Fix Application server error on pslibora Extra symbolic link on SQL*Net library –ln -s $ORACLE_HOME/lib32/ $ORACLE_HOME/lib/

18 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Oracle SQL*Net Bug Use the client –Oracle OCI bug fix –Remember to patch the client not just server! GSC 200737351

19 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Application Designer Projects XML from PT8.4x –XML Very flexible –Buzzword compliant –But slow to open CPU intensive to parse

20 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 PLTLSCUR upgrade projects Relative to 8.40 PT Upgrade Project –35m PT ML Upgrade slow –3x larger –1h25m! (all languages) –5000+ fields

21 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Unix Installation Java Installer GUI interface under X-terminal –Xterminal on the cheap - –Also good across slow network link! –Same interface as windows –Same concept as Oracle Universal Installer Add /usr/openwin/bin to path Set DISPLAY= :0.0

22 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Notes BEA Tuxedo 8.1 –R2 CDs shipped with PT8.45 – RP89 –Win – De-install rolling patch before applying new RP. Weblogic 6.1 from PT8.40 Weblogic 8.1 from PT8.43/44? –PIA now under PS_HOME not WL_HOME!

23 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Cobol Financials uses remote call –On-line voucher edit and post –Application server synchronously initiates Cobol batch program –So must have Cobol compiler on same OS as application server

24 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Gotchas REN server configuration PTWEBSERVER operator Base Language Swap Various process scheduler problems PeopleBooks

25 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200761534: REN Sever Previously optional –Now used for standard functionality from 8.44 Defaults to port 7180 –Specified in psappsrv.cfg –But also in database –Changing psappsrv.cfg not enough –UPDATE PSREN SET PORT_NUM = 7780;

26 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200761492: PTWEBSERVER user User ID used by sign-on panel before sign- on. –Put this in in PIA install In WebLogic config.xml Encrypt –Add user PTWEBSERVER –PeopleTools Web Server role –PeopleTools permission list PTPT1500

27 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Data Mover Bug Base Language Swap –If date-time field as a part of unique key –Data Mover strips time portion of data –Can result in duplicate key error –Putting date-timestamp in primary key is poor design

28 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200777344: Process Scheduler Privileges Add ProcessSchedulerAdmin role to user who starts process scheduler.

29 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Process Scheduler Additional purge classes in PT8.44 Remember to set purge settings BEFORE you start process scheduler

30 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Default Process Scheduler Defaults in process scheduler page UPDATE psprcsruncntls SET servername = ' ' WHERE servername != ' '; Assign primary OS and enable load balancing

31 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 New process scheduler functionality From PT8.44, it is now possible to have different elements of a job running on different process schedulers. –Eg. Cobol process on Unix –because application server on Unix and remote call Crystal report on Windows –Must leave scheduler name blank else will get error on submission

32 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200766251: Processes remain queued Processes remain queued when no server name in request –Set blank categories to Default

33 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Process Still Remain Queued when Scheduler is blank - RTFM Remember to set process server system settings –PeopleTools -> Process Scheduler -> System Settings Assign a Primary OS Can also Load Balance to any OS or just Primary OS

34 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Report Repository Posting status help separately on PSPRCSRQST Report Node held on PS_CDM_AUTH_LIST

35 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200780041: SchedulerTransfer servlet SchedulerTransfer servlet for HTTP transfer to Report Repository –Even if you use FTP need servlet to verify transfer (new in 8.44?) Servlet was subject of a security alert –Authentication added Set password (any password) on default local node –PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Node Definitions

36 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200728339: Cobol Compilation Need to add /usr/ccs/bin to path GSC 16201: –ignore “01 or 77 level required” errors when compiling ??C?????.cbl. –These are copy books and so can be ignored.

37 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200944167: PeopleBooks From 8.44 install on Unix –Batch transfer replaced –PT8.45 PB can be installed over old application PeopleBooks Collection (for indexing) does not work –Need to delete srch.js in language subdirectories prior to new PB installation Single Weblogic Server Issues –PSOL not PORTAL server

38 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 GSC 200946000: Performance Monitor Allow access to monitor servlet diagnostic information PeopleTools>Web Profile> Web Profile Configuration>"Profile Name">Customer Properties –PPMConsole = true

39 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Other Issues 200735163 - PeopleTools objects read only in permission list ALLPAGES – since 8.42 200751620 - Crystal Date Format Issue – affects pt8.42 only, says fixed in 8.43? –ICE Incident 569443000 –command line parameter -LX0 to Crystal process type –Fixed the date issue in pt8.45 but not number issue.

40 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Side Effects PSFT didn’t ship Polish translations for FSCM 8.4 SP0 –So customer developed their own translations PT8.45 does ship with Polish translations Decision taken to take ‘vanilla’ PeopleSoft translations –Various effects on many application panels –Eg. Next, Previous, Save buttons etc.

41 PSFT Tech PUG 10.1.05 Questions? How many on PT8.4? How many >= PT8.44? PT8.45? Oracle? Oracle 9? Oracle 10 (elsewhere)?

42 42 PeopleTools 8.45 Upgrade Musings David Kurtz Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

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