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Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© PeopleTools 8.48/8.49 New Database Features David Kurtz Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

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1 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© PeopleTools 8.48/8.49 New Database Features David Kurtz Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

2 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Oracle Database Specialist –Independent consultant System Performance tuning –PeopleSoft ERP –Oracle RDBMS Book – Who Am I?

3 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© UK Oracle User Group UKOUG –PeopleSoft Director Annual Conference –Birmingham UK –1-5 December 2008 Call for Papers is open –

4 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Introduction The book deals with PeopleTools 8.44. –The presentation is the addenda and errata PeopleTools 8.44 was a major release –Instrumentation PeopleTools 8.48 –‘Fusion readiness’, integration and messaging, –some significant database features PeopleTools 8.49 –New third party versions

5 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Agenda DDL Models & %UpdateStats NOLOGGING Column Default Values Long Columns, Unicode & CLOBs Descending Indexes Dirty Read (PT8.49, SQLServer)

6 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Resources If you can’t hear me say so now. Please feel free to ask questions as we go along. The presentation will be available from –in the conference library – Notes pages include references to my blog – Errata and Addenda for the book can be found at

7 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© %UpdateStats Genuine challenge in any RDBMS with a Cost-base optimizer –What do I do about statistics on a working storage table? Platform generic solution: –Collect statistics in the program after you populate the table.

8 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© DDL Models From PT8.x, on Oracle, %UpdateStats uses two new DDL models –Up to PT8.47 ANALYZE TABLE [TBNAME] COMPUTE STATISTICS; ANALYZE TABLE [TBNAME] ESTIMATE STATISTICS; Probably due to support for Oracle 8i up to PT8.44. –From PT8.48 Uses DBMS_STATS  Silly Defaults

9 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Delivered DDL Model Estimate –Model 4 DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS (ownname=>[DBNAME],tabname=>[TBNAME],estimate_percent=>1,method_opt=> 'FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE 1',cascade=>TRUE); Compute –Model 5 DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS (ownname=>[DBNAME],tabname=>[TBNAME],estimate_percent=> dbms_stats.auto_sample_size,method_opt=> 'FOR ALL INDEXED COLUMNS SIZE 1',cascade=>TRUE);

10 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Delivered Models Estimate and Compute Confused Saved by 1% Sample Size for Compute  1% Sample Size for Compute –I think that’s a typo! DBMS_STATS.AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE –Default in 10g. Good idea. Most of the time most people use an unnecessarily large sample size.  SIZE 1 –Oracle 9i default, removes histograms. –10g default is FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE AUTO  ALL INDEXED COLUMNS SIZE 1 –Removes histograms from indexed columns –Leaves old histograms on unindexed columns

11 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© My suggested DDL Model Estimate –Model 4 DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS (ownname=>[DBNAME],tabname=>[TBNAME],estimate_percent=> dbms_stats.auto_sample_size,method_opt=> 'FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE AUTO',cascade=>TRUE); Compute –Model 5 DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS (ownname=>[DBNAME],tabname=>[TBNAME],estimate_percent=>100,method_opt=> 'FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE AUTO',cascade=>TRUE);

12 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Optimizer Dynamic Sampling Oracle’s approach to same problem of statistics working storage tables –Delete the statistics –Have the database sample a few blocks at parse time. JIT ANALYZE Also effective with Global Temporary Tables –From 10g: Lock the statistics OPTIMIZER_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING = 4

13 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© PeopleSoft workaround to handle locked statistics DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS raises ORA-20005 on table with locked statistics. %UpdateStats in Application Engine Also in COBOL –Need a PL/SQL procedure to encapsulate DBMS_STATS –Handle error in exception. –Call PL/SQL procedure in DDL model. See dynamic.html. dynamic.html

14 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© NOLOGGING operations Not written to the redo stream. –Operations do not appear in a Data Guard standby database You will get corrupt blocks ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 1, block # 134419) ORA-01110: data file 1: '/u01/oradata/hcm89/system01.dbf‘ ORA-26040: Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option –Cannot recover objects on restore reapply archive logs after restoring backup

15 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© NOLOGGING in PeopleSoft From PeopleTools 8.48: Application Designer –builds all indexes PARALLEL NOLOGGING –Then alters them NOPARALLEL LOGGING Can remove NOLOGGING from DDL model  Alter statement is hard coded,  not in the DDL model

16 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© NOLOGGING in PeopleSoft Good idea in non-production environments. –Probably not in archive log mode anyway –Better index build performance  Bad in Production –Corrupt Blocks Simple Workaround ALTER DATABASE FORCE LOGGING;

17 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Column Default Values Most columns in PeopleSoft are NOT NULL ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("SYSADM"."table name"."field name") When a new column is added to a table –Need to visit all insert statements. Unless I could do this: DESCR VARCHAR2(30) DEFAULT ' ' NOT NULL, SEX VARCHAR2(1) DEFAULT 'U' NOT NULL,

18 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Record Properties And then fields defaults appear in create table DDL. –Some of them. Mobile Synchronisation Framework


20 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Column Default Values Only character and numeric literal defaults used as columns defaults.  Dates ignored. What I was hoping for was … ACTION_DT DATE DEFAULT TRUNC(SYSDATE) NOT NULL, ARRIVAL_TIME DATE DEFAULT SYSDATE NOT NULL, …

21 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Long Columns & CLOBs Previously –Long Characters Columns become LONG columns Difficult to handle –Can’t use character functions –Trouble using across database links –Deprecated by Oracle RDBMS

22 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Long Columns and CLOBs From PeopleTools 8.48: If PSSTATUS.DATABASE_OPTION = 2 –Long characters become CLOBs –Raw fields become BLOBs  Supported from Apps 9.0 only –Why not legacy apps on PT8.48?

23 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Unicode Uses Character Semantics Reduces parse problem … EMPLID VARCHAR2(11 CHAR)… –Except that the ‘char’ is assumed

24 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© How did PeopleSoft used to create character columns? Byte semantics –3 bytes / character CREATE TABLE PS_JOB (EMPLID VARCHAR2(33)CHECK(LENGTH(EMPLID)<=11) … );

25 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© So... Length checking constraint on EVERY character column in the database! >500,000 user constraints in a Financials database What effect does this have on performance?

26 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Experiment create table test_nocons (id number,field_01 varchar2(30) …,field_20 varchar2(30) ); create table test_nocons_char (id number,field_01 varchar2(30 char) …,field_20 varchar2(30 char) ); create table test_cons (id number,field_01 varchar2(90) CHECK(LENGTH(field_01)<=30 ) …,field_20 varchar2(90) CHECK(LENGTH(field_01)<=30 ) );

27 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Experiment 1: Populate tables only one hard parse Only one hard parse BEGIN FOR i IN 1..10000 LOOP INSERT INTO test_nocons VALUES (i,RPAD(TO_CHAR(i),11,'.') …,RPAD(TO_CHAR(i),30,'.')); COMMIT; END LOOP; END; /

28 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Results of Experiment 1 Insert 10000 rows Elapsed time: –No constraints: 5.36s –With constraints:5.79s –Character semantics:5.11s

29 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Experiment 2 Now deliberately generate different SQL statements, forcing parse every time. BEGIN FOR i IN 1..1000 LOOP EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'INSERT INTO test_nocons VALUES ('||i||',RPAD(TO_CHAR('||i||'),11,''.''))'; END LOOP; COMMIT; END; /

30 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Results of Experiment 2 >90% parse time Elapsed Time: –Without Constraints: 14.71s –With Constraints: 37.01s –Character Semantics:11.57s

31 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© PeopleSoft Implications  Application Engine programs resolve binds to literals by default  You can override this by customisation REUSE STATEMENT  Financials is more severely effected because it has more character columns –So more entries on cons$ to scan

32 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Conclusion Execution of constraints adds overhead, but not a huge amount. Parse overhead of constraints is very severe. –Tracing shows that they keep scanning cons$ Character semantics are a good thing They even seem to work better than byte semantics without constraints!

33 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© But there is a catch! Like CLOBs this feature is controlled by –PSSTATUS.DATABASE_OPTION = 2  Only supported from Applications 9.


35 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Descending Indexes Removed in PeopleTools 8.14/8.15 –Bug 869177 in Oracle 8i –ORA-03113 Reintroduced in PeopleTools 8.48 Increase in performance of effective date/sequence queues. –Usually ask for max or current (max <= today) –Search from latest record back instead of earliest record forwards –Can be lots of history and not much future Often current is latest –Don’t have to scan all of history

36 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Descending Index Form of Function Based Index –Hidden Column –System Generated Name Eg. SYS_NC00164$ appears in USER_IND_COLUMNS –USER_IND_EXPRESSIONS Translation of column to expression

37 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Dirty Read PT8.49, PSQRYSRV on SQLServer Oracle doesn’t do dirty reads because it has multi-versioning supported by Undo (Rollback) Segments –SQL Server 2000 provided read committed mode by locking queried data –SQL Server 2005 has multi-versioning option (similar effect to Oracle) If you have upgraded to PT8.49 why haven’t you upgraded to SQL Server 2005?

38 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© Questions?

39 Collaborate08 PeopleTools 8.48/9© PeopleTools 8.48/8.49 New Database Features David Kurtz Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd.

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