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B UFF T IME Building relationships and literacy skills.

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1 B UFF T IME Building relationships and literacy skills

2 A NNOUNCEMENTS You must show the announcements in Buff Time each day. The students should be quiet during this time, so that everyone can hear the announcements. When students dont see the announcements, they miss out on important things going on at HHS.

3 L ITERACY We will continue to have a literacy strategy taught in Buff Time once a week. However, instead of having lessons that will be turned into another teacher, you can use whatever the literacy strategy is as an extension of the lesson you are teaching.

4 L ITERACY For example, if the literacy strategy of the week is a quick write, you can have the students do a quick write over a topic you covered in class. All students will be exposed to these strategies each week, so when teachers want to use the same strategy in their other classes, the students should already have been introduced to it.

5 R EADING The more time our students spend reading, the better readers they will become! We will have one day per week for silent reading. Students may be reading any of the following: Textbooks for any class Books or other materials for their English class Their own books or magazines (must be school appropriate) Classwork, reviews, notes, etc.

6 MENTORING Buff Time should also be a time used for mentoring and building relationships with students. Once a week, we will also have some type of relationship building or CORE value lesson. These will be referred to as the Creating Connections lessons. If you have your own lesson ideas, please share!

7 W EEKLY S CHEDULE Literacy strategy- one day per week Silent reading- one day per week Creating connections lesson- one day per week Two days per week to check grades, work on homework, continue to mentor and create connections with the students! These can be done on any day of the week that you choose We will provide the entire month of lessons in advance so that you may plan accordingly.

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