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Macmillan English Language Textbook Training Lift Off

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1 Macmillan English Language Textbook Training Lift Off


3 Getting to know the content and components of Lift Off 3

4 Lift Off Level 1-2

5 Lift Off Level 3-6

6 Lift Off Training Resources on website

7 Useful websites PASSWORD: ELDP [Please don’t give to students!]


9 Course components of Lift Off 1-6 Student’s Book and Workbook Teacher’s Book Flashcards Posters Website:

10 Understanding the teaching approach Differentiation in materials: Lift Off includes the following icons to help teachers deal with less and more able learners within their classes (this could also be useful for teachers who lose time in the term for whatever reason and need to identify core materials to cover in limited time). -C = core materials, these need to be taught in order to cover all the syllabus -D = desirable materials, these could be taught in order to consolidate learning -E = extension materials, these may be used for fast finishers or if the teachers find they have a free lesson 10

11 Understanding the teaching approach Differentiation in materials: Lift Off icons will appear in the following materials -All Units Lessons 1 – 3 of Student’s Book CORE -All Units Lessons 1 – 3 of Workbook CORE -Saudi Review 1 - 5 DESIRABLE -Saudi Review 6 - 10 EXTENSION 11


13 Pronunciation corner C = CORE

14 Useful tips on difficult language C = CORE

15 Useful tips C = CORE

16 Cognitive skills of matching and identifying C = CORE

17 Gap fills Choosing correct words True or False activities C = CORE

18 Re-ordering words Personalizing Choosing correct words C = CORE

19 Writing answers Personalizing Correcting errors C = CORE

20 Grammar study NEW D = DESIRABLE

21 A bilingual dictionary helping the learners to make meaning by linking English and Arabic text – learners could also make their own visual dictionary by adding small pictures.

22 SPECIAL FEATURES LOOK box to highlight tricky language points PAIRWORK CHECK – learners check each other’s work REVIEW – with GRAMMAR STUDY box. Learners study in class and copy for homework.

23 Covering the syllabus of Lift Off 2 How fast should you teach? Lift Off 2 is designed be covered completely in the second semester of Grade 7, the first year of the Intermediate Stage. In order to ensure that you cover all the teaching material, please use a calendar to check how many teaching weeks there are in that particular semester. Then carry out this calculation: Number of weeks x 4 (the number of class lessons per week) 10 (the number of units in Lift Off 2) The result of the calculation will tell you how many class lessons you can devote to each unit of Lift Off in order to cover all ten units of the Student’s Book in the first semester [your students should do most or all of the workbook activities as homework].


25 Rubrics in materials

26 Using the Teacher’s Book as your LESSON PLAN C=CORE




30 Discussion points The speed of teaching 1 How many weeks are there in the first semester? 2 How many lessons are there each week? 3 What lessons are you doing this week? 4 What should you do if you are going too fast? 5 What should you do if you are going too slowly? 30

31 Reviewing 31

32 Getting to Know the Materials In pairs, please use your Student’s Book and Activities Books to answer the questions on Handouts One and Two 32 The contents and components Lift Off Summary There are 40 teaching lessons There are 10 units with 3 lessons in them There is a revision lesson every unit T he Pupil’s Book and Workbook are combined There is a Teacher’s Book There are flashcards There is a CD

33 Understanding the teaching approach Review lessons [every unit]: revise the vocabulary of the previous unit revise listening, speaking and pronunciation of the previous unit revise reading and writing from the unit 33

34 Understanding the teaching approach Important points: Lift Off stresses use of language more than teaching grammar BUT it does highlight Grammar in the lessons. Lift Off highlights useful phrases in LOOK. Lift Off stresses literacy. The Student’s Book presents new language. The Workbook practises new language. The teaching notes have a clear structure and are easy to use. 34

35 The Teacher’s Book is YOUR lesson plan It contains: aims languagematerials exercise noteshomework core materials desirable/extension materials 35


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