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Unit 4 Listening 广州市天河中学 胡黎明.

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1 Unit 4 Listening 广州市天河中学 胡黎明


3 Listening skills Read the notes quickly and get a general idea before listening Guess the missing words according to the context before listening Use short forms to write down the words quickly while listening Come back and check the writing after listening

4 Listening A like 10 hours harmful hardworking convenient develop
I _______ studying at Neverfail Centre Students spend over ______ a day in school. The teachers are very _________ It is _________ to their health. It is very ___________ to get to Students cannot _______ other interests. The centre has __________ equipment They have ____ time for sports or other activities The fees are _________ Students often get _______by their classes like 10 hours harmful hardworking convenient develop little excellent reasonable confused

5 Listening B Tips on learning English
Do’s for learning English Don’ts for learning English Practise using English in(1)________ situations Don’t feel embarrassed Be (2) _________ Don’t be afraid of (3) __________________ Practise with (4)_______ you can Listen to English (5)________________ Don’t (6)______ if you can’t understand (7)__________at once Keep a language (8)____ Learn English from songs, poems and (9)_______ everyday brave making mistakes everyone worry on the radio or TV everything notebook stories

6 分享 需要大量练习 寻找机会做某事 来自于 感到尴尬 害怕出错 没对讲英语的人 听英语广播 同时;一次 把…分成…
useful expressions 分享 需要大量练习 寻找机会做某事 来自于 感到尴尬 害怕出错 没对讲英语的人 听英语广播 同时;一次 把…分成… share… with… need plenty of practice look for a chance to do sth come from feel embarrassed be afraid of making mistakes have no one to speak English to listen to English on the radio at once divide… into…

7 Discussion 1.Problems to be solved: can’t remember new words
don’t dare to speak English to others can’t understand grammar can't hear what he said while taking listening tests ……

8 Discussion 2.How do you learn English well? listen speak read write

9 Homework 1.Write down some advice on how to learn English well.
2.Finish the listening exercises in your books.

10 Thank you!

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