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Time Management Student Support Centre

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1 Time Management Student Support Centre Email:

2 Its All About Time Time doesnt drag or fly We all get 24 hrs a day 7 days a week We cant manage time – all we can do is manage our own behaviour Its up to us how we use that time For success at Uni the most important factor is how you use your time

3 What Really Matters to You? Who already has part time work or intends to seek work? The greatest interference to study is work commitments If you are offered extra hours would you accept? A full-time student should restrict work time to 10-15 hours/week Would you ask to work less time at assessment time? If working more hours you might need to withdraw from a course prior to census date Withdrawal after the census date means you will receive a FAIL Do you anticipate that work will interfere with your study?

4 When Faced With a Hard Task….Do You: Fail to start, drag through the task, take longer than you planned? You are the snail - you procrastinate, fail to plan carefully and get caught short when time runs out on you eg you might hand assignments in late. The university may apply a penalty for overdue work. Rush into something new, stop when things get tough, cram and rush at the last minute? You are the hare-rush into something without considering carefully, run out of time and energy when things get tough, try to cram work in at last moment Plan carefully, get organised, follow your priorities and do the work? You have characteristics in common with the thoroughbred, being disciplined in study, hold positive attitude to challenges and have the best chance of study success. Unfortunately the first style is the most common in university students

5 Controlling Your Time…Can You Say No? You need to devote one hour for every point of an assignment so: 20 hours = 20% worth. You have to make 20 hours available by not doing something else. If you cant say No, someone else is controlling your time. Learning to manage your time means learning to say No.

6 Prioritise Term Time is for study. A Student has three months holiday per year to do all those other things. During term study needs to be your priority. What can you drop for this to happen?

7 Time Wasters Inability to say NO Lack of planning- acting out of habit Friends interrupting Wasting time Procrastination – not getting started Over- Commitment to sport or work etc Lack of self discipline- not carrying through on promises Getting over-tired after raging all weekend TV and Computer games Which of these can you minimise?

8 Why Do We Procrastinate? Lack of motivation Its just too difficult Feeling overwhelmed Its too boring Fear of failure Perfectionism These are all ways we avoid study but if we stick to our goals/focus we are less likely to stray. Goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic

9 Study Myths Myth Number 1: I work best under pressure Translation I cant work unless theres a deadline looming like the sword of Damocles over my head. Repeating this idea/behaviour reinforces your excuse for putting things off but Very few people work best under pressure

10 Study Myths Myth Number 2: Deadlines just creep up and surprise me! Translation I dont think about assignments or exams until I become overwhelmed by panic! Uni takes no excuses for forgetting due dates. All your course profile due dates are found on the CQU website. If unsure of access, ask for help.

11 Study Myths Myth Number 3: Ill do it after…… Translation Im procrastinating again! To overcome procrastination, break the task into manageable pieces, Eg choose the topic, talk to other students Work out what you need to do for the assignment Ask your lecturer or tutor Start working immediately on researching the topic

12 SMART Goals Specific eg. know what you want to be Measurable eg. how many courses can I do this term? Attainable eg. if I do 2 courses/term, I finish my degree in 6 years Relevant eg. dont be put off by theory - thats the nature of academic study Time framed eg. you must complete a 3 year degree in 7 years You must pass 50% or more of courses in any one term or you will be invited to discuss your academic progress (Lewis, Justus & Storz, Moni Laui, 1997)

13 Tips For Creating Your Study Plan Utilise your course profiles Use a weekly planner Plot assessed work on a wall planner

14 Completing Your Planner Due dates are clearly indicated on course profiles – you can record them on a wall planner Do this for all courses with the percent weighting for each one eg worth 10%? 20%? Work back one week for each 10% value and prepare accordingly, eg. 2 weeks for a 20% value assignment Students who have been away from study for some time may need to give themselves more time in first year. Use separate Term Planner and Weekly Study Timetable for assistance. Focus on do dates NOT due dates!

15 How Much Time Should Be Spent Studying? The Federal government expectation is for 6 hours each credit point per week. viz 12 hours per course A fulltime study load is a fulltime job, eg. 35 to 40 hours per week. STUDY at least 10 hours per course EVERY week of term.

16 Create Extra Study Time! If you get up 1 hour earlier for a year, you have created around 10 additional working weeks! So we can be more effective with our time But If we waste time We get further behind

17 What To Do When You Need Help Contact Us: Student Support Centre Building 31 Phone 49309456 Web: Email: Visit us: 8.45am – 4.45pm You may have personal problems, need help with study skills, or just guidance on how to get started. PLEASE ASK!

18 We Can Help You With…. Personal Counselling including e-counselling Academic Advocacy Study Issues – Optimism Program Career Information Student Loans Mentor program Workshops – Study Workshops Chaplaincy CQ Connections

19 Remember, its about TIME May each year at CQUniversity be successful. May your time here be profitable.

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