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Year 11 Preparing for Success The final stretch..

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1 Year 11 Preparing for Success The final stretch.

2 Do you and this ostrich still have anything in common?

3 Is your head still in the sand?

4 Fast forward into the future..its August 09

5 It is always better to give than receive! Results day August 09 9.59am

6 You open the envelope…and…

7 Visualise your success ….and want success. Remember exam success feels good….a feeling that lasts a lifetime.

8 Get motivated: whats in it for me? More opportunities and better prospects. More interesting career. A richer, more fulfilling and meaningful life. Greater self esteem and respect. A life that is not embittered by regret.

9 Being excellent gives you freedom….. to choose.

10 Facts. Revision actually works! We are all individuals and there are many ways you can revise. Revision and review takes time and needs to be planned. Students often claim to others they havent revised when they really have.

11 Getting started /the fear of beginning 1.Deal directly with the delay? What is stopping you?. ? How bad can it be? What can you do? 2.Establish the cost of delaying: How will it affect you? 3.Stress the benefits to yourself. What will you get from starting? 4.Build -in rewards- think how will you do this during and after a revision session. 5.Seek support: who can help? How? 6.If you miss a day, dont panic! Just get started again.

12 Avoid being the person who regrets not giving exams their very best shot!

13 Be prepared… not scared. Various exams are now upon us or close. Ten school weeks to the May/June exam series. Coursework deadlines ongoing. Homework/independent study is essential Start planning your revision now.

14 Are you ready and prepared for the learning challenges ahead?

15 Keep your excellent brain in full working order!

16 An excellent brain needs the following:- A Good diet Plenty of water Exercise-keep fit A light place to study Rest/relaxation And youll be healthy too !!

17 REVISION PLANNING WHY PRODUCE A TIMETABLE? Reduces stress. Increases attainment. Ensures you start in time. Allows you to prioritise the time you spend on each subject. Means all subjects reviewed several time-reduces risk of forgetting.

18 Revision tip Revision with the TV on, is not effective?

19 Revision tip Always do the hard topics first. What subjects or topics do you find the hardest? Make a list of them. They will be your revision priority….and will need more of your time.

20 Revision tip Study buddy…? Teaching someone else what you have learned improves your own learning and understanding.

21 Success comes in cans. Get into the habit of being a can-do person

22 What we will offer you… Study skills sessions Exam technique Advice about preparation for exams Revision classes Support Advice

23 What you need to do for yourself… Realise that what you do over the next few months will shape your future options and opportunities Act now – dont procrastinate! Ask for help and advice –its what were here for. Dont take the easy option of second best – aspire to personal excellence.

24 Revision tip Use past paper questions to test your understanding and develop your exam technique Use the revision calendar on moodle.

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