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Employee Timesheet Training Human Resources. Timesheet Overview How to Complete a Timesheet Types of Payments –Overtime –Compensatory Time –Extra Time.

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1 Employee Timesheet Training Human Resources

2 Timesheet Overview How to Complete a Timesheet Types of Payments –Overtime –Compensatory Time –Extra Time –Shift Premium –Holiday Premium –On Call –Emergency Call Back –Adverse Weather Questions Agenda

3 Timesheet Basics Who completes the timesheet? –Only Non-Exempt Employees (SPA & EPA) –To check if you are non-exempt please reference the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Classification Title Listing website ( ) Why does the timesheet matter? –Legal Document –Enforced by U.S. Department of Labor under FLSA (

4 Timesheet Overview What do I need to complete a timesheet? –Electronic Timesheet: ( –Timesheet Instructions ( Work Week –Reference: Time Sheet Inclusive Dates Schedule ( –Saturday 12:00 AM through Friday 11:59 PM –Overlapping shifts are paid on the day they started Recording Time –Hours worked each day –In/Out Time is optional per department

5 Timesheet Overview Rounding: Nearest Quarter Hour (7 minutes or less rounds down, 8 minutes or more rounds up) Time InTime OutLunch BreakHours Worked Ex. 1, Actual:8:05 am4:58 pm55 minutesx Ex. 1, Rounded:8:00 am5:00 pm1 hour8 hours Ex. 2, Actual:8:09 am5:06 pm71 minutesx Ex. 2, Rounded:8:15 am5:00 pm1 hour 15 minutes7 hours 30 minutes Ex. 3, Actual:7:50 am5:08 pm50 minutesx Ex. 3, Rounded:7:45 am5:15 pm45 minutes8 hours 45 minutes

6 Timesheet Overview Who signs the document? –Employees & Supervisors (sign & full date = Month/Day/4-digit year) What about making corrections to the document? –Employee & Supervisor must both cross out & initial any correction

7 Timesheet Examples a.Overtime/Compensatory Time b.Extra Time c.Shift Premium d.Holiday Premium e.On Call/Emergency Call Back f.Adverse Weather Recording Additional Pay:

8 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Non-Exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act: a.Overtime/Compensatory (Comp) Time (time and ½) b.Must complete time records c.Earn Extra Time (hour for hour) for hours not physically worked over 40 hours in a work week Exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act: a.No Overtime/Comp Time/Extra Time (hour for hour) b.Do not complete time records Non-exempt vs. Exempt status under FLSA is determined by analyzing the duties, responsibilities and salary of a position.

9 Overtime Overtime is a premium rate paid for hours actually over the standard 40 hour work week (not counting leave) Premium rate = 1.5 x Regular Hourly Rate Supervisor approval is required prior to working over the standard work week Non-exempt employees cannot volunteer to stay and work their job for free

10 Compensatory Time (Comp Time) Alternative to Paying Overtime Departmental Policy Earned at 1 ½ times the number of hours worked Entered into the Web Leave System

11 Comp Time Rules Earned by Non-Exempt Employees Any available Comp Time must be used before taking Annual Leave Employees may choose to use Sick Leave rather than available Comp Time Supervisors can require employees to use all available Comp Time instead of paying out

12 Comp Time Reminders Cannot age past 12 months Cannot accumulate over 240 hours Comp Time is to be used timely Supervisor can deny requests to use comp time if the leave will unduly disrupt operations

13 Extra Time Hours worked are less than 40, but hours reported are greater than 40 Hours Reported = Time Worked + Leave Taken Non-exempt (FLSA) employees earn when overtime/comp time does not apply Departmental option to pay out for offer as leave request option After 12-months, unused time is paid out at an hourly rate Exempt employees do not earn Extra Time Earned hour-for-hour

14 Overtime/Extra Time Example

15 Comp Time Balance Reconcile Comp Time Earned and Used Each Month Monitored in the Web Leave System Departmental Option to Complete

16 Shift Premium Scheduled 2 nd or 3 rd Shifts Must be designated and documented by Manager Applies Only to Actual Hours Worked Premium is not earned on leave or lunch breaks 10% Premium on Hourly Rate Overtime Rate Applied After Shift Premium

17 Shift Premium Example

18 Holiday Premium Awarded to Non-Exempt and Exempt employees who are required by their Supervisor to work on a designated University Holiday Paid at 1.5 Times Regular Hourly Rate Earn equal time off for hours worked on Holiday –Up to 8 hours per day (hour for hour worked) –Earned as Extra Time

19 Holiday Pay Example

20 On Call Only Designated Jobs/Employees –Designated roles are reported to HR annually –Usually Non-Exempt, but some Exempt On-Call Employees Must be Available On-Call Compensation –$1.50 per hour When Overtime is worked in the same pay week as On-Call time is paid, the On-Call payment must be used to calculate the Weekly Overtime Rate of Pay

21 Emergency Call Back When an On-Call employee is contacted to respond on short notice to an emergency work situation –Includes working via telephone or computer –Includes travel time to work –Subtracted out from On-Call Hours Paid

22 Emergency Call Back Pay Non-Exempt Employees: Return to Work a.Actual Time Worked or 2 Hours (whichever is greater) b.Can be Paid out or awarded as Comp Time Off Telephone/Computer Response a.Actual Time Worked or 30 Minutes (whichever is greater) b.Maximum 4 responses = 2 Hours c.After 4 calls, employee receives credit for actual time worked

23 On-Call/Emergency Call Back Example

24 Adverse Weather Status (call 513-8888) 1.University is Closed, Essential Personnel Only 2.University will Open Late, Essential Personnel Report Normally 3.Classes are Cancelled, Adverse Weather Advisory 4.Classes are In Session, Adverse Weather Advisory Essential Personnel Employees who have had prior written/verbal notification from their manager that they need to report to work under Adverse Weather conditions

25 Adverse Weather Pay Essential Personnel Closing/Late Openings oMust report to work as normal oEarn equivalent time-off Non-Essential Personnel Closing/Late Openings oLeave will be granted to cover hours missed Adverse Weather Advisory oEmployee determines whether or not they can safely report to work oUse annual leave, comp time, or bonus leave; or oMake-up time as straight time within 12 months

26 Adverse Weather Example

27 Accumulative Leave Totals Reconcile Leave Earned and Used Each Month Monitored in the Web Leave System Departmental option to complete

28 Hour/Minute Conversion Decimal Time vs. Hour:Minutes.00 = :00.25 = :15 minutes.50 = :30 minutes.75 = :45 minutes

29 Contacts Deborah Wright, Director Classification & Compensation 515-4290 Jenna Evenson, Consultant 515-4291 Pamela Bragg, Consultant 515-4293 Angela Nicholson, Consultant 515-4294 Eraina Weems, Specialist 515-7175

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