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Security Network Panel

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1 Security Network Panel
Ted Clowes Cubic Defense Applications

2 Final Mile Problems Prosecute the mission, as effectively and safely as possible, while bringing everyone home Smart, well-funded opposition operating in irregular warfare environment Knowledge of anything that might affect the mission

3 Challenge Range Link Margin Frequency Noise TV Radio Jamming Secrecy
Mission Platform

4 Retrieve the pilot/soldier 406 MHz Emergency Distress Beacon
AN/ARS-6 V12 (PLS) Retrieve the pilot/soldier PRC-112 PRC-112B/G AN/ARS-6 V12 PRQ-7 406 MHz Emergency Distress Beacon 4

5 Joint STARS The Soldiers Eyes in the Skies
Secure network link (SCDL) Difficult to jam Distributes data among multiple players

6 AN/USQ-167 (CDL-S) Replaced CHBDL system for the US Navy
Encrypted data link 200 kbps to 274 Mbps Tested interoperable with fielded L3 terminals In regular service today on aircraft carriers and large-deck amphibious assault ships Users report improved reliability and system availability SHARP Pod Photo of Eisenhower (Received live during flight test) 6

7 RQ/MQ-8B (Fire Scout UAV)
User – United States Navy Produced by Northrop-Grumman System is in OPEVAL and in LRIP Mission Requirements 150 nmi range at 15,000 ft 200 kbps FL & Mbps RL; 45 Mbps-capable Variety of sensors Encrypted data link Future growth US Army (500 units) Air-to-air relay capability Hawk Link (LAMPS) interoperability testing 7

8 Mobile Video Exploitation & Management System with Integrated Comms
VideoScout-MC Mobile Video Exploitation & Management System with Integrated Comms Multiple Application Support: Mission planning, execution, analysis Situational awareness ISR collection Targeting Battle damage assessment Tactical INTEL product Reporting INTEL data management Data dissemination Fully integrated receiver suite: L, S, C-band & Ku Only RVT with multi-UAV metadata VideoScout Deployment : SOF Components US ARMY IWS – TENCAP USMC TEG USMC MCWL USMC Tier II UAS TLDHS Army National Guard JFIIT WARCOM – NSW NRO Discuss ISR sensors and point out tactical sensors Start with TOC, then Mounted then Dismounted Describe user communities in detail – applications/use VideoScout brings the same capability and User Interface used by TOC-based Intel operators to the mounted and dismounted user

9 Future Secure Link already tested in UAVS
200 kbps to 45 Mbps Encrypted <2 lbs <25 in

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