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The U.S. Coast Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity

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1 The U.S. Coast Guard’s Role in Cybersecurity
Good Morning. My name is _____________ from Coast Guard Cyber Command and I am pleased to be here today to talk with you concerning cybersecurity and the maritime domain. CDR Kyle J. Smith Strategic Plans for CG Cyber Command

2 Cyberspace is the “human created domain”
What is Cyberspace? __________________________________________________ Domain characterized by the use of electronics and the electromagnetic spectrum to store, modify, and exchange data via network systems and associated physical infrastructures A domain that is no different than the ones that we routinely operate in; air, land, sea and space Cyberspace is the “human created domain”

3 CGCYBER Vision & Mission
__________________________________________________ VISION “A safe, secure and resilient cyber operating environment that allows for the execution of Coast Guard missions and maritime transportation interests of the United States.“ MISSION Coast Guard Cyber Command’s mission is to identify, protect against, enhance resiliency in the face of, and counter electromagnetic threats to the Coast Guard and maritime interests of the United States, provide cyber capabilities that foster excellence in the execution of Coast Guard operations, support DHS cyber missions, and serve as the Service Component Command to U.S. Cyber Command. Computer Network Defense Protecting Maritime Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Enabling Operations Through Cyber Capability

4 Defend the Platform __________________________________________________
“Cyber affects the full spectrum of Coast Guard operations. It’s not an information technology niche…it cuts across every aspect of the Coast Guard.” - Admiral Zukunft

Cyberspace Roles and Responsibilities Operate in Cyberspace Defend Respond Recover Maintain Cyberspace Build Engineer Support COLLABORATION…COORDINATION

6 CGCYBER Designated Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CNDSP) for the Service – defense of the DoDIN Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) - 24x7x365 Watch Service Cyber Component to USCYBERCOM - executes TASKORDs from USCYBERCOM Intelligence fusion/indicators and warnings from NTOC

7 C4ITSC Technical Authority Configuration management for CG networks
Build, deploy and maintain security systems and sensors

8 Maritime Critical Infrastructure
__________________________________________________ The Coast Guard is the Sector Specific Agency (SSA) for the Maritime component of the Transportation Sector 1 of the 16 Critical Sectors Collaboration with our partners in DHS, TSA and DOT Protect maritime sector from all threats (physical, personnel, and cyber)

9 NIST Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework __________________________________________________
Voluntary federal cybersecurity standards developed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology in cooperation w/ the private sector Designed for owners and operators of CIKR…scalable to suite industry Focuses on; Identification Protection Detection Response Recovery Complimented by the Critical Infrastructure Cyber Community program (C-Cubed)

10 “C-Cubed” Voluntary Program __________________________________________________
Public/private partnership aligning business enterprises and government to resources that will assist their efforts in using the NIST Voluntary Framework Assists with understanding the use of the Framework and other risk management efforts Link and customer relationship manager to help organizations with Framework utilization Encourages feedback from stakeholders about their experiences with the Framework to help drive future updates Aligns with the process and efforts outlined in the 2013 National Infrastructure Protection Plan

11 Enabling Operations Through Cyber Capabilities
Leverage intelligence community (IC) and law enforcement (LE) authorities to understand adversaries intentions and capabilities in cyberspace Capitalize on cyber and SIGINT capabilities Drive tactical cyber intelligence to the front-line operator

12 Achieving Cybersecurity Together “It’s our Shared Responsibility”.
Questions? __________________________________________________ ACT Achieving Cybersecurity Together “It’s our Shared Responsibility”.

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