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Instructional Practices, Part II project DATA Instruction Module.

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1 Instructional Practices, Part II project DATA Instruction Module

2 Log-in to AIMSweb Log-in to AIMSweb using your username and password from the inside of your namecard User number: 10216 Set your laptop aside - well come back to your data later…

3 Agenda Project map Questioning in review Break Data analysis activity Review data and intervention tracker Closing activities

4 projectDATA Map

5 Question Categories in Review

6 Your Use of Questioning Strategies Looking at tally sheet… How did you take the information re: questioning back to your classroom? How did you use questioning strategies to supplement the questions already posed in your curriculum? As a whole group: –What categories of questions did you find yourself asking the most? –Whats an example of a question you asked your students? –Could you have gone in greater depth? –Should the questions have been more basic to scaffold learning?

7 Data Review & Analysis

8 Data Example

9 Data Example What do you notice about the students scores? –Think about the 3-4 point rule and the slope of the lines… Other information: –Student is just below benchmark on EasyCBM screening assessment –Student often works carelessly when completing assignments

10 Recommendations from Data Number of points below line and slope of line suggest student needs intervention Suggestions: –Examine types of problems student is struggling with on probes and provide review based on types of errors student is making –Identify whether other students are also struggling with the skill (i.e., instructional grouping) –Integrate more opportunities for guided and independent practice of skill –Implement an individual self-monitoring intervention with the student to reduce carelessness in work

11 Rationale for Recommendations Goal is to provide additional support within the classroom before an outside intervention is necessary: –If student is pulled out of class for additional support, miss access to grade level content –Want good students to continue to experience success, across all aspects of mathematics content –Save intensive resources for students who really need them

12 Data Activity Look at the data (graphs, facts) on your handout In a small group, discuss: –What recommendations do you have for the student? –How would you monitor student learning (be specific)? –What other information would you want to know about the student to support your decisions?

13 Break

14 You should be logged into AIMSweb… Take notes on the following: –What proportion of your class is on target to meet their individual goals? Near target? Below target? –Find students who are below target and look at their graphs What do you notice about their performances? Are you monitoring these students on the intervention tracker? How have your interventions impacted student performance? Connection to Data

15 Navigation Tabs To generate a class set of student progress graphs: 1.Click the box to the right of Progress Report to select all students. 2.Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click View Selected Student List AIMSweb – Progress Monitor

16 Take out intervention tracker Share with a partner: –How are you using the intervention tracker to document interventions for students? –What interventions did you implement with students? –Did you make any changes to interventions? What information did you use to inform your decision to make a change? Intervention Tracker

17 Navigation Tabs Student List AIMSweb: Enter Intervention Line Click date (for individual student) under Next Score

18 AIMSweb: Enter Intervention Line Click Show ALL sessions for this schedule

19 AIMSweb: Enter Intervention Line Records per Page Scroll and select ALL

20 AIMSweb: Enter Intervention Line Find intervention start date; Click I

21 AIMSweb: Enter Intervention Line 1. Label Intervention; 2. Click Add 3. Click on Progress Monitor tab to return to class list and view student graph

22 Data and the Intervention Tracker Moving forward from todays data discussion… –How will you use the intervention tracker to monitor student performance? –When will you record interventions? –How often will you review data to determine effectiveness of intervention(s)? –What data will you use to make decisions?

23 Sustainability Overview

24 1.Continue to use formative and summative assessment data to inform decisions 2.Continue to utilize effective instructional practices 3.Share knowledge of assessment and data-based instructional decision-making with other teachers at your school 4.Develop an action plan for: –Taking knowledge back to school site –Utilizing knowledge effectively in own practice ProjectDATA Sustainability Goals

25 When forward mapping with district, consider: –How will you sustain progress monitoring? –What resources will you need? –What other practices will you want to continue to engage in next year (and for years to come)? Tasks between now and next inservice: –Complete needs assessment survey Elisa or Nancy will email link to survey Sustainability Within Your School

26 Closing Activities Questions? Next meeting: May 6 –Instruction post-survey –Sustainability: looking forward to next year Mathematicians Workshop Series –Dan Erman, April 17-18 –Trish Koontz, May 15-16 –Richard Schaar, May 29-30 –Media Services, Rm. 41 for all future sessions Evaluation

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