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ATN2002 IEE, London Providing Communications Services to Support ATC Applications Akhil Sharma Senior Manager AIRCOM Service Development.

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1 ATN2002 IEE, London Providing Communications Services to Support ATC Applications Akhil Sharma Senior Manager AIRCOM Service Development

2 ATN 2002 Outline Overview of VHF and Satellite AIRCOM Current ATS Data link Communications Services SITA ATS Application Systems VDL Mode 2 Transition to ATN ATN Service

3 ATN 2002 Airlines and CAA Customers AIRCOM Internetworking and FANS Partners RGS GES SITAMET DHP MSW MSS SITA X.25 MTN ADLT (Singapore) Primary Backup ADLT (Montréal) AIRCOM Service

4 ATN 2002 VHF AIRCOM Coverage

5 ATN 2002 Satellite AIRCOM Coverage

6 ATN 2002 SITA introduced the VHF ACARS services (VHF AIRCOM) in the early 1980s to support movement messages Today, over 100 or the worlds airlines are VHF AIRCOM customers with 4,000 aircraft and and additional 1,000 BizJets The 5000+ aircraft which use the service collectively generate 400,000+ messages per day In addition to basic movement information, AOC applications have evolved to include: – engine monitoring – flight planning –Weight & Balance, Takeoff Data Calculation –Weather Information –Fuel information –Gate information ACARS is considered to be a mission critical service AOC Use of ACARS

7 ATN 2002 A number of ATS providers around the world have/are planning initial ATS data link services: –Departure Clearance (DCL)/Pre-Departure Clearance Services (PDC) –Oceanic Clearance Services (OCM) –Digital-ATIS (D-ATIS) Services In order to promote global interoperability, the AEEC and Eurocae have developed standards for these services –AEEC 623 (Message formats) –Eurocae ED 85, ED 89 and ED 106 (Performance Requirements) SITA provides a D-ATIS Gateway service in order to allow non 623 compliant aircraft access to 623 compliant ground systems and vice versa ATS Use of ACARS – Pre FANS

8 ATN 2002 SITA provides DCL, OCM, D-ATIS communications services (ATS AIRCOM) to an increasing number of ATS providers D-ATIS direct connections to: –Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Denmark, France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom DCL/PDC direct connections to: –Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ivory Coast, Korea, Spain SITA supports pre-FANS internetworking with other DSPs to ensure maximum access to ATS applications by aircraft operators ATS AIRCOM provides customers with comprehensive support including help-desk and monthly performance data that reports against key indicators, e.g. –Service availability –Uplink success rate –Uplink transit delay ATS Use of ACARS – Pre FANS

9 ATN 2002 Uplink Success Rate 96.56% 97.10% 9.54% Within 60 seconds 93.85% 94.67% 2001 Average YTD 2002 Average Within 120 seconds 99.21% 99.40% Message Uplink Delivery Time (based on MAS msgs) Pre-FANS ATS Performance

10 ATN 2002 According to industry estimates, there are approx. 1,200 FANS 1/A equipped aircraft today……...and the number is growing ! To date, FANS 1/A services have been introduced in remote and oceanic airspace An Industry group, under the Link2000+ programme, studied FANS accommodation in an ATN environment SITA currently provides direct FANS 1/A communications services to 20 ATS providers including the FAA, Eurocontrol, France, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and India SITA works with ATS providers directly and through ICAO Regional Planning Groups and FANS Interoperability Teams to ensure the datalink service continues to meet their requirements SITA supports FANS internetworking with other DSPs to ensure maximum availability of services to aircraft operators ATS Use of ACARS - FANS

11 ATN 2002 SITA FANS customers Boeing Test Eurocontrol Maastricht Korea Airports System (Seattle) Aerospatiale Toulouse Authority (Gimpo) US FAA CAA Uzbekistan (Oakland, CAO Iran (Tehran) (Tashkent) Taiwan CAA Anchorage, Egypt CAA (Cairo) AAI India CAD Hong Kong New York) (Calcutta, Madras) AASL Sri Lanka DCA Myanmar (Columbo) (Yangon) CAA Singapore DCA Mauritius Airports Fiji DGAC French ASECNA Madagscar (Antananarivo) Polynesia (Papeete) Airservices Australia ATNS South Africa (Brisbane, Melbourne) (Johannesburg)

12 ATN 2002 AIRCOM use for FANS-1/A Satellite AIRCOM VHF AIRCOM Ground Station SITA ACARS Processor uses the address entered by the airborne system to route messages to the destination FANS-1/A ground system. FANS-1/A Ground System ADS/CPDLC ACARS Convergence Function FANS-1/A ADS/CPDLC ACARS Convergence Function ACARS Management Unit VHF Transceiver Satellite Data Unit SITA Network Co-DSP

13 ATN 2002 Uplink Success Rate 99.22% 99.54% Within 60 seconds 96.24% 96.17% 2001 Average YTD 2002 Average Within 120 seconds 99.03% 98.90% Message Uplink Delivery Time (based on MAS msgs) FANS ATS Performance

14 ATN 2002 ATS AIRCOM Solutions SITA has recently launched a new series of ATS systems to accelerate ATS data link implementation: –Airport Tower Systems Departure Clearance/Pre-Departure Clearance – AIRCOMclever Digital-ATIS – AIRCOMevatis –Including hosted services –ADS-CPDLC Gateway –ACARS Gateway

15 ATN 2002 AIRCOMevatis

16 ATN 2002 AIRCOMclever

17 ATN 2002 AIRCOMclever Controller HMI

18 ATN 2002 ADS-CPDLC Gateway ATS Operational System ADLT RGS SITA ATN router GES ATN aircraft FANS aircraft VGS ATN Sub- Network ATN ES FANS path ATN path SITA Network Service

19 ATN 2002 VDL Mode 2 One VDL channel provides at least 10 times more capacity increase over one ACARS channel Way forward to address performance related issues in high density airspace approaching saturation

20 ATN 2002 VDL Mode 2 SITA actively supported ICAO VDL Mode 2 standardisation/ validation and associated activities in AEEC, RTCA and Eurocae Contracted Harris Corporation for the development of the VGS in 1999 First VGS was delivered to SITA in December 2000 VGS capable of supporting ACARS, AOA, ATN/VDL M2 and VDL Broadcast in parallel VDL AIRCOM service was launched in July 2001 –10 sites operational in Europe today –Another 5 sites deployed for avionics vendors

21 ATN 2002 VDL Mode 2/AOA Industry has defined an interim step towards ATN referred to as AOA, ACARS over AVLC AOA allows existing ACARS applications to benefit from the higher bandwidth offered by VDL M2 Main benefit, in addition to capacity increase, is that no change required to the interface to customer ground systems For aircraft, transition from AOA to ATN/VDL Mode 2 will require a software upgrade to the avionics AIRBUS AOA flight tests completed in October 2001 AOA Flight tests with KLM to start end September 2002 An increasing number of airlines are planning to migrate to AOA for AOC purposes


23 ATN 2002 SITA VGS Architecture interface (8) - X2Narrow band Antenna interface (8) - X1 Wide band Antenna VHF Data Radios: Each VDR can be programmed to handle VHF analog ACARS or VHF Digital Link Mode 2 VHF Ground Computer (VGC) Laptop computer for maintenance Antenna Relay switches Uninterruptible Power Supply interface (1) - X10 GPS source Power Supply Dual Power Supply VGS Management Interface ACARS Processor SITA Ground Network VDL Management Entity Processor ATN Router VDL Subnetwork Connections ACARS and VDL AOA Traffic

24 ATN 2002 ATN Services SITA actively contributed to ICAO ATN standardisation/ validation and development of RTCA, Eurocae, AEEC standards Provision of ATN service over VDL Mode 2 and/or SATCOM requires deployment of ATN Router(s) Numbers and locations of Routers will be determined by ATS provider requirements SITA is currently in the process of evaluating ATN Router products SITA is supporting CPDLC/ATN/VDL M2 flight trials with Eurocontrol ATN Service will be launched to meet Eurocontrol Maastricht Petal to Link2000+ project timescales Currently working with the FAA to work out participation in the CPDLC Build Programme SITA works with ATS Providers and Regional ICAO Groups to support ATN/VDL M2 trials The Satellite AIRCOM service is compliant with the ATN and was demonstrated in the frame of the ADS Europe Programme

25 ATN 2002 Communications Flows AOA ATN ACARS VGS RGS ACARS DSP Airline ACARS Host Data Communication Network AVLC LinkVDL2 Link ATN System ATN User Traffic ACARS User Traffic ATN Router

26 ATN 2002 Conclusions The use of the current VHF and Satellite AIRCOM service to support ATS communications continues to increase – a true reflection of the benefits provided SITA encourages and is willing to work with ATS providers to deploy PDC/D-ATIS systems to realise early benefits and gain experience SITAs global VHF network is in the process of being upgraded to provide VDL M2 Services Major airlines are planning to upgrade to AOA to provide enhanced performance to their existing ACARS applications SITAs ATN Service will be shortly launched to meet ATS provider requirements SITA encourages ATS providers planning on ATN implementation to address the accommodation of FANS 1/A aircraft Finally, SITA is committed to enabling cost-effective improvements in global Air Traffic Management and continually works with ATS providers and the airline community to realise this goal

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