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GLOBALink/VHF Digital Link Mode 2

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1 GLOBALink/VHF Digital Link Mode 2
ICAO Seminar on Implementation of Data Link and SATCOM Communications Bangkok, Thailand 17-19 November 2003 Vic Nagowski of ARINC Industry Activities presenter ARINC Industry Activities is responsible for the development of avionics standards for the aeronautical community Material being presented provided by the ARINC Aviation and Air Traffic Division who is responsible for all ARINC air/ground voice and data link services Copyright © 2003 ARINC Incorporated, 2551 Riva Road, Annapolis, Maryland, All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher.

2 GLOBALink Services Overview
Airline Host System Satcom ARINC Ground Network (AviNet®) Aviation Communication Services HFDL FAA/CAA Tower Systems ARINC Central Processing System (CPS) High level picture of the services offered by ARINC under the GLOBALink name This presentation will be providing the status of the ARINC VHF Digital Link Mode 2 (VDLM2) services ACARS/AOA VHF Air Traffic Service Provider ATN Air/Ground Router

3 ARINC Status of VDLM2 Services
Two VDLM2 Services Offered AOA: ACARS Over AVLC (Aviation VHF Link Control) Operational November 2000 ATN: Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Supports Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) Operational September 2002 ARINC Providing VDLM2 Products/Service Globally North America AOA ATN-FAA CPDLC Build 1 Program Europe ATN-EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ Asia AOA -AVICOM (Japan) 2 VDLM2 services are being offered AOA supporting legacy ACARS applications ATN supporting CPDLC SAS support in Europe

4 ACARS Technology Limitations
ACARS has 2.4 kbps air-to-ground data link Current traffic reaching capacity of available frequencies at busiest airports Limits data link speed and volume Data link growth continues regardless of economy Cannot continue to meet airlines demand New applications are data intensive New aircraft are data intensive ACARS Lack of frequencies to support ACARS Performance limited due to a/g data link speed and protocol Airlines/CAAs continuing to use data link for more applications New aircraft are more data intensive

5 VDLM2 VDLM2 has 31.5 kbps air-to-ground data link
>10X the throughput and speed of ACARS Enables data intensive applications Complies with ICAO SARPS for worldwide harmonization Eliminates radio frequency congestion Designed to meet demanding requirements of Air Traffic Services (ATS) communications Scalable system Expandable with demand Easily integrated with existing data link systems 10X due to higher air/ground speed and improved protocol Bit-oriented protocol vs. character-oriented (ACARS) Designed to meet more stringent ATC requirements (latency and availability) which results in better AOC performance Modular system growth to support future requirements

6 ARINC VDLM2 Coverage for CPDLC Build 1
AOA & ATN Service 13 Stations; fully redundant system; 24/7 ops CPDLC – Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications 13 ground stations operational today Operational since September 2002 Unprecedented operational availability being achieved Integrated into ARINC’s GLOBALink Service

7 Airlines / Operators Will Benefit from ARINC’s Operational VDLM2/ATN Service
American Airlines Continental Airlines Delta Air Lines Federal Express US Air Force AAL – 26 aircraft CAL – 4 ac (certified but not operational) DAL – 4 ac planned FEX – 8 ac planned USAF - 1 ac

8 ARINC’s VDLM2/ATN Service Today
ARINC won EUROCONTROL’s competition to be their LINK ATN/CPDLC Service Provider Where: Maastricht UAC When: Fall 2003 through 2007 LINK 2000+ ARINC won Eurocontrol competition for LINK 2000+ Maastricht Upper Airspace Center ARINC system deployed in October 2003, actual operation is pending certification flights AAL scheduling cert flights SAS operational scheduled for February 2004 13 ground stations - 9 ground stations support LINK 2000+ - 3 ground stations support Airbus certification Eurocontrol has plans to mandate VDLM2/ATN in 2009 for forward fit aircraft and allow 5 additional years for retrofit aircraft

9 ARINC VDLM2 in Europe 2003 Coverage for: Link 2000+ CPDLC
AOA & ATN Service ATN coverage AOA current coverage and planned coverage (5 year plan) Planned Coverage for: AOA Service

10 Airlines/Operators to Benefit from ARINC’s Operational VDLM2/ATN Service
SAS Lufthansa ATI American Airlines Others expected to announce their participation shortly Eurocontrol offering incentives to airlines to join the CPDLC program - Assistance with avionics procurement - Reduced over flight fees

11 ARINC Provides Turnkey AOA / VDLM2 System to AVICOM
Narita (NRT) - 1 Haneda (HND) - 3 Kansai (KIX) - 2 Kagoshima (KOJ) - 8 Fukuoka (FUK) - 9 Nigata (KIJ) - 7 Chitose (CTS) - 4 Kushiro (KUH) - 5 Sendai (SDJ) - 6 Naha/Okinawa (OKA) - 10 AVICOM service operational Sept 2003 AVICOM Japan has procured VDLM2 AOA system from ARINC 2 ground stations operational Purchased 10 ground stations in initial procurement More details on this system to be provided later by Matsuzaki san of AVICOM

12 VDLM2 Available and Planned Coverage
148 ground stations operational to date Expect 160 by end of 2003

13 Performance of VDLM2 AOA ATN 50 aircraft regularly using service
Expect 100 aircraft by end of year 147 VDLM2 stations operational 160+ VDLM2 stations planned by EOY 2003 >100,000 messages monthly >99% Uplink success rate Response time (round trip) Average 1.35 seconds ATN 30+ Aircraft using service 13 stations operational ~10,000 CPDLC messages monthly ARINC service availability 99.999% - Domestic 99.86% - Caribbean Here are the some of the performance parameters Performance parameters are better than ACARS performance Latency measurements better than expected and meeting ATC requirements Southwest airlines is starting to equip with VDLM2 avionics and should have entire fleet equipped by EOY 2004 - ARINC estimates 500 aircraft total using system by EOY 2004

14 AOA VHF Traffic AOA VHF Traffic
# COMMUNICATING AIRCRAFT AOA VHF Traffic Number of Aircraft This graph provides the AOA traffic uplink and downlink data by month Downlinks are normally 2/3 of the traffic while uplink messages are longer in length It also provides the number of aircraft using the system per month

15 VDLM 2 Summary VDLM2 AOA and ATN networks are operational
VDLM2 avionics for AOA and ATN are available ATN service is operational for CPDLC in Miami ARTCC over ARINC VDLM2 ATN European service for CPDLC operational by EOY 2003 VDLM2 is achieving promised performance ARINC ATN router product available to support air/ground and ground/ground implementations CNS/ATM Regional Implementation Seminar sponsored by Aerothai/ASA/ARINC in March 2004

16 Summary (cont.) For questions or additional information
please contact: Dan Pendergast Director, GLOBALink Services For addition information on the ARINC VDLM2 system please contact

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