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Australian Command and Staff Course (Reserve) (ACSC (R)) Induction Brief 2009 Australian Command and Staff College.

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1 Australian Command and Staff Course (Reserve) (ACSC (R)) Induction Brief 2009 Australian Command and Staff College

2 Scope of Presentation Scope of Presentation ACSC (R) Aim ACSC Organisation Course Overview Academic Misconduct Administration Module Detail Military History Module Command, Leadership and Training Modules Command, Leadership and Training Modules Land Operations

3 ACSC (R) Aim To prepare selected Army Reserve officers for command and staff appointments at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel

4 ACSC Organisation COMDT ACSC DOS-ARes CI ACSC(R) Module Directing Staff & Guidance Officers Course Members AdministrationDevelopment DOS-LandDOS-NavyDOS-AirForceRANSAC

5 ACSC (R) Course Overview ACSC (R) Course Overview

6 Professional Education Continuum ** * O6 (COL) O5 (LTCOL) O4 (MAJ) O3 (CAPT) O2 (LT) ADFA Officer Training Universities / Professions Joint and Service courses Training Education ACSC CDSS Strategic Studies External studies Preparation for senior ranks

7 CFTS TEWTS ** * O6 (COL) O5 (LTCOL) O4 (MAJ) O3 (CAPT) O2 (LT) Operational Service Variables: Operational Training (Current) Unit Command and Bde / Div Level Staff Appointments ACSC ACSC(R) Joint + Bde Corps Grade 2 Bn Bde Coy Bn Grade 3 Coy Bn Officer Training Officer Training Pl Coy

8 ACSC (R) Course Structure The ACSC (R) has three modules: Military History Module Distance Learning ~ One year of study (commenced Oct 08) Seminar 9-11 Oct 08 Command, Leadership & Training Module Focus on developing understanding of Command Philosophy Focus on understanding unit training requirements Pre-course plus Residential (16 ARTD) – Sep 09 Operations Module Plan unit / BDE operations in a DIV/Joint/Coalition setting ARes students integrate with ARA Land Ops Pre-course plus Residential (16 ARTD) – 25 Apr-10 May 09

9 Key Deliverables – ACSC (R) Key deliverables for each module are as follows: Military History Assignments (briefs and journal) Essay Command, Leadership & Training Module Ex Caesar (command presentation) Personal Command philosophy Ex Wayahead (Unit Training Directive and oral backbrief) Operations JMAP Syndicate CONOPS Individual BG/BDE level TEWTs in BDE/DIV setting Ex Dig Deep pre-course operations study assignment

10 MIL HISTCOMDTRGOPS Feb Essay topic 1 Feb 09 ACW brief 15 Feb 09 Mar Reflective Journal Mar 09 Apr May Essay synopsis 31 May 09 Jun Jul Aug Essay 16 Aug 09 Sep LtdWar brief 13 Sep 09 Reflective Journal Sep 09 Oct Deliverable Deadlines

11 Study Requirement Commitment Constant workload with assignments 74 ARTD liability Most CM complete all modules in one year Remainder CM undertake range of modules over two years Plan for significant after-hours study

12 Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct

13 Definitions Collusion: Another Person assisting a course member in the production of an assignment submission, without the express requirement, or consent, or knowledge of the assessor. Plagiarism: Using another persons ideas, designs, words or works without appropriate acknowledgement. Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct

14 ACSC Policy: ZERO TOLERANCE ACSC Approach: Education Deterrence Positive measures Counter-Plagiarism Statement of Authorship Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct

15 Text Matching Written assignments are electronically text-matched against all other submissions, both current and previous Key references and web-sources are also cross-referenced Quick and simple Foolproof Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct




19 Administrative Process Routine Inquiry conducted Show Cause issued Either: No Case to Answer, or Formal Warning Removal from the ACSC DRCM-A notified of all proven cases of Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct

20 Administration Administration

21 Residential Phases There are three Residential Blocks: Military History 9-11 Oct 08 Land Operations 25 Apr – 10 May 09 (report Fri night) Command, Leadership & Training 12 – 27 Sep 09 (report Fri night) Administration: CM arrange travel with PMCC via their unit (travel code from ACSC) ACSC books accommodation CM issued with a laptop while at Residential (not Military History) Detailed module joining instructions will be issued separately

22 General Communications For any queries: 1 - Re-read the Instructions. 2 - Contact your Guidance Officer (GO). 3 - Contact the Module Master (MM) Respond promptly to or phone contact from your GO or MM. If you have a problem, act early & communicate.

23 Contact with ACSC Have you heard from your Guidance Officer (GO)? Submitting assignments By to By (cc) to your Guidance Officer Fax the Statement of Authorship to ACSC Assignment labelling = SmithA_Caesar

24 Assignment Submission Format Requirements: Font - Times New Roman, 12 point Paragraphs – single spaced Header / Footer – Assignment-in-Confidence Assignment Naming Convention CM NameInitials_Assignment Name (eg SmithAJ_NAP.doc) Submitting assignments to to your Guidance Officer Statement of Authorship (SOA) SOA required before an Assignment is accepted SOA completed and signed for each assignment SOA to be faxed to Trg Coord - (02)

25 Applying for extensions Ask your Guidance Officer early!!!! If you need a long time, your GO will organise a submission from you to Module Manager and CI Late submissions without prior approval incur a late penalty – very late submissions without prior approval incur failure of that assignment

26 Library services Join the Defence Library Service (DLS) Use your local DLS branch to obtain references Use your local civilian library too Use the internet to access catalogue request books etc

27 Awards and Accreditation ACSC(J) Coursework psc(j) Full-time Course: Part-time Course: ACSC (R) Coursework psc(r)

28 Additional Information htm htm htm

29 Questions? Questions? Australian Command and Staff College

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