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Telehealth- Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Tudor Bercan Sales Manager, South East Europe.

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1 Telehealth- Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Tudor Bercan Sales Manager, South East Europe

2 26/2/2014 Challenges in Healthcare Today Achieving access to Healthcare for patients across all demographics and geographies Overcoming limited financial resources Large travel distances between affiliated healthcare organizations Managing Healthcare provider shortages An aging population Meeting Professional development requirements Keeping abreast with advancements in medicine

3 36/2/2014 CliniciansPatients Healthcare Admin Healthcare Admin Education Private Networks National Networks Medical Education Telemedicine Reimbursement and Policy Issues Funding and Professional Services Healthcare Administration Polycom Healthcare Building Blocks & Approach

4 46/2/2014 Telehealth / Telemedicine What is it? Broadly defined, telehealth / telemedicine is the transfer of electronic medical data (i.e. high resolution images, sounds, live video, and patient records) from one location to another.

5 56/2/2014 Why Telehealth / Telemedicine? By moving information rather than people, telemedicine promises to enhance health care while dismantling the barrier to where and when medical services are provided. Imagine people having access to medical care regardless of where they live!

6 66/2/2014 Telemedicine Clinical Applications Neurology (Telestroke) Mental Health/Psychiatry Primary Care, Pediatrics Dermatology Cardiology Radiology, Pathology, Oncology Infectious Disease Endocrinology Diabetes Translation Services Others * * Photo by permission of MGH *

7 76/2/2014 Telemedicine Project in Kosova Creation of the Telemedicine Centre of Kosova. Inaugurated on December 2002. Creation of the Telemedicine Centre of Kosova. Inaugurated on December 2002. PHASE I Creation of six regional Telemedicine Centres in Kosova in Gjilan, Prizren, Gjakovë, Pejë, Mitrovicë and Skenderaj Inaugurated on October 2007 Creation of six regional Telemedicine Centres in Kosova in Gjilan, Prizren, Gjakovë, Pejë, Mitrovicë and Skenderaj Inaugurated on October 2007 PHASE II The health system of Kosova will be fully integrated by information, an instructional and consultative system, and supported by a dedicated network of telecommunications. PHASE III

8 86/2/2014 TPK – Equipments and Communications PHASE II

9 96/2/2014 TPK – Equipments and Communications PHASE III

10 106/2/2014 TPK – Equipments and Communications PHASE III

11 116/2/2014 TPK – Telemedicine Room

12 126/2/2014 Telemedicine Centre of Kosova – Before…

13 136/2/2014 Telemedicine Centre of Kosova – Now…

14 146/2/2014 Teleconsultation – VitelNet Base Station

15 156/2/2014 Real-Time teleconsultation (Prishtina-Gjakova)

16 166/2/2014 Real-Time teleconsultation (Prishtina-Gjakova)

17 176/2/2014 Regional Telemedicine Centre - Skenderaj

18 186/2/2014 MedVizer Software – Telemedicine Station

19 196/2/2014 University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) / Texas Department of Corrections Challenge: Provide quality clinical services to hospitals, clinics and inmates across the state of Texas Solution: By use of Polycom Technology, UTMB provides over 7000 telemedicine consults per month Dr. Davis, Cardiologist University of Texas Medical Branch

20 206/2/2014 Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Challenge: Delivery of healthcare for 49,000 prisoners across 48 correctional facilities spread over 58,110 square miles. Solution: With 85 video conferencing locations spread throughout the state, MDOC keeps costs in check by providing telemedicine services, with an annual savings of $ 125,000 in transportation costs associated with telemedicine visits.

21 216/2/2014 21 Polycom IHS Applications & Solutions Overview | April 2009 Infrastructure Telepresence Complete & Advanced Conferencing Portfolio Voice Infrastructure Services PersonalMobileImmersiveGroup Voice & Video BridgingScheduling & ManagementEnterprise Call Distribution Video Border Proxy (VBP) Security & Remote Access CMA TM 5000/4000RMX 2000 and Polycom MGCDMA TM 7000 Recording & Streaming WirelessPC SpeakerphoneDesktopMicrosoft OptimizedConference Room CX200 & CX700 HDX 4000 SoundStation IP HDX Family TPX HD 306M CMA Desktop Application RSS TM 2000 & VMC 1000 RPX 400 Series Communicator CX100 SpectraLink/DECT Soundpoint IP 670 Professional ServicesSupport ServicesServices Network Consulting Services Project Management Upgrade, Installation & Configuration Strategy, Management, & Operations Optimization & Utilzation Go Green Assessment Global Support (CRM technology) Telephone Technical Support Logistics & Testing Facilities Escalation Procedures eSupport (KnowledgeBase) Software updates* Software upgrades* Telepresence ROI & Carbon Savings Calculator Return on Investment Calculators HDX Practioner Cart Custom

22 226/2/2014 Healthcare Architecture RSS/VMC CMA Desktop DMA/CMA Practitioner Cart RMX

23 236/2/2014 Example of Telehealth Network Clinical Service Unit Remote Medical Specialists Physicians Office Multipoint Infrastructure Solutions PSTN IP/H.323 ISDN/H.320 Hospital Center of Excellence Recording, Streaming & Content Management Rural Treatment Center Gatekeeper, Scheduling & Management CMA/desktop HDX 4000 Practitioner Cart Media Center RSS/VMC RMX TPX/RMX

24 246/2/2014 Ultimate High Definition Provides most life like experience possible Comprehensive, free flowing conversations with HD Video and Audio Sharing of medical content and images in HD provides high resolution images (MRI, CT Scans…etc) Read body language clearly; dont miss subtle details View skin tones, color and depth perception with clarity HDX 9000 Series HDX6000/7000 8000 Series HDX 4000 Series

25 256/2/2014 Polycom Healthcare Delivery Technology Solutions for all Healthcare Environments CliniciansPatients Healthcare Admin Education Private Networks National Networks HDX 4000 Practitioner Cart CMA desktop

26 266/2/2014 Polycom Healthcare Delivery Technology CliniciansPatients Healthcare Admin Education Private Networks National Networks Instructor FS HDX 4000 HDX 9000 Series HDX 8000

27 276/2/2014 Paging/email Patient Monitoring Alarm System Nurse Call Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Server Based Applications Text Messaging and Alerts – Healthcare

28 286/2/2014 28 Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) Capabilities Locate and track people and equipment in real-time Invoke third-party applications for proximity-based decision making Leverage wireless infrastructure Benefits Improved levels of security and patient service Improved work flow efficiency Increased productivity

29 296/2/2014 29 The Polycom Difference in Healthcare Quality solutions that are easy to use and dependable CMA Desktop solution integration into existing patient health records PACS imaging systems Most comprehensive solutions including voice, desk top video through full immersive telepresence solution On-demand meeting capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare

30 306/2/2014 Thank You! Tudor Bercan, Sales Manager, South East Europe E-Mail: Phone: +40728321330

31 316/2/2014 BACK-UP SLIDES

32 326/2/2014 HDX Practitioner Cart – Clinical Environment AMD Cameras Global Media Devices Key Applications TeleStroke Tele Mental Health In-patient (bedside) telehealth applications Teletrauma Cardiology Translation Services (Spoken language and ASL) Operating Rooms Features Height Adjustable work surface On-board battery power system that meets UL 60601 Provisioned for Wireless Capability with battery power and wireless antenna Space for Laptop Spill proof exterior that is easily wipe able Easy addition of Medical Peripherals High Definition 720p 30/60 fps or 1080p resolution!

33 336/2/2014 Polycom CMA Desktop Application Freely distribute CMA Desktop client to users Easy and quick client download Easily search and dial Contact List Recent calls Directory Search Enjoy HD Audio, Video, and Content Chat and progress to video at the click of a button Know when your conference rooms or personal contacts are available with Presence

34 346/2/2014 Polycom Healthcare - Infrastructure Technology Voice, Video, Data Conferencing and Collaboration Multipoint Conferencing Network and Protocol Transcoding Firewall Traversal H.323 Gatekeeper Recording and Streaming Scheduling (Web, Microsoft Outlook ) Billing (call detail records and reports) Directory Services (Polycom or Microsoft Active Directory ) AES Encryption

35 356/2/2014 Polycom Healthcare Delivery Technology Best In Class OEM Partners Best In Class PBX Providers Wi-Fi DECTConference Phones Patients Contact care providers Conference with family Nurses Monitor patients Locate doctors Page transporters Receive alerts Voice dialing Conference teams Doctors Receive data/alerts Collaborate with colleagues Contact staff Locate staff Transporters Receive alerts Contact care providers Locate equipment Best In Class Application Partners Best In Class WLAN Partners IP Network Desktop Phones

36 366/2/2014 Application Interfaces Application interfaces Allows third-party applications to communicate with handsets Two-way, real-time communication Command and control capabilities Text/group messaging Escalate/forward requests Direct-response from users Audible alerts Ext. 5555 Jack Sparrow Bed Call: Room 222 Strt Tsfr Fwd Hold

37 376/2/2014 Mike Call me ASAP 2nd floor N Hall Alert-Door ajar Press START Bed call Room 222 Enter Name: Directory Room 222 Pls 72 BP 123-75 Enter new temp OR 4 - Temp 74 Text Messaging and Alerts - Healthcare

38 386/2/2014 Corporate LAN Access Points Wireless Telephones Nurse Call Example PBX Telephony Gateway OAI Gateway Nurse Call Console Nurse Call System Corridor Light Patient Call Button LAN Clients LAN Press START Bed Call Rm 222

39 396/2/2014 RTLS Example: Healthcare 3 rd party application e.g. Emergin I am in room 114, if you need me. Nearest crash cart is in room 114 Ekahau RTLS

40 406/2/2014 Polycom Collaborative Video/Voice Healthcare Main Hospital System Center of Excellence Partner Hospital Rural Health Centers RSS 2000/VMC 1000 Recording, Archiving & Steaming On-Demand Viewing RMX 2000 Conferencing HDX DMA/CMA SoundStation IP 7000 CMA Desktop Practitioner Cart Press START Bed Call Rm 222 Nurse Call

41 416/2/2014 ARENA Program Solution driven partnerships Technology certification program Assistance through Polycom Help Desk Key Healthcare ARENA Partners: Global Media, AMD Global Telemedicine, Audisoft…etc Global Media AMD GlobalTelemedicine AudiSoft

42 426/2/2014 42 Telehealth / Videoconferencing in Healthcare Resources Polycom Healthcare Choose Healthcare Link American Telemedicine Association Telemedicine Information Exchange Office for the Advancement of Telehealth

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