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Practitioner Cart TM HDX Channel Partner Briefing April 2, 2009.

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1 Practitioner Cart TM HDX Channel Partner Briefing April 2, 2009

2 24/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Agenda Market Trends Practitioner Cart Overview Features and Benefits Availability and Pricing Competitive Comparison Sales Enablement Resources Summary

3 Healthcare Market

4 44/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Challenges in Healthcare Today Achieving access to Healthcare for patients across all demographics and geographies Overcoming limited financial resources Large travel distances between affiliated healthcare organizations Managing Healthcare provider shortages An aging population Meeting Professional development requirements Keeping abreast with advancements in medicine

5 54/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Telehealth / Telemedicine “What is it?” Broadly defined, telehealth / telemedicine is the transfer of electronic medical data (i.e. high resolution images, sounds, live video, and patient records) from one location to another.

6 64/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Why Telehealth / Telemedicine? By moving information rather than people, telemedicine promises to enhance health care while dismantling the barrier to where and when medical services are provided. Imagine people having access to medical care regardless of where they live!

7 7 Usage Environments & Key Applications Usage Environments Hospitals Remote Clinics Physicians’ Offices Emergency Rooms Intensive Care Units Outpatient Mental Health Centers University Medical Centers Skilled Nursing Facilities Prisons and Jails Key Applications Stoke / Neurology Psychiatry / Mental Health Primary Care Dermatology Intensive Care Orthopedics / Surgical Follow-ups Cardiology Pulmonology Emergency / Trauma Telementoring Sign and Spoken Translation

8 Practitioner Cart Overview

9 94/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Next Generation TeleHealth Carts Polycom will be announcing a new mobile healthcare telepresence solution in early April at the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) exposition This solution reinforces Polycom's commitment to leadership in this space

10 104/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Next Generation TeleHealth Carts After many years of integrating Polycom video systems onto commercially available carts that were designed primarily for computer use, we’ve found that customers are now asking for specialized, multifunction solutions that can also support their growing IT needs for applications that include Electronic Medical Records, imaging and computer based peripherals e.g.

11 114/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential The next generation “Practitioner Cart HDX” is purpose built for video conferencing within a patient care environment and easily supports the addition of a customer supplied computer The ability to provide a product that delivers best in class video and audio with the convenience of allowing customers to use their existing IT solutions will enable you to win more deals within a diverse range of specialized healthcare applications Next Generation TeleHealth Cart

12 124/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Practitioner Cart HDX Two Polycom branded versions will be available for North America, European Union and APAC:  720p 30/60fps & 1080p Sold only as complete turn-key solutions that include:  Codec  Camera  26” LCD display  Battery power system  Wireless Ethernet antenna Listed in the Polycom Price List, Vertical Solutions section as “standard” model order #s Supported by Polycom Global Services

13 134/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Think of it as an industry first 1080p capable mobile telepresence “workstation” Its not just another computer on wheels (COW) that has video added! And don’t think of it as a funky Cow! Practitioner Cart HDX

14 Features & Benefits

15 154/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Practitioner Cart Key Features Based on an HDX XL platform (6M LR, P&C) Space for laptop or ultra form factor (small) PC UL 60601-1 compliant power system Workgroup height adjustable (display, camera, surface) Plenty of storage (bin, locking drawer, enclosure)

16 164/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Practitioner Cart Key Features (cont.) Provisioned for supporting customer supplied peripherals  Switch box adapter for multiple source selection  Easy connect “patch panel” on rear for video and data connections Secure, “fluid safe” mounting of electronics Easy to clean Concealed wiring Built-in wireless antenna ready for customer’s bridge

17 174/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Practitioner Cart - 1080p Version

18 184/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Practitioner Cart – 720p Version

19 194/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Confidential Information Closer Look Codec PC* Battery PC* Wireless Bridge* * Customer Supplied Video Switch Storage Drawer Storage Bin

20 204/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Power System Models Available to support 110VAC or 220VAC Meets UL60601  CAN/CSA STD C22.2 No. 601- 1M90 for patient safety against leakage current Equipped with 52Ah battery  Provides up to 2.5 hours of video run time*  Battery re-charge is 4 hours *Codec & display. Run time dependant on total load and condition of battery

21 Availability & Pricing

22 224/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Announcements & Availability Plan Announcements  Channel Announcement – April 2, 2009  External / Public Announcement – April 6, 2006 HIMSS Partner Webinar April 23, 2009 Orderable – Now (see Product Bulletin 986) FCS - June 2009 Transitioning away from our current CP carts by end of September 2009

23 234/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Product Pricing & Geographies North America European Union APAC* 720p $34,999 USD$36,799 USD 1080 $37,999 USD$39,899 USD VID.4 Discountable *Consult your regional price book for specific country availability. Available for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India initially

24 Competitive Analysis

25 254/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Practitioner Cart HDX vs. Tandberg Intern Practitioner Cart HDXTandberg Intern MXP Form FactorHeight Adjustable WorkStation “IV stand” pole Display Size26”24” CablingIntegral ManagementExternal Power SystemBattery & AC UL 60601 AC UL 60601 StorageWork Surface Drawer Technology Enclosure, Rear Bin Rear Basket, Optional Storage Box ContentP&C, PoC IncludedNPP Optional CastersTwin-wheel, Hospital Grade Plastic Wireless AntennaIncluded

26 264/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Marketplace Carts

27 274/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Polycom WorkStation

28 Sales Enablement Resources

29 294/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Additional Information Polycom Partner Resource Center  Practitioner Cart FAQ  Practitioner Cart Features & Benefits  Practitioner Cart Datasheet  Practitioner Cart Video Overview  Product Bulletins

30 Summary

31 314/29/2015 | Polycom Confidential Summary Mobile HD telepresence “workstation” ideal for a number of TeleHealth applications Unique, PLCM differentiated solution that cannot be copied with open market components As a “standard” price book listed, non CP product, shorter lead time (3 weeks) and longer life cycles Available with either HD 720p 30/60fps or 1080p, with a battery power system in NA, EU and APAC Quick and easy to install Battery and built-in antenna make wireless easy This is a communication solution, not a medical device!

32 Thank You Telepresence and Vertical Solutions Group

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