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What you will get? Or what you like to know?

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1 What you will get? Or what you like to know?
TVS LSL – Service is moving into a Hosted model from 15th June 2013. What you will get? Or what you like to know?

2 TVS LSL – Email service from 15th June 2013
Hosted at “Ctrl+S” Data Centre at Hydrabad Service delivered by Carizen, Chennai Managed by TVS LSL IT Department Using Rainmail, Open Source Server Away from TVS LSL Main Data Centre hosting all applications (ex: RVW, etc. ) Fully Internet based communication, access from anywhere in the world

3 Proposed Setup Domain name:
Each user given 500MB Mail boxes Facilities: Chat, File Server, Messaging (Standard), Webmail with Calendar/Task/Notes Additional Facilities: Web based Instant Messaging, Audio/Video Conferencing, Whiteboard, Remote Screen sharing

4 Proposed Setup - Contd Email client supported
Webmail (any Internet Browser could be used. URL: Microsoft Outlook (for any staff who owns a Laptop/ Desktop and has MS Office package) Mobile Phones with Internet access and has any supported apps.

5 Email (web access) Features
Compose, Spell Check Address completion (from Address book) Attachments Read notification Signature Filters (Server Side) Vacation/Auto Response

6 Email (web access) Features - Contd
Forwarding Password Change Sender Alias Calendar / Task / Notes File Storage Block senders Block Attachments

7 Security Host based Firewall Hardened OS Traffic encrypted using SSL
SSL protected using 128 Bit Digital Certificate Password policies requiring strong password Temporarily block access if wrong password entered more than certain number of times.

8 Security - Contd Detailed Login logs Firewall logs Bandwidth logs
logs 99%+ SPAM protection 100% Virus Protection Outbound SPAM protection (to identify hacked account passwords)

9 Privacy Email data available only to users with access to password
S/MIME encryption for privacy of end user communication

10 Administration Web based Console for User Management
Bulk User management Optional Command line console access

11 Data Center Tier 4 DC (Multiple sources of power)
48 Hour generator backup Secure and sealed rack space Air Conditioning with ambient temperature control Biometric access control Data Assurance using SAN 100Mbps LAN connectivity with Multiple ISP providers (Reliance, TATA, BSNL)

12 SLA 100% Hosting uptime 99% SPAM Protection 100% Virus protection
Zero hour Virus protection Support – 1 Hour response time Support – Remote, Chat, Phone, , Onsite Emergency Support – 2 Hour Response time

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