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2012 ThinkPad Technical.

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1 2012 ThinkPad Technical

2 2011 Range Entry Ultraportable Mainstream LE The Business Standard
Ultimate Performance & Mobility Convertible Tablet Workstation X1 W520 X220 Tablet T420 T520 X220 T420s L420 L520 Tablet X120e L410/L510 L412/512 EMG Only Mobile Student & Worker Pragmatic Purchaser Business Leader Mobile Worker & Student Tech Enthusiast Mobile Worker & Student Power Users

3 2012 Entry Ultraportable Mainstream LE The Business Standard
Ultimate Performance & Mobility Convertible Tablet Workstation X1 Carbon W530 X230 Tablet T430 T530 X230 T430s/T430u L430 L530 Tablet X131e L412 EMG Only Mobile Student & Worker Pragmatic Purchaser Business Leader Mobile Worker & Student Tech Enthusiast Mobile Worker & Student Power Users

4 2012 WOW T430u The most powerful Ultrabook in its class with 1TB Hard Drive and 1GB Discrete Graphics The X1 Carbon World’s Lightest 14” Sub-3lb Carbon Fiber Ultrabook Precision Keyboard with Optional Backlight “While all of Lenovo’s ThinkPads have strong keyboards, the ThinkPad X1 features the best laptop keyboard we’ve ever tested.” – Laptop Magazine ThinkPad Face Tracking Camera Stay in frame without even trying 30-Day Standby 30-day Standby Always have power when you need it RapidBoot SSD-like boot times from a HDD 40% faster than industry with EE3.0 Improved Performance Wake from hibernate 3.7x faster Connect to WWAN 3.5x faster Connect Anywhere Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband Mobile Hotspot for WWAN & WiFi

5 ThinkPad 2012 Portfolio Key Updates
OS EOL of Vista with 2012 Products Port changes XP support will remain same as 2011 products. DP migrates to mini-DP (mini-DP adapter options available) Win 8 ~Sep/Oct 2012 No Internal Modems. USB Modem only Android Ice Cream Sandwich USB3 on all platforms and docking* Enhanced manageability for ThinkPad Tablet eSATA going away Modern 6-row everywhere. Switchable Graphics Backlit standard on X1 Carbon Intel Integrated Graphics continues to improve. Optional on T430, T430s, T530, W530, X230, X230T Switchable Performance Increasing, Cost Increasing 500GB Slim (7mm) Hard Drives T430, T430s, X230


7 EE3 – the basics 40% faster with RapidBoot (than the competition)
Average improvement of 5secs vs EE2.0 and more consistent performance across the product range Intel Core i3 & above (AMD models may be certified later) Maintain fast boot performance with BootShield on notebook products Improved for EE3 - multimedia features for consumer products - HD webcams and improved speaker/audio solutions across EE3 PCs Business features for SMB and enterprise products – security and web conferencing

8 START 40% FASTER with RapidBoot*
Fast start-up START 40% FASTER with RapidBoot* Time taken from power on until boot complete (defined as CPU no longer being used to load Windows® 7 and start-up applications). Optimized start-up time A Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 PC features a fast start-up process while still initializing critical security features like anti-virus software. 41secs 24secs Utilizing Lenovo’s RapidBoot technology, Enhanced Experience 3 PCs have optimized system files, processes and hardware settings to achieve a quicker boot time compared with non-optimized PCs. Average Lenovo EE3 PC Average competitor Win7 PC DISCLAIMER *Available on certified models with Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 processors. Claim is calculated by taking the average of Lenovo EE3 notebooks and desktops, and compares it with averaged data from 49 competitor products of similar configuration (Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 PCs only). Testing conducted by CNET Labs, Beijing in December 2011, using the independent VTS tool to measure start-up time and other performance measurements. Performance will vary by model and configuration. Please refer to FAQ section for more details.

9 Optimized for business – Commercial PCs
ROBUST SECURITY FEATURES Self-encrypting drives1 protect the data on your system in case of loss or theft Hardware Password Manager2 – the 1st & only tool for central management of any self-encrypting drive Absolute security with high manageability Seamless integration with active directory Avoids compatibility issues of software full-drive encryption Easy to implement – no dedicated servers, etc. Easy to use – reduce helpdesk calls and costs A built-in fingerprint reader3 can be used to power the system on and login in one swipe Fingerprint Power-On Password Management BIOS Port Lock4 – Cost effective and easy solution to disable all the input & output ports to prevent information thefts. Ports can be disabled remotely by a network administrator without any additional hardware USB Blocker5 – Can block the use of any USB device connected to the system, based on types of devices (e.g. allow printers or only the owner’s USB drive to function) 1. Self-encrypting drives is an optional feature not available on all ThinkPad Edge and ThinkCentre Edge products. 2. Not available on ThinkPad Edge and ThinkCentre Edge products. 3. Fingerprint reader is as an optional feature available on most configurations. ThinkCentre models require special keyboards and do not support power-on function. 4. Optional feature for ThinkPad Edge products. Exact ports and features which can be locked, vary for ThinkCentre products. 5. Only available on ThinkPad Edge and select ThinkCentre Edge machines.

10 Optimized for business – Commercial PCs
SUPERIOR WEB CONFERENCING1 Making web conferencing easier with convenient VoIP features, high-quality webcams and superior digital array microphones with smart noise cancelling technology for web conferencing. VoIP Convenience Optimized WebCam4 Dual Digital Array Microphones5 Hotkey (FN+F6) Launches VoIP user interface2 Ambient Noise Cancellation Echo Cancellation Non-optimized Optimized Sound Capture Area Ambient Noise not captured Up to 2 Megapixel Resolution Up to 30 Frames Per Second Truer Image Consistency Automatic White Balancing Lower Light Capture & lower Lux rating Keystroke Noise Suppression3 - automatically detects when a user types during video chats & suppresses the noise of the keystroke Two modes; individual voice or speakerphone Speakerphone mode balances users’ voices in the room to level the conversations. It boosts users voices sitting across the room to make them sound like they are near the microphone. 1. ThinkCentre and ThinkCentre Edge traditional desktop models require ThinkVision LT2323z monitors for Superior Web Conferencing 2. Multimedia Key on ThinkPad Edge machines. 3. Available on select ThinkCentre models. 4. Some supporting points not available on ThinkCentre products. 5. Only available on ThinkPad Classic models and select ThinkPad Edge models

11 Portfolio Features section
The following pages cover features that are common across more than one ThinkPad Series. The “Do Flags” on the upper right corner of the screen indicated on which series the current portfolio feature is available. Red is available, Grey is not. To jump directly to the Series specific disclosure click on the “Do Flag.” X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series

12 Succeed with Style and Substance

13 “While all of Lenovo’s ThinkPads have strong keyboards, the ThinkPad X1 features the best laptop keyboard we’ve ever tested.” ─Laptop Magazine

14 ThinkPad Precision Keyboard – 6-row
An updated and improved version of the acclaimed X1 keyboard extends throughout the ThinkPad line Simple, modern impression Maintained focus on comfort, accuracy & tactile feedback Spacious layout with efficient footprint Patent-pending key shape Progressive backlighting (Standard X1 Carbon, Optional on T430s, T430, T530, W530, X230, X230T) Dedicated controls for commonly used function Developed and validated using extensive end user research X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Old keyboard is NOT available by any means

15 ThinkPad Precision Keyboard – 6-row
Feature Old 7-row New 6-row Key pitch / size Full size Key travel Rich stroke Key mechanism Optimized for force feedback and sound Improved force feedback and sound Key top area Traditional sweet spot Larger sweet spot for accuracy & comfort of key press Key top surface Dished for finger alignment Key shape Smile shape for larger “forgiveness zone” Improved smile shape for larger “forgiveness zone” Vol & mic controls Dedicated keys Dedicated Keys Mute LEDs Included in volume & mic buttons ThinkVantage button Yes Large Esc / Delete PgUP / PgDn Vertically stacked above Backspace Larger and grouped with arrow keys to create navigation cluster Keyboard light (Not available on L) ThinkLight operated via Fn + PgUp Backlight/ThinkLight operated via Fn + Space bar X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series

16 ThinkPad Precision Keyboard – 6-row
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Legacy Functions maintained through Fn + Combinations Break = Fn + B SysRq = Fn + S ScrLK = Fn + C Pause = Fn + P Larger keys Improved backlight/ThinkLight adjustment (For equipped models)

17 ThinkPad Precision Keyboard – Key Detail
Old Key Design New Key Design Top Surface Area – 30% Larger Key Spacing – 5x Greater Improved Key Radius and Dish Radius

18 ThinkPad Precision Keyboard vs. Edge Keyboard
Direct Access Volume/Mute/Mic Mute/ThinkVantage 6th row function: Classic has F1-F12 as primary, Edge has F1-F12 as secondary Classic will have larger y-dimension for 6th row keys Classic will have larger PgUp/PgDn & arrow keys Classic will have shorter y-dimension for space bar Backplate finish is glossy black on Edge and matte black on Classic

19 ThinkPad Precision Keyboard Backlit
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Standard Optional X1 Carbon T430, T430s, T530, W530, X230, X230T Feature: Keyboard Backlight Function: Backlit keyboard will be operated with the Fn + Spacebar command. Off Keyboard Backlight Low Keyboard Backlight High ThinkLight On, Keyboard Backlight Off* *Not Applicable to X1 Carbon Benefit: Makes working in dark environments effortless. Image of X1 Carbon backlit keyboard

20 Keyboard Multimedia Function Keys
Feature: Multimedia Function Keys Function: The ThinkPad Keyboard comes equipped with physical multimedia keys to help manage audio and video playback without having to navigate complicated menu selections. Microphone Mute Speaker Mute Volume Up Volume Down Play / Pause (Fn+ F11) Next Track (Fn+ F12) Previous Track (Fn+ F10 ) Benefit: Direct access keys simplify the user experience. It is easy to confirm the status of mute and to quickly change volume level or playback status. No fumbling with on-screen controls. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series

21 Windows 8 Enhanced Keyboard
Power Manager Access Connections Display out options X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Comm. Utility Brightness controls Multimedia controls Lock Standby Original Drop Power Manager Lock (no OSD) Icon change only ** Notes ** No changes to other functions Icons to be grey Win8 Enhanced

22 Dolby Feature: Dolby® Advanced Audio® v2
Function: Experience full, enveloping sound anywhere you go with Dolby® Advanced Audio® on your ThinkPad. Greater clarity and fidelity from your laptop. Benefit: Traveling with ThinkPad… a more enjoyable experience X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Bring your music, movies, and games to life with Dolby® Advanced Audio Get more volume and better performance from your laptop’s built-in speakers Lock in volume levels and enjoy more consistent audio All L-Series T430, T530, X230, X230T All L-Series, T430/530, X230, X230t

23 Dolby Home Theater Feature: Dolby® Home Theater® v4
Function: Experience full-impact surround sound anywhere with Dolby® Home Theater® on your PC. All the power and nuance of the cinema, all the immediacy of live performance—now from your ThinkPad. Benefit: Great audio anywhere X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Bring your music, movies, and games to life with Dolby® surround sound Connect your laptop to a home theater for maximum impact with minimum hassle Get more volume and better performance from your laptop’s built-in speakers Customize the audio settings for a more personalized, dynamic listening experience Professionally tuned by Dolby technicians for optimal audio performance T430s, W530, X1 2nd Generation T430s, W530, X1 Carbon

24 DisplayPort Feature: Mini DisplayPort
Function: Connection for external display devices Benefit: One connection for any input The DisplayPort connector and protocol easily adapts to any monitor, projector, television or display input with simple and inexpensive adapter cables. (DVI, HDMI or VGA) X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Mini DisplayPort X230T will feature a full-size DisplayPort. All other ThinkPads will feature a Mini DisplayPort. The T430u also features an HDMI output, and therefore its Mini DisplayPort does not support DVI/HDMI adapters. There is a lot of confusion about powered/un-powered or dumb/active cables. Technically a DP to VGA adapter cable is an “active/powered” cable, but it is seamless to the user, there is no additional power needed for the conversion. It just means that there is a D-to-A chip in the cable that converts the digital signal to Analog for the VGA input. Customers just need to have the cable. X230T features a full-size DisplayPort Full-line of DisplayPort adapters/cables

25 Carbon Fiber Used in multiple applications across many high performance products requiring the ultimate in strength vs. weight Used in the latest aircraft designs to minimize weight and maximize fuel efficiency. More than 50% of the main structure of the Boeing 787 is made from Carbon Fiber

26 Carbon Fiber Feature: Carbon Fiber reinforced materials
Function: To provide strength and stiffness while reducing weight and allowing thinner designs Benefit: Carbon Fiber delivers robust strength to specific ThinkPad components without adding weight, ensuring the best blend of durability and mobility. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series X1 Carbon – the Carbon Fiber Ultrabook T430s features carbon fiber reinforced top cover X1 Carbon features a new carbon fiber roll-cage design T430/T530 and W530 feature carbon fiber reinforced top and bottom

27 Carbon Fiber Advancements
Product New/Improvement Additional Information X1 Carbon X1 used a Magnesium top cover X1 Carbon uses a Carbon Fiber top cover Carbon Fiber PrePreg plate used in the construction of the top cover is as strong* as Aluminum and almost 1/3 the weight, and about 50% stronger than Magnesium at almost ½ the weight. T430s New Carbon Fiber raw material 230% stronger* than the carbon fiber material used in construction of the top cover of the T420s *Strength measured in Tensile Modulus (GPa) With the addition of the new Carbon Fiber top cover, and its strength/weight improvements, the X1 Carbon exterior covers act as an extra strong roll cage, protecting internal components and the entire chassis from torque and damage.

28 6th Generation Owl Wing Feature: Owl Wing Fan and Thermals
Function: Removes heat from the CPU and GPU allowing efficient operation Benefit: Better processing performance and system reliability by minimizing maximum system temperature. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series 2011 Fan 2012 Fan Static charged Discharging New fan blade design delivers 28% increase in air flow. New design of the cooling fins minimizes dust collection improving long-term efficiency 2011 2012

29 Mil-SPEC Feature: Mil-SPEC-810
Function: Validates the ruggedness, durability and quality of ThinkPad Products. ThinkPad products are testing against 8 parameters; High Pressure, Humidity, Vibration, High Temperature, Temperature Shock, Low Pressure (15000ft), Low Temperature, Dust Benefit: ThinkPads are built tough and can withstand the abuses of large enterprise customers. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Lenovo laptops before dust test Lenovo laptops after dust test See Backup section for full presentation on Mil-SPEC. Remember Mil-SPEC testing is a verification of ruggedness, durability and quality, it is not a guarantee of performance or operating conditions.

30 Anytime, Anywhere

31 Always On USB Feature: Always on USB Port charges Blackberries®, Ipods®, and other USB devices even when you ThinkPad is off Function: Charging Conditions via Always On USB port: System is ON : Yes, Charge System is ON Standby : Yes, Charge System is ON Hibernate: Yes, Charge System OFF: Only when AC power cord is connected Benefit: Charging external devices with the system in standby eliminates the hassle of logging in and powering up Note Always On USB is disabled by default. Customer must set up via Power Manager, BIOS Setup, or Out Of Box Experience (OOBE). X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Always On USB port is identified with a Yellow Tongue

32 Lenovo RapidCharge Battery
2.5 x faster! Feature: RapidCharge Function: Charges battery to 80% in 30 minutes Benefit: Designed for mobile users needing a quick way to power up between flights and meetings. Charge up for your long flight while waiting at the gate. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series X1 2nd Gen (Standard) and T430s (Option) Change the way you re-charge. Lenovo RapidCharge is approximately 2x faster than Competitor D and 3x faster than Competitor H Recharge both your system and external slice batteries to 80% in 1 hour (X1 Carbon)

33 ThinkEngine Feature: ThinkEngine
Function: System Management IC, Lenovo Exclusive Benefit: Delivers improved power efficiency, quality and security and enables Lenovo exclusive power advantages

34 30 day standby Feature: 30 day standby
Function: Powered by ThinkEngine, this feature intelligently controls your power usage when it senses an extended idle time, and based on your habits anticipates when you’ll start working again, meaning you’ll have more battery life when you need it most. Benefit: Extends the standby battery life to 30 days. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Powered by: 30 day standby settings can be configured via Power Manager. *30 day standby supported on SSD configurations, as with any battery claim, configurations and conditions may affect performance.

35 Turbo Charge your Hard Drive
Feature: SSD caching for HDD Function: mSATA drive houses caching of recently used files/documents. Allowing fast access to most used files. HDD maintains the OS and large files/documents outside of the frequently used cache, delivers required levels of storage without unnecessary costs Benefit: Combining a small mSATA and traditional HDD delivers the best blend of performance and value. And with reduced cost of 16 or 32GB, costs are reduced X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series 5x performance boost over standalone 5400 RPM HDD Unlike Lenovo’s previous implementations, 2012 ThinkPads will see this configuration as a single drive (C:), thanks to 3rd party software Diskeeper ExpressCache This feature is not supported for W530 RAID models Mutually exclusive with WWAN cannot have both mSATA and WWAN

36 RapidBoot 2.0 Feature: RapidBoot 2.0
Function: Compresses the boot files and reads them from system memory rather than the HDD. Benefit: 40% faster than industry average X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Part of Enabled by Default RapidBoot utilities available in the Control Panel

37 Improved Performance for 2012
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series 2012 ThinkPads offer improved performance over 2011 3.5x faster WWAN connections 3.7x faster resume from Hibernate

38 Lenovo Mobile Access Feature: No Contract WWAN access
Function: Easy to use pay-as-you-go WWAN connectivity. Ready to go out of the box with only a credit card. Affordable plans to meet any connection requirement, and low-cost roaming throughout Europe (some countries will be free, some will be low cost) Benefit: Pay for WWAN when you need it, without the hassles of contracts. Never be in a situation without connectivity. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Launch Phase 2 – 2H 2012 Phase US UK Italy Denmark Ireland Austria Sweden Germany Netherlands France Belgium Spain Albania Czech Republic Greece Portugal Romania Turkey Hungary Australia New Zealand Norway Canada Brazil India Finland South Africa Singapore Russia China

39 Single Invoice for multiple user
Lenovo Mobile Access Simplified rate offer across customer segments How they pay for their access depends on number of users Payment options include: Pay-as-you-go via credit card (Individual responsibility) Single payer invoiced at end of month (Corporate responsibility) Users Consumer (0-99) SMB ( ) Large Enterprise (1,000+) Credit Card Single Invoice for multiple user Discounts Available

40 Lenovo Mobile Access - Offer Strategy
30 Minutes Differentiated market offer Good for syncing your life quickly Pay-as-you-go accessibility Increases mobile broadband adoption through pay as you need model 1 Day For occasional users that need more than 30 minutes at a time 1 Month Gold (2GB) Recurring monthly option for those that want always connected access without the hassle of looking for Wi-Fi. No contract 1 Month Platinum (6GB) Recurring monthly option for road-warriors

41 Zero Impact Anti Virus Feature: Norton 2012 with zero boot impact
Function: Custom build (Lenovo exclusive) Norton 2012 Anti Virus that does not slow down system boots Benefit: Lenovo’s boot speed claims are “real-world” with AV running. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Available only on the Lenovo image

42 Accidental Damage Protection
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Accidental Damage Protection Parts costs for non warranty damage are FRU rates Protect against accidental damage under warranty Uses Lenovo Genuine Parts – not 3rd party knockoffs Factory trained techs – not photo copier repair people Travelling users are covered Techs find and repair hidden damage Can be bundled into a lease agreement TYPICAL REPLACEMENT COSTS FOR COMMONLY DAMAGED COMPONENTS  System board  Up to $1300  Optical Drive $300  Display  $502  Hard Disk Drive or SDD  $194 Source: Lenovo Out of Warranty Repair Schedule ADP is a way to minimize financial risk with equipment.

43 Sealed Battery Warranty
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Sealed Battery is an ideal solution for Ultrabooks Sealed batteries require depot or onsite repair 7 screws / 25 minutes Out of warranty battery replacement costs >$200 Sealed Battery Warranty = 1/7 cost of self-insurance Sealed Battery Warranty is one seventh the cost of paying for a battery replacement

44 Innovate with Purpose

45 Environment/Sustainability
In late 2010, Lenovo set forth a program to reduce Lenovo's paper and plastic production by 468 tons per year. By replacing the full User's Guide with a 2 page flyer for special bids projects, Lenovo saved 10M gallons of wastewater and 2.7M pounds of greenhouse gases per. During 2009, Lenovo began to utilize cushioning materials with up to 100% recycled content for shipments of ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkVision products. In 2010 alone, Lenovo used over 19 million pounds (gross) of recycled plastics with net Post Consumer Recycled Content of over 7 million pounds. ThinkPad notebooks have tested negative for up to 2,000 chemical emissions that are harmful to the environment.* Offset your ThinkPad energy usage with clean energy, visit for more information. * Standard established by the Greenguard Environmental Institute and specified products certified by Air Quality Sciences laboratory.

46 ThinkPad is Green – The greenest ThinkPads yet
Post Consumer Plastic Content Every ThinkPad 100% Recyclable Packaging UL Environmental GOLD Optional: Asset Recovery Service Environmentally safe and secure disposal Why not . . . Improve both your business and the planet through your choice of technology

47 Industry Recognized Proof Beyond What is Required for Certification
Product green status Industry Recognized Proof Beyond What is Required for Certification Certified Green Reduced Carbon Footprint (Create/Transport) Reduced Power use (usage carbon) Hazardous Materials ULE Gold Nordic Swan Energy Star Epeat Gold GreenGuard Uses Post Consumer Recycled Plastic > 10% Post Consumer Reduced Packaging & Publications Bulk Packaging The "6 PACK" Smart Grid - Energywise EUP2013 AC Adapter Low Halogen W530 No T530 T430 T430s US Only Silver X230 X230t X1 Carbon L430 Plan L530 L330 ? T430u X130e

48 Intel 3rd Gen Core i Processors – Chief River
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series 2011 Cougar Point PCH Sandy Bridge Processor Ivy Bridge Processor Panther Point PCH DMI 2012 Socket compatible With Sandy Bridge Pin compatible with Cougar Point FDI Expecting up to 10-%15% Ivy Bridge IA performance gain over Sandy Bridge** Targeting 15% lower average power vs. Sandy Bridge** plus Configurable TDP for Ultra Next generation Intel processor graphics delivers faster media processing and 3D graphics** plus DX11, OCL1.1 and OGL3.1 support Faster peripheral connections with USB 3.0 FDI Key Feature Upgrades 22nm Processor Si Tech USB 3.0 DX11 3 Display Support

49 Intel Integrated Graphics
Feature: Intel integrated graphics Function: Cost effective integrated graphics that delivers 100% better performance than Huron River Benefit: Up to 100% increase in performance Intel’s integrated graphics performance delivers better graphics than before Smoother game playability at higher quality settings Higher frame rates (minimum 30fps) Higher resolution for more details (minimum 1280x1024) X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series IVB SNB ARD Up to 100%** ** Post TTM Intel HD4000 Graphics provides support for up to 3 displays. (Integrated ThinkPad Display and 2 external monitors) *External monitors must be connected via Display Port, so docking station must be used. ** Projections only – not based on measured data

50 NVIDIA Optimus Technology
Feature: NVIDIA Discrete Graphics with Optimus Technology Function: Enhanced graphics performance with balanced battery life Benefit: Up to 400% faster graphics performance than integrated solution Optimus technology is completely automatic and seamless to the user, balancing performance with battery life Dedicated graphics memory frees up system resources for better performance X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series

51 Mobile HotSpot Feature: Mobile HotSpot
Function: Acts as a mobile HotSpot, sharing your WiFi, WWAN, or Ethernet connection wirelessly with colleagues and friends Simply set up a Network SSID and Password and your ThinkPad will rebroadcast connection to those around you. Benefit: Reduce fees associated with multiple logins Connect your mobile devices X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Some 3G carriers like AT&T does not allow us to enable tethering. If such 3G carriers are used, the feature is disabled. Some 3G carriers, like AT&T, do not allow tethering. If such 3G carriers are used, the feature is disabled. Win7 bar indicating Shared Connection

52 USB 3.0 Feature: SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Function: Fast connectivity to external devices and monitors Benefit:10x faster transfer rates (Up to 5Gbps) than USB 2.0 and up to 50% more power for connected devices All USB 3.0 ports are backward compatible with USB 2.0 Devices. Increases data transfer speeds to external storage devices Allows sufficient bandwidth to offer full-feature USB 3.0 docking stations X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series *Note – the tongue for USB 3.0 ports on systems will be blue this year. USB 3.0 will be indicated by the logo/case markings near the port. *Intel Chief River does not support USB3.0 with Windows XP OS. USB3.0 ports will operate at 2.0 speeds if machine OS is Windows XP

53 Bluetooth HID Emulator
Feature: Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Emulator Function: Control any Bluetooth HID host devices using keyboard/trackPoint/touchpad of your ThinkPad. Benefit: Use ThinkPad PC’s keyboard/trackPoint/touchpad as an input device. ThinkPad Tablet X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Switch Control Control

54 Dual Array Microphones
Feature: Dual Array Microphones with Automatic Optimization Function: Dual Array Microphones leverage the placement of two microphones to create a cone of focus and ensure that during internet calls the person in front of the laptop is heard clearly and background noise from other directions is reduced. Benefit: Improved VOIP experience with Noise Cancellation Echo Cancellation Reduces Capturing Ambient Noise X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Part of Noise cancelling microphone enables better VOIP Experience Improved quality & reliability of internet conference calls to increase VOIP usage, saving costs Better audio recording and dictation in the office or in the field.

55 Keystroke Noise Suppression
Feature: Keystroke Noise Suppression Function: ThinkPad minimizes the sound of keyboard clicks while on internet calls to ensure that the people on the other end of the line hear your voice and not your keyboard Benefit: Improved VOIP experience X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Part of A common complaint about VoIP conference calls is the typing noise from keyboards. For users who are actively typing and talking, the new keystroke noise suppression feature will allow them to communicate and type at the same time without disrupting the call Improved quality & reliability of internet conference calls to increase adoption of VOIP usage, saving costs

56 Communication Utility
Feature: ThinkPad Communication Utility Function: Quick access menu to all controls related to communication Benefit: Simply and easily adjust your ThinkPad settings to maximize your communication Hide my Video Image: Quickly mute your video image Take a Snapshot: Quickly capture and save an image Adjust microphone volume: A quick an easy way to adjust your microphone volume Manage settings: An easy link to manage detailed audio settings Settings can be changed via Fn F6 VOIP Hotkey X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Part of More and more laptops are used in place of telephones for communications both. As such they need to function more like telephones as well in order to provide real value. This enhancement brings a level of customization to the laptop that makes it truly versatile as a communication tool

57 ThinkPad Camera with Face Tracking
Feature: ThinkPad Camera with Face Tracking Function: Zooms and centers on face Benefit: Multitask more efficiently while on video conferences X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Face Tracking New face tracking follows the users face to keep it in frame, allowing more effective web conferencing and allowing multi-tasking 720p is a common video display resolution for many internet and web Channels Great low light performance Wider capture angel than 2MP Camera (+35 degrees) Offers 30 frames per second Part of As multimedia video becomes more prevalent for sales tools, training and video conferencing, the higher resolutions and picture quality of the presentations will make them stand out

58 Designed for Voice and Video Conferences
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series All 2012 ThinkPad Classic Laptops are Polycom Ready ThinkPads are designed to work with Polycom’s Real Presence Mobile and Real Presence Desktop video collaboration software. Providing users a rich conference experience from one of the industry leaders in telepresence, voice and video communications.

59 Fingerprint What: Dual chip “Match on Hardware” (Lenovo Exclusive) Fingerprint Sensor Why: The most secure solution available. Fingerprint information does not leave the sensor. Other solutions have to transmit the fingerprint information to the system, exposing potential breech points. Benefit: Most secure solution on the market. X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series New Light Bar indicator Powered by: Part of Finger Print Reader, better with up to 90% accuracy improvement, even on problem cases like wet/dry fingers L-series and T430u use a single-chip Fingerprint Sensor

Function: Hardware based encryption improves system performance over software encryption methods Benefit: Fast, Secure performance 256 GB storage capacity Full Disk Encryption (FDE) Hardware-based AES-256 encryption engine SATA GB/sec Performance 50% speed increase over SATA 2 (600 MB/s) More reliable, quieter, lighter and less power hungry then standard mobile hard drives Test Details WinMagic SecureDock™ MS Windows 7 Bitlocker System: Lenovo T420, Core i5, Win 7 Ultimate C400 hardware encryption with WinMagic C400 with software encryption Windows Defender 298.0 MB/s 137.7 MB/s Gaming Suite 253.5 MB/s 112.8 MB/s Windows Photo Gallery 281.6 MB/s 185.7 MB/s Windows Vista Startup 293.3 MB/s 181.1 MB/s Windows Movie Maker 210.7 MB/s 121.4 MB/s Windows Media Center 350.0 MB/s 256.2 MB/s Windows Media Player 167.7 MB/s 98.4 MB/s Application Loading 158.9 MB/s 121.1 MB/s PCMark Vantage Score 52,214 31,055 X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series

61 Asset tagging is the single best way to keep assets under control.
X - Series W - Series T - Series L - Series Gartner: 50% of customers use an Asset Tag Lenovo asset tag attach = 10% Competitive Advantage: Asset Tag loaded into BIOS Attach at the factory eliminates errors and a “touch” Lenovo provides list of serial numbers Assets are under management from day one Reduces loss or theft of valuable technology assets Asset tagging is the single best way to keep assets under control.

62 Get More Security with Accessories
USB 3.0 Secure HDD Wear-free keypad to protect commonly used keys Encrypts data on the go to protect sensitive information Travel size; width equal to a deck of cards Fingerprint Keyboard – protect access to your information Cherry Smartcard Keyboard Kensington Lock Don’t let your system walk away

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