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DCN: Title: , Session #23, Atlanta Closing Plenary Date Submitted: November, 2007 Presented at IEEE session #23 Atlanta Authors or Source(s):   Vivek Gupta Abstract: Closing Plenary

2 IEEE 802.21 presentation release statements
This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE Working Group. It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. The contributor grants a free, irrevocable license to the IEEE to incorporate material contained in this contribution, and any modifications thereof, in the creation of an IEEE Standards publication; to copyright in the IEEE’s name any IEEE Standards publication even though it may include portions of this contribution; and at the IEEE’s sole discretion to permit others to reproduce in whole or in part the resulting IEEE Standards publication. The contributor also acknowledges and accepts that this contribution may be made public by IEEE The contributor is familiar with IEEE patent policy, as outlined in Section 6.3 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual < and in Understanding Patent Issues During IEEE Standards Development

3 Agenda 802.21 Specification Timeline SB Comment Resolution Update
Ad hoc teleconference update Liaison update (802.11, , IETF) Future Locations

4 Revised 802.21 Timeline (July 2007)
IEEE ECSG formed – March 2003 IEEE WG formed – March 2004 Requirements development – September 2004 Call for Proposals – October 2004 Harmonized Single Proposal Confirmed by the WG – May 2005 Ongoing WG Comment Resolution started – July 2005 WG Comment Resolution completed – January 2006 Start of WG Letter Ballot – March 2006 Start of IEEE 802 Sponsor Ballot –(July-07) IEEE 802 Draft Standard sent to RevCom – March 2008 Ongoing Interaction with Other Standards Organization (3GPP, 3GPP2, IETF, , , 802.3) - adoption of it depends on the timeline of work items within these groups

5 Start of IEEE 802 Sponsor Ballot – (July 2007)
Plan to meet Timeline Start of IEEE 802 Sponsor Ballot – (July 2007) For RevCom Approval in March 2008 => Draft Approval Rating > 90% (minimum), preferably >95% SB #1: Starts Aug-17, Ends Sept 16: Return Ratio: 78% Approval Ratio 62% Comment Resolution for SB #1 (Sep-Nov) =>Recirculation SB #1 (recirculation 15 days): Starts Dec??, Ends Dec??: Return Ratio: ??%, Approval Ratio: ??% Comment Resolution for SB #1 (Jan meeting) =>Recirculation Starts Feb ??, Ends Feb ??: Return Ratio: ??%, Approval Ratio: ??% Comment Resolution for SB #1 (March) => RevCom Approval

6 SB Voting Summary No of Members: 165 Received Votes: 129 Approve: 71
Disapprove: with Comments, 2 without Comments Abstain: Approval ratio = 71/(43+71) = 0.62 Return ratio = 129/165 = 0.78

7 SB Comment Resolution Progress
Section Start # End # Resolved # Total Comments 1-4 1 106 5 107 181 40 74 6 182 273 91 7 274 424 150 8 425 508 83 Annex 509 648 139 Total: 650 Comments Includes Editorials (Total: 127) Many Duplicate comments ~100

8 Motion To include in the Specification a normative PICS proforma table to respond to the Sponsor Ballot comments Moved by: Juan Carlos Zuniga Seconded: Reijo Salminen Yes: 5 No: 14 Abstain: 2 Result: Fails

9 February 2008 Ad hoc Meeting
Motion the WG to hold an ad hoc meeting if required in February 2008 Moved By: Marc Seconded By: Srini Yes: 16 No: 0 Abstain: 4 Result: Motion Passes

10 January 2008 Interim Meeting
Motion the WG to hold the interim meeting in Jan-2008 with or without the quorum Moved By: Qiaobing Seconded By: Marc Yes: 18 No: 0 Abstain: 02 Result: Motion Passes

11 Updated Draft D8.0 Motion the WG to direct the WG Editor to produce an updated draft based on all comments resolved as part of SB-1 (as described in Commentary file _SB_Comments.usr) and post it to the web site Moved By: Junghoon Seconded By: Qiaobing Yes: 23 No: 0 Abstain: 02 Result: Motion Passes

12 Authorize 802.21 SB Recirculation
Motion the WG to authorize a SB recirculation vote draft D before Dec Moved By: Marc Seconded By: Yoshi Yes: 24 No: 0 Abstain: 4 Result: Motion Passes

13 Teleconferences Dec 13: 9 AM EST: MRPM SG
Dec-18 : 9 AM EST: Security SG SB Comments: Jan 8: 9 AM EST

14 Future Sessions

15 Future Sessions Interim: Jan 13th – 18th , 2008 (Taipei, Howard Plaza Hotel) Meeting co-located with all 802 groups Plenary: March 16th – 21st ,2008, Orlando, Florida Co-located with all 802 groups Interim: May 11th – 16th , 2008 (Jacksonville) Meeting co-located with /15/18/19/20/22 Plenary: July 13th – 18th,2008, Denver, Colorado Interim: Sept 7th – 12th ,2008, (Big Island, Hawaii) Plenary: Nov 9th – 14th,2008, Dallas, TX

16 Future Sessions - 2009 Interim: Jan ????
Meeting co-located with /15/18/19/20/22 Plenary: March Rome??? Co-located with all 802 groups Interim: May ???? Plenary: July ???? Interim: Sept ???? Plenary: Nov ????


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