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Roster Specialist Training 2012 General Election Dan Burk, Registrar Registrar of Voters Heather Carmen Senior Deputy, ROV.

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1 Roster Specialist Training 2012 General Election Dan Burk, Registrar Registrar of Voters Heather Carmen Senior Deputy, ROV

2 3 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESSFUL ELECTION ADMINISTRATION 1. Supplies and Proper Set-up 2. Correct Processing of Voters 3. Close of Polls and Return of Supplies

3 Voter Worker Organization POLLING PLACE MANAGER Roster Specialist Intake Specialist Assistant Polling Place Manager

4 ELECTION EVE: Set-up Your Polling Place Manager or Asst. Manager may need help setting up the polling place on Election Eve. If he/she calls and asks for help, baring a medical reason, you must show-up and help on Election Eve. If you cant lift anything heavy you can still update the AB/EV list and do other housekeeping tasks

5 Arrival Times 5:45 AM Polling Place Managers and Assistant Managers 6:00AMRoster Specialists and In-Take Specialists

6 Sign-In Sheet and Oath All Poll Workers must sign Poll Worker Pay/Oath of Office Sign-in Sheet when arriving at the Polls. Note: Cell Phone usage compensateion

7 Roster Specialist Supplies All Your Supplies are in Big Blue Vault All Forms you will use are in Accordion File Your Roster may include Multiple Precincts. Be Aware of them Provisional Ballots in Envelope

8 Roster Specialist Supplies (cont.) Activators will be in their own carrying bag (black) Hand-Held Scanner is in Activator Bag Tape Precincts in Roster List to Table Top Voter Activator Cards, Pencils, Label Booklets, Rosters and most supplies are in Vault

9 Election Morning Supplies – Critical Checklist Activator w/Hand-Held Scanner Accordion File w/ Completed Forms and Provisional Ballots Roster/Label Booklet Voter Activator Cards Sample Ballots/ NRS Booklet Precinct Number Signs

10 Activator and Scanner Set-Up

11 ACTIVATOR Side-View 11

12 Setup and Use of the Activator The Activator and Voter Card do not contain any voter-specific information that would identify the individual who is voting

13 Processing Voters 1. Ask the Voter for their label. Check the large letter at the right side of the Label to make sure voter is in correct Roster line. 2. Using the label find Voters Name in the Roster. Ask Voter for his/her address. Dont give it to him first. If address is different from Roster, confirm Intake Specialist issued a Change of Address Card. If name is different confirm Intake Specialist issued Voter Registration Application

14 Processing Voters (Cont.) 3. Have the Voter sign the Roster in correct Signature Block. A) If signature matches the Pre-Printed Roster Signature, proceed with placing label in the Label Booklet B) If signature does not match then ask for Voters ID before placing the Label in the Label Booklet 4. Push Voter Card down into Activator and scan the bar code in the upper-right of the label. Press the YES button twice to Activate the Voter Card

15 Processing Voters (cont.) 5. Issue the Voter the two-ended erasure pencil and activated Voter Card. 6. Remind voter to return the erasure pencil and the deactivated Voter Card after she votes and, if still available, provide him/her with the I Voted Sticker when he returns these two items

16 Election Day Roster 16

17 Using the Roster Cover Tab Barcode Sheet (in Roster) Official Roster Pages Authorized Voters Sheet: Names to be added to Roster upon direction of ROV staff ALWAYS COMPLETE THE ROSTER SIGNATURE COMPARISON BEFORE PLACING LABEL IN THE LABEL BOOKLET

18 New Label B

19 Election Day Label Booklet 19 Place Label in next available space

20 20 When to Ask for ID? There are only two times when you can ask for a Voters ID: 1) If Voter listed as ID Required in Laptop/Netbook or Roster (*shows ID to Roster Specialist /not Intake Specialist) OR 2) If signature provided by the Voter does not match in any way the pre-printed signature in the Roster(VERY, VERY RARE) NOTE: If voter offers ID you can accept it

21 Exceptions in Roster (abbreviations) INACTIVE VOTERS =IN ABSENT BALLOT VOTER = AV ID REQUIRED VOTERS = ID EARLY VOTER = EV Challenged Voter = CH (NEW!) _______________________ ROSTER CORRECTIONS are to be made on the Roster Correction Lognot in Roster


23 Hand Held Scanner Doesnt Work or Label Cant be Read Call your tech support person Begin activating Voter Cards with the other Roster Specialists Activator If you have a label so damaged that it cant be scanned, you can manually activate Voter Cards. Just enter the Voters 4-digit Precinct Number and press YES two times and the card will be activated

24 Voter Card Issues: Activated or Voted Occasionally a voter will contend that his Voter Card did not work and wants another. Before issuing another, place the Voter Card into the Activator and touch the STATUS button. If the voter has already voted the Activator screen will say Voted, give the time and Edge unit on which it was voted. If the screen says Activated then voter has not voted yet

25 Voter Card Issues: Bad Card Occasionally, a Voter Card will not access the ballot properly or a voter believes he got the wrong ballot. Place card in Activator and touch the STATUS button. If the Activator screen says VOTED no new card may be given to the voter as he has already voted. If the screen says Activated, replace card with new card and remove bad card from circulation

26 Provisional Ballots: Only Managers and Asst. Managers Issue Provisional Ballots Provisional Voters Fall into One of Four Categories: Voter is not listed in the Roster or In-take Station data as Voted or is listed as Cancelled Voter Voter is an ID Required Voter with no ID Voter is eligible but in in the Wrong Polling Place

27 End of Election Day: Reconciliation and Other Steps Roster Signature count vs. Edge count Completed Forms/Surrendered Ballots in Completed Doc. Return Envelope. This includes Precinct Official Ballot Statements: One per each Precinct Voters Provisional Ballots in sealed Orange Return Envelope Put Activator Bag and Scanner in vault Electrical Supplies returned to vault

28 Official Ballot Statement - front PRECINCT OFFICIAL BALLOT STATEMENT

29 Official Ballot Statement - back

30 30 Edge Precinct Information

31 Political Advocacy at the Polls There is a strict ban on political paraphernalia and political speech by anyone in the Polling Place. THIS INCLUDES YOU! If you do it you will be removed and you will not be paid for either Election Day or attending Training

32 Observers There will be Observers at your Polling Place. There is a place set aside for Observers to sit at your Polling Place; Close enough to see and hear what is being said. The Manager will have Observers sign the Observer Conduct form. They are required to follow its guidelines Observers cannot tell you how to do your job. Any hassles form an Observer report to the Manager

33 Observers – GUIDELINES WHAT CAN THEY DO & NOT DO? Observers can ask you questions about the voting process Observers may review the Roster from time-to- time Observers cannot speak to Voters inside the Polling Place Observers cannot interfere with the ongoing administration of the election Observers cannot use Cell Phones or other electronic equipment (to include cameras, IPADS, smart phones) in the polling place Observers may not interfere with the processing of voters

34 End of Election Day (cont.) Place in dark blue Critical Supplies Return Bin : A) All Completed Documents in the Transfer Envelope and Surrendered Ballots, if any B) Roster C) Label Booklet D) Orange Provisional Ballot Transfer Envelope (Sealed)

35 The End of Day… You cannot leave the Polling Place until all supplies have been packed in the Polling Place Managers vehicle and he/she has authorized the workers to leave. If you leave early you will not be paid

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