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A Guide To. Things Youll Need Latest version of your internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Camino, Safari, Netscape) Computer with at.

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1 A Guide To

2 Things Youll Need Latest version of your internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Camino, Safari, Netscape) Computer with at least 128mb of RAM. 500 MHz processor or better. Recommended: monitor and/or graphics card with supported resolution of 800x600. A valid Email address, it is preferable to use your school email address so we can identify your school if there are any problems. Internet Connection of above 56 kb/s (dial-up telephone). Most computers made after 2000 meet these specifications and even most before then will run the site fine. You will need to contact your tech staff if you plan on downloading Meet Manager files from our online entry service.

3 TRXC In your browser, go to You should see something like the image to the left. Here you are given links to current meets and their Live Results. Other useful information can be found here.

4 Navigation to the Entry Site On the TRXC Timing home page, you will see a link called [Online Entry Form] Click this link, you will be taken to the entry site. The surrounding tabs will link you to other useful information around the site.

5 The Face of the Entry site The new TRXC Timing entry site offers many advantages to the previous method of entry. Coaches are now able to create a roster and keep it forever. Athlete performances are now tracked, if your athlete runs a better time than their entered PR, and TRXC Timing has timed it, your athletes performance will be updated. Even if we have not timed the meet, you can send us a Meet Manager file from the meet and we will update the performances.

6 New Coaches All new users must [Register] Registering gives you a username and password so you can access your roster from anywhere anytime to make changes. Returning coaches or coaches who have already registered: skip this task and enter your login information in this screen. If you have forgotten your password or username, please email with your school name and information so we can get it to you.

7 Registering A New User 1. Enter your most accessible email address. 2. Enter your first and last name. 3. Enter a password, write this information down or allow your browser to store it. 4. Enter your most accessible phone number.

8 School Information 1. Select the state your school is registered with the state athletic department in. 2. Then, delimit the school selection by entering your school type. 3. Select your sport. 4. Now, select your school, keeping in mind that the common name may not be the one it is listed as.

9 Select your state

10 Select your classification

11 Select your sport

12 Select your school

13 Finishing the registration There is one last step before the account you are about to create is of any use. You must first select a gender to associate to your account, otherwise, you will not be able to enter a roster. You may do this from the dropdown menu near the bottom. If you select your gender, you must click add to associate the gender. Please only select the gender of the athletes you coach most often(if you have a separate gender coach, let them register another account to prevent any issues)

14 Logging into your new account After initial registration, you will be sent to the entry page home already logged in. If you are logged in, you will see your username in the top right corner.

15 Returning Users On the entry site home page, you will see a login form in the upper left of the page. You will also see at the top. Username will be the email address you provided upon initial signup. Password will be the password you specified upon initial signup.

16 After logging into your account First time users will need to create a roster, entering their athletes. This may be done by clicking [Roster]. The roster menu is where you can add, delete, and modify the status of your athletes. The roster menu is one of the many improvements over the previous entry method. The roster is the list of athletes that correspond to divisions and is where you may draw your entries from.

17 The Roster menu There are many items that correspond to each athlete. This is the menu for designating athletes as JV, Varsity, or grade level. The many corresponding items are easily edited later by simply clicking the [pencil and paper] icon; edit.

18 Adding Athletes Before you can enter meets, you must first add athletes to select from. The athlete entry process begins with adding the first then last name of an athlete Then you must specify a gender. The genders you can select from are limited by the team code(s) you associated with your account at registration.

19 Adding Athletes You are almost done adding the athlete. This helps delimit your roster for special meets/events. For example; for Freshmen events, your selectable roster will include only freshmen athletes.

20 Adding Athletes To finish the athlete entry process, you will need to designate them as either Varsity or JV. This also helps when entering Division specific events by delimiting your roster to show only Varsity or JV athletes. This will help to prevent any mistakes when entering relays and other events. Once all of the information is correct, press [Add] and you will see the athlete pop up in your Roster as soon as the page refreshes.

21 Editing Entered Athletes 1. If you want to change the Division or Grade of an athlete, press the icon in the Edit column. 2. A history of performances may also be viewed from here. To view the history of an athlete, press the icon in the History column.

22 Entering Meets Available meets are listed on the Meets page. This may be accessed by clicking on [Meets] from any page once logged in. The Meets menu offers information such as when and where the meets is, how many events are enterable, and the registration time period for the meet.

23 The Meets Menu 1. From the drop down menu, you will need to select your sport. 2. On this menu, you are able to view a PDF of the performances entered. 3. Clicking on the meet name will allow you to view the enterable events; also this is where athletes may be entered to their events. Paying close attention to the registration timeline will help make sure your entries get in on time.

24 The Event List After clicking on the meet you wish to enter athletes into, you must find the event you wish to enter them into. Events may or may not have limits to the # of entries you can have. Events are also associated with a Division, like athletes. The athlete Division and event Division must match in order to enter the event. For ease of use, only one gender at a time is shown, make sure the gender of the athlete you wish to enter is selected.

25 Entering Athletes into Events 1. Clicking on the event name brings up a screen similar to the Roster menu. 2. From the drop down menu, select the athlete you wish to enter. 3. Assign them a performance in the event. 4. Making sure the entered data matches up with the units below, press [Add] Leaving the fields blank will equate to a No Time/ No Distance.

26 Youre Done! You have successfully entered your athlete(s) into their events. Any of the previous steps may be repeated as many times as needed to complete your Roster/Entry list. Using the user navigation bar to get to any of the previous menus is simple, you will also find that clicking account allows you to change your password, email, and username.

27 Special Notices! If you coach both middle school and high school, you will need to create two different, separate accounts and associate each one to the appropriate level. If you cannot select a gender for your athletes when you are adding them, you have not selected a gender. Please go to [accounts] and add a team code. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact us so we may get you your login information, do not create a new account as the team code you will look for is taken by your old account. Remember: Meets have specific registration opening dates, if you are having trouble finding a meet to enter, we will have the meet open about a week before the date of the meet.

28 Contact Information o If you have other questions, comments or concerns; contact us using one of the below methods. Email: Telephone: 9AM - 5PM----314-522-6176 After Hours---314-994-3966 Postal Mail: 5936 Garfield Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63134 Fax: 314-522-0662

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