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WELCOME TO COLLEGE INFO NIGHT! Hosted by: Lindsey Bateman, Allison Mock & Mat Rapoza RCHS School Counselors.

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1 WELCOME TO COLLEGE INFO NIGHT! Hosted by: Lindsey Bateman, Allison Mock & Mat Rapoza RCHS School Counselors

2 IMPORTANT TERMS O Early Decision O Early Action O Regular Admission O Rolling Admission

3 The College Application O Components O Basic student information O Transcripts & School Profile O Test scores O List of activities O Essays (when required) O Recommendations (when required) O Interviews (when required/offered)

4 WHAT DO COLLEGES WANT TO SEE? THE FIVE Ps: Program Performance Potential Participation Personality


6 School Profile O A copy of this will be sent with the transcript to every school O Gives a general overview of RCHS so the college admissions counselors have a better idea of what type of academic environment each student comes from.


8 Transcripts Traditional Method: Blue Form New Process: Online Requests O Provide completed blue form to Ms. van Ravenswaay two weeks before application deadline O Request transcripts through O See handout with instructions

9 Additional Guidelines O Transcript requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. O Estimated RCHS processing time: 1-2 days O Colleges have their own processing time! O Suggested timeline: request transcripts 1-2 weeks prior to application deadline


11 STANDARDIZED TESTS O SEE HANDOUT: 2014-2015 TEST DATES & COMPARISON CHART O All tests at RCHS except February/June ACTs and June SAT O Registration deadlines are generally one month prior to test administration date.

12 STANDARDIZED TESTS O These tests are not the determining factor of admissions – just part of a package O Do not measure creativity, motivation, imagination, special talents, or intellectual curiosity O Performance in challenging courses is a better predictor of success



15 Student Brag Sheet O REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS WHO NEED A COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATION O DUE DATES: O October 1: for all applications due November 1—January 1 O December 1: for all applications due January 15 or later (and all “rolling” applications)

16 The Essay O If a school has an optional essay/personal statement, pretend it is REQUIRED O This is the best way for the college to know who you are

17 Essay Help O Lunch Bunch O Tuesdays and Thursdays during 4 th period O Begins Tuesday, September 16 O Individual Appointments with Counselor (schedule in advance) O W&L Student Mentor Program

18 Community College O Students go to community college for a variety of reasons: O Reduced cost O Unable to be admitted to first choice school due to high school GPA – can earn admission through Guaranteed Admissions Agreements O Chosen career only requires 2 year degree or certificate program O Not sure of intended major O Not ready to leave home

19 Enrollment Options O Part-time or full-time course load O Fall, spring, or summer courses O Flexible hours O Online courses O Hybrid courses O Distance Learning

20 How to Apply O Complete Online Application – O Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA) O Send official transcripts O Take Placement Tests O Make an appointment with an advisor O Register for classes O (See handout: “Community College Checklist for Seniors”)

21 Helpful Tools O Application Manager Template O College Cost Calculator O College-Career Weekly Update

22 Financial Aid O Financial Aid Meeting in January O Based on MERIT and NEED O What can you do now? O Get tax information together as soon as possible O Get FAFSA PIN for student and parent – O Get an estimate using College Cost Calculator

23 Scholarships O Check the College and Career Weekly Update OFTEN for local and state scholarships O Online scholarship searches O O O **If you have to pay to enter, it’s a scam**


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