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Scholarships for High School Students

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1 Scholarships for High School Students
Presented by Neena Agnihotri College Counselor James Monroe High School

2 What Are Scholarships? Scholarships are forms of aid that help students pay for their education. Unlike student loans, scholarships do not have to be repaid.

3 How Are Scholarships Awarded?
Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria: The Basis of Financial Need Academic Achievement Community Involvement Specific Talent First Generation College Student

4 How Can I Get Scholarships For College?
The scholarship application process is similar to the college application process. First, you should filter a large list of possible choices into a focused list that matches your needs. Then create compelling applications that are supported by your achievements, essays, and recommendations.

5 Searching For Scholarships
Students should search for scholarships on their own using web sites and scholarship guides. Some college scholarships and grants are included in college financial aid packages and do not need to be applied for separately.

6 Scholarship Application Tips
Start your research early. The more time you can put into your scholarship search, the more options you will have. You need time to research scholarships, request information and application materials, and complete your application.

7 Read Eligibility Requirements Carefully
If you have questions about eligibility for a particular scholarship, contact the scholarship sponsors.

8 Get Organized! Create a separate file for each scholarship and file by application date. Keep a calendar of application deadlines and follow-up appointments.

9 Scholarship Requirements
Many scholarships require you to provide the following: Transcript Standardized Test Scores Parents’ Financial Information, Including Tax Returns An Essay A Letter of Recommendation

10 Proofread Your Applications Carefully
Use your computer’s spelling and grammar check features. Have a family member, teacher, counselor, or friend read your essays.

11 Don’t Leave Items Blank
Contact scholarship sponsors if you are not sure how to fill out any part of the application. When in doubt, ask questions.

12 Follow Directions Carefully
Read directions carefully. Avoid going over the length limit for the essay. Don’t send supporting materials that are not requested in the application.

13 Make Copies Be sure to make copies of everything you send.
If application materials are lost, having copies on hand makes it easier to resend your application quickly.

14 Double Check Your Application
If you are reusing material (such as a cover letter or essay) from another scholarship, check to make sure you haven’t left in any incorrect names or blank fields. Don’t forget to sign and date your scholarship application.

15 Get Your Application In Early
You miss out if you miss deadlines If you need to mail the scholarship application, consider using certified mail.

16 Scholarship Search Engines
A comprehensive scholarship search engine With his site, you can match scholarships that fit your specific criteria. You will be notified when new awards, that match your profile, are added to their database.

17 Scholarship Search Engines
Lists 2,300 private scholarships, contests, internships, and loans for undergraduates

18 Scholarship Search Engines
Another comprehensive scholarship and financial aid site

19 Scholarship Search Engines
Scholarships and tools that help families compare affordability of different colleges

20 Scholarship Opportunities
The College Office has up-to-date scholarship for high school students. Scholarships are updated regularly, so come in monthly to get an updated scholarship list.

21 Scholarship Scams Never pay for a scholarship or grant! Remember, scholarships and grants are free money.

22 Scholarship Scams If you hear these lines from a scholarship service, you may be getting duped: “The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.” “You can’t get this information anywhere else.” “I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.”

23 Scholarship Scams “We’ll do the work for you.”
“The scholarship will cost money.” “You’ve been selected to receive a scholarship.”

24 Scholarship Summary Remember, nothing in life is free. You need to work for the rewards in life. Follow the tips presented tonight to help offset your college costs.

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