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Show me the MONEY! -Jerry McGuire Welcome to Tips on Scholarships.

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2 Show me the MONEY! -Jerry McGuire Welcome to Tips on Scholarships

3 Topics of Discussion Financial Aid Process Types of Financial Aid How to Fill out a Scholarship Scholarship Resources Question and Answer SCC Scholarship Information

4 Financial Aid Process 1.Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after January 1 st, 2014 2.Receive the SAR (Student Aid Report) 3.Review Award Letter 4.Accept or Decline FAFSA Informational Night: January 16, 2014 @ 6:30 p.m. Individual Families FAFSA Day: February 2013

5 Types of Financial Aid Grants Scholarships Loans (unsubsidized and subsidized) –Need to be paid back Work Study –Need-based

6 What is a Scholarship? FREE MONEY! Types: Need-based, National, State, Local

7 Pre-Scholarship 1.Create a Personal ResumePersonal Resume 2.Create a Personal Essay 3.Letters of Recommendation

8 Letters of Recommendation From people who know you well At least two Give plenty of time –Follow up thank you Make copies for additional scholarships Iowa College Access Network

9 Scholarship 1.Search for Scholarships 2.Learn the Criteria 3.Get Organized 4.Be Professional 5.Ask for Letter of Recommendation 6.Write an Essay 7.PROOFREAD YOUR APPLICATION 8.Follow-up

10 Search for Scholarships High School Counseling Office Counseling webpagewebpage Community Organizations Your Workplace (and parents) College Financial Aid and Admissions Offices Libraries Internet Iowa College Access Network

11 Learn the Criteria Find out what the scholarship organization is considering –Family heritage, religious affiliation, academic achievements, hobbies, leadership, community involvement, school activities, athletics Example –ACT = 24, GPA = 3.5 –Attending a four-year institution Iowa College Access Network

12 Get Organized Follow directions on application Understand purpose –Why are they providing scholarship money? Make a copy before you begin Iowa College Access Network

13 Be Professional Use formal email Use professional font (Times New Roman) Typed vs Ink Answer ALL questions Dont just say you are well-rounded Express pleasure for opportunity and gratitude Create resume or profile Iowa College Access Network

14 Write an Essay Brainstorm beforehand, create outline –Introduction to catch attention –Theme to convey impression you want –Conclude smoothly (insightful and thoughtful) –Succession in overcoming challenges Iowa College Access Network


16 Follow-up Thank you note Inform committees about the college of choice Is it renewable? Iowa College Access Network

17 Be Aware! Deadlines Scholarship Scams –NEVER pay money for a scholarship Keep a list of scholarships applied for

18 Resources/Websites Iowa College Access Network FinAid CollegeBoard FastWeb

19 Questions?

20 Thanks for Coming!

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