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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid

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1 The Free Application for Federal Student Aid

2  Be aware of filing deadlines  You will need to file your FAFSA by going to the “.gov” website.  Many colleges will have deadlines before the posted Federal deadlines- check your college’s requirements ASAP!  Some are as soon as Feb. 1 st, so make sure you file as soon as you can.  Go to WWW.FAFSA.GOV to start. (

3  The FAFSA is separate from the CSS Profile.FAFSA CSS Profile  The CSS Profile is required by some private schools.  Everyone should file the FAFSA; you only submit the CSS Profile if your school requires it.  If required, the CSS Profile would have been listed under admissions requirements.  You can also access a list of schools  CSS Profile deadlines may be different from FAFSA filing deadlines.  The FAFSA is free, while the CSS Profile costs $$$

4 Click Here

5  Pell Grant  Aid depends on your financial need & the cost of attendance at your school.  Unlike a loan, grants do not need to be repaid.  Around 41% of students receive this type of aid.  Max awarded for 2015-2016 will be around $5,800.  Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)  Known as “Campus based aid,” awarded by individual schools based on financial need.  Around 9% of students receive this type of aid.  Range awarded is from $100 - $4,000.

6  For PA residents only  Completed immediately after filing your FAFSA through the link on the submission page.  OR go to WWW.PHEAA.ORG to submit after filing the FAFSA ( if you did not use the link and already filed your FAFSA ).WWW.PHEAA.ORG  Max awarded will be around $4,000 for students attending approved in-state institutions.

7  Institutional Aid  Private colleges and universities can offer need based aid separate from Federally funded grants/loans.  Federal Direct Loans  Up to $5,500 for the first year.  No credit check required, generated through FAFSA completion.  Repayment typically begins 6 months after graduation, unless deferred for graduate school.

8  Tool that allows most families to import information directly from the IRS into the FAFSA  The DRT will be functional on Feb 2 nd. This means you can file your FAFSA now, and set it up to update after your parents file their 2014 taxes.  You’ll need your parent’s 2013 tax return (or them, with it )  IRS data is available:  2 weeks from e-Filing Federal tax return  8 weeks from paper filing of Federal tax return

9  Scared of completing exhausting, tedious, and financially intrusive forms alone?  Don’t worry… your counselors are here to help!

10  February 11 th at 6pm in the CB West Library  For both students and parents who want assistance with filing the FAFSA.  You & your parents will bring in either 2013 or 2014 tax returns and actually submit the FAFSA and PA State grant app online before you leave.  A PHEAA representative will be on hand to answer questions as you complete the FAFSA online.  Be sure to check your college filing deadlines and submit before the deadline.  If you are able to file now, do not wait!

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