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Access® & WALS – Building Customer Loyalty

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1 Access® & WALS – Building Customer Loyalty

2 Good Operators are Good at Customer Satisfaction
Clean facilities Turn out clean cars Good equipment Friendly staff Easy access Simple to use Good value Needed services Well lit Convenient hours No surprises Short lines Safe and secure Treated well

3 Common View of Customer Loyalty
Satisfied Customer Loyal Behavior

4 Benefit of Loyalty Programs
Loyalty members average 2.6 washes per month versus 0.5 washes per month for average customer Based on WashAccess loyalty member data

5 Benefit of Loyalty Programs
Over 64% of U.S. households said that loyalty programs were important in the shopping decisions Based on AC Nielson Survey

6 Keeping Customers Merchants can increase revenue by nearly 50% from retaining only 5% more of their customers Based on Fredrick Retchheld, the Author of “The Loyalty Effect”

7 Wash Access Loyalty System
How do we build loyalty? WALS Wash Access Loyalty System If you do not have the basics in place you will never be able to build a loyal customer base.

8 WALS… What is it? Web-based, Secure Loyalty System – located at Exclusively designed and developed for PDQ ACCESS™ Units WALS allows carwash operators to maintain their loyalty and gift accounts. Each carwash operator is provided a loyalty club under WALS Loyalty car wash transactions are sent by PDQ’s ACCESS™ Units to WALS for processing WALS is like a credit card processing center for loyalty car wash transactions

9 WALS… What is it? (Cont.) WALS is an ideal loyalty club management system for both single-location operators and multiple-location operators WALS has a centralized database – one account can be used at multiple locations Car wash transactions are processed in real-time by WALS

10 WALS… What can it do? Key features in WALS:
Unlimited number of accounts Unlimited number of locations/ACCESS units Supports both debit (prepaid) and credit (post-pay) accounts Supports both package-based and funds-based accounts Supports loyalty cards (cards with a magnetic strip) Supports card-less accounts (6-digit member numbers) Automatically sends customized “thank you” to a member after each carwash

11 WALS… What can it do? Key features in WALS (continued):
Carwash owner can schedule s to all members – to announce promotions and as reminders of the carwash owner’s gifting program. For example – car wash packages are a great gift idea for Father’s Day – call to order gifts or refer them to a the carwash owner’s Web Site Carwash owner can schedule s to members that have not used their membership in a certain number of weeks – reminding them that they have a balance of $xx.00 After adding a new account, the carwash owner can a Wallet Card to the new member instead of mailing a loyalty card

12 Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS)


14 WALS Sales Tools

15 WALS – “Thank you” email

16 WALS – Wallet Card Provide a wallet card instead of providing a loyalty card Wallet cards can be printed and/or ed to the member

17 WALS – Wash Codes - Mail Merge
Mail merge a list of wash codes with a label template in Microsoft WORD

18 WALS – Wash Codes - Promotions
Mail merge a list of wash codes with a promotional letter created in Microsoft WORD

19 What… a Sales Rep working 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year?

20 Going Beyond WALS with a Club Interface
WALS allows the carwash owner to maintain the accounts under their loyalty club A Club Interface allows loyalty members to maintain their own accounts online over the Internet

21 Club Interface With a club interface :
Loyalty club members can maintain their own accounts Internet users can join the loyalty club using their credit cards Internet users and members can purchase gifts for friends and family using a credit card Loyalty club members can replenish their accounts using their credit card The club interface provides a 6-digit wash code number (member number) which will allow the member to use their membership immediately

22 Club Interface (cont.) Custom Web Site with a Club Interface back to WALS

23 On-Line Demonstration
Customer can select a number of packages Customer can select a prepaid account WashClub Purchase Step 1

24 On-Line Demonstration
Customer chooses own user name and password Customer info for future communication for easy correspondence WashClub Purchase Step 2

25 On-Line Demonstration
Show instructions on how to use Identifies multiple locations Provides customer with an immediate wallet card that they can use WashClub Purchase Step 3

26 Getting Customers to the Web Site
Printed receipt paper with web site name Cross-advertising with similar businesses- gas station, oil change, etc. Direct advertising Radio Billboards Mailers

27 WALS and a Club Interface are the perfect combination for the owner that wants to build strong customer loyalty!

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