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10 QR Code Tips for Your Local Business Presented by: Your Name 555-555-5555

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1 10 QR Code Tips for Your Local Business Presented by: Your Name 555-555-5555

2 Tip #1 Users can scan your QR code with their mobile reader/camera Give them a GOOD reason to do so in order to get results – make them an offer they cant refuse Give them a discount on one of your HOT products or enter them into a drawing to win a freebie just for scanning your QR code Make Your QR Code Offers and Content Irresistible

3 Tip #2 Place a small URL on your QR code for those who may not be able to scan your codes for some reason Consider Adding a Short URL on the QR Code

4 Tip #3 If you use a QR code to send traffic to your site, send it to a mobile- friendly version of your site to prevent loading and navigation issues QR Codes Should Link to a Mobile Website

5 Tip #4 QR codes can provide mobile users with a quick and easy way to capture and save your contact information including your phone number, address, email address, and website address They can instantly save it to their phones with a quick scan Use QR Codes for Contact Information

6 Tip #5 Strategically place your QR codes on your other marketing materials for ultimate exposure Place them on your business cards, flyers, menus, your website, t-shirts, inside your store, and more Put Your QR Codes on All of Your Marketing Materials

7 Tip #6 Users Can: Instantly get info about your product or service Make a direct purchase View your product features and demonstrations Use QR Codes in MANY Different Ways

8 Tip #7 QR codes are so versatile that you should create multiple codes if you really want to see results Use them for different products and different promotions Use More than One QR Code

9 Tip #8 Code your phone number behind QR codes to help users instantly call your business with a scan of your code Great for customer support, hotlines, and sales centers Use QR Codes for Direct Dialing

10 Tip #9 Decide who your target audience is before creating any QR codes Create campaigns based closely around the needs and wants of your target audience for success Know Your Target Audience

11 Tip #10 Give them a reason to become a loyal customer by providing them with captivating, unique content hidden behind your QR codes Can be promotional, educational, or entertaining as long as it satisfies their needs Convert Them into Customers with Quality Content

12 Thank You! If you would like more information about QR Codes, contact me at 555-555-5555 For a FREE Consultation Your Name 555-555-5555

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