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PRIMACY PRODUCT PRESENTATION. Powerful, fast, cost-effective The ultimate card printer.

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2 Powerful, fast, cost-effective The ultimate card printer


4 Primacy, the most powerful solution for decentralized production of high quality cards.

5 Zenius & Primacy, a unique product line The differentiating factors are based on the way they are used: 1.Quantities of card and kind of batch to be produced 2.Environment where they are produced, which may imply requirements in terms of card hopper capacity, size, noise…

6 Product Overview

7 Main specifications Single or dual-sided (factory or on-site upgrade) Edge to edge printing Front operating machine Input & output hoppers: 100 cards Reject slot & tray for error cards (30 cards) USB & Ethernet 2 colors: blue & red Color: 190 c/h SS full card, up to 210 c/h Monochrome: 600c/h full card, up to 850c/h Low energy consumption modes Ribbon auto recognition & settings LED control panel & graphical notifications 3-year warranty Full encoding options, on-site upgrade Delivered with eMedia CS Std Edition ENERGY STAR qualified printer, ErP 48dB(A) 247x205x381 mm, 4 kg Kensington slot

8 Primacy vs Zenius

9 Zenius is the most compact and silent product, and the ideal choice to instantly issue any type of single-sided badge. In the expert version, it can be a multi-feature printer able to deliver individually or in small runs any kind of cards. Primacy is the most powerful solution in the market, for single or double-sided personalized cards of unmatched quality. It guarantees high performance and fast personalization of cards in medium or large runs while providing premium printing & encoding quality. Primacy vs Zenius

10 A drop-in cassette for intuitive installation and handling A smart technology for better user-friendliness: automatic recognition and settings Optimized quality thanks to Evolis ribbon recognition A cross-products compatibility for distributors inventory leverage Low ribbon/ end of ribbon graphical notification Ribbon saver for monochrome printing Ribbon synchronization only when printing RFID The Evolis brand and signature to illustrate new features and benefits

11 Primacy ribbons offering

12 New generation cleaning materials New cleaning materials: An adhesive card for the cleaning roller A T card for the transport rollers A pen for advanced print head cleaning For optimal global performance: Guarantee a perfect printing quality Optimize the card feeding and transport Decrease the constraints for the user A new advanced cleaning cycle minimizing technical support and RMA Generate less waste and favour the recycling

13 A user-centric new system software A brand new software environment: 4 distinct software layers, having a specific role Additionnal Plug-in modules to come, depending on configurations & options Based on Microsoft Universal drivers for easier installation and evolution Key benefits: Efficient and easy printer and print jobs monitoring Automated settings & adjustments Instant pop-up notifications on the users’ screens Available in 13 languages Portable to custom applications thanks to an extended SDK* Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux* * Upon request

14 A unique encoding offer with add-on modules for the new range Main concepts Printer may be upgraded with any encoding technology, at any time, on site, by anyone All encoding options can be combined together Integrators and VARs can add their own encoders Independant add-on modules (self motorized, self powered) Testing and administration software tools through Evolis Print Center Same options for both printers MAG CTLESS SMART MAG CTLESS SMART

15 The first eco-designed product range A product developed based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) : Evaluation of the effects on the environment throughout product life cycle. Improve resource efficiency while reducing the environmental impact of all activities required to manufacture, distribute, use, and dispose of a product. Make sure the global impact is reduced -> multi-criteria in order to avoid just a transfer of pollution Create a virtuous cycle with continuous improvements Priorities, goals & improvements: Energy efficiency optimization: 5 times better than Pebble Automatic standby & sleep modes ENERGY STAR qualified printer, compliant with ErP directive Hazardous material reduction: Some hazardous plastics have been removed : Teflon Use of recycled materials: recycled ABS Product weight & size optimization

16 MAIN BENEFITS AND KEY SELLING POINTS POWER: the highest performances & features in the market Highest running time thanks to a full 100-card capacity Single or dual-sided, with easy on-site upgrade USB & Ethernet The fastest printer QUALITY AND RELIABILITY: the market-proven Evolis standards Better image processing Based on the Evolis know-how and on experience with Pebble & Dualys A full 3-year warranty, without limitations in number of printouts. COST EFFICIENCY An ‘all options’ printer at a very cost effective price A complete consumable offering for the cheapest cost per card. VERSATILITY AND SCALABILITY Thanks to on-site upgrade of encoding options CONVENIENCE AND EASE OF USE Thanks to Evolis Premium Suite bi-directional communication & monitoring tools, the front operation and the High Trust ribbons (cassette, auto-settings) ECO-DESIGN AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY

17 One unique product to replace both Pebble and Dualys. The dual-side feature can be on-site upgraded in a few seconds. Faster: less than 19 sec to print a full color card! (improved by more than 20%, and makes it the fastest printer) Card printing quality has still been improved with a better image processing and result A new 250-card color ribbon, and the quality & convenience offered by the Evolis High Trust range of consumables (ribbon cassette, ribbon recognition & auto-setting, perfect image quality) The unique Evolis Premium Suite, for instant information and unmatched user- friendliness A reject slot and tray for error cards New add-on encoding modules already available with Zenius for easy and quick product upgrade Eco-designed, in particular with key improvements in terms of energy consumption. The only range in the market compliant with the stringent ErP directive. New features vs previous range

18 Positionning vs competition


20 Catalogue & pricing

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