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Μ icroΣssence Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Dispensing Smart Production by Using Bar- coding & Digital Weighing Scales Interfaced to PC Formulation.

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1 µ icroΣssence Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Dispensing Smart Production by Using Bar- coding & Digital Weighing Scales Interfaced to PC Formulation Data Management Production Planning True-MIS

2 1 2 3 of µ icroΣssence 1, 2 Or 3 Tier System Tier 1 : Only Admin – Nothing To Hide Onwards – Hide Act in Effect. Tier 2 : Executer for Batch Production Tier 3 : Operator to Assist Executer

3 Single Tier System Single Tier System – Maximum 2 Production Lines with 2 PCs having same Software – One at Lab of ADMIN for Small Quantity & One at Shop floor for Large Quantity Production. At Shop floor Max 8 weighing scales of Any Capacity can be interfaced to same PC, making One Production Line. All Secrets will be maintained on ADMIN PC. The PC on Shop floor will share data only at the time of Batch Execution. ADMIN PC Must be a Server & it can be kept at very personal places like Home.

4 Component Master Entry of Max 200 Components (Raw Materials). Shop floor usage of Components must be by Re-packing. Only one package size allowed for each component Repacking. View Links of each Component to variety of Recipes, Batches & Schedules.

5 Component Master Allows to Create, Print & Scan Bar-Code Labels to Repacked containers. Reference List of Existing Component Details while adding a new component. Enter Tolerance in % for each component to refer as a Thumb-Rule. In Recipes, Batches & Schedules actual Tolerance will be by weight in Grams & can be edited at each stage separately if required.

6 View Recipe Allows viewing all existing recipes, its Links to Batches & Schedules. Also allows Deletion of a recipe.

7 Create Recipes Create New Recipes. Edit, Duplicate existing recipes. Duplicate a recipe followed by Edit, Add or Delete any component to create similar recipes faster. Tolerance can be set as weight in Grams separately for each component at the time of creating a recipe. Tolerance can also be modified while defining a Batch or specifically to affect a given Schedule.

8 Create Recipes 4 types of Recipe Base Units (RBU) are provided, viz. 10 gm, 100gm, 1000 gm & Free Scale. Facility of using a recipe as a single component or adding a loose recipe in another recipe is Not available here. Allows write / modify comment for a recipe. Cost calculation of recipe & Batches derived from cost of components is Not available here.

9 Batch Create Create multiple Batch Sizes of same Recipe or Delete when not required. For each Batch Size of each Recipe you need to assign weighing scale to each component on which it is to be measured at the time of Production. Keep Ready variety of Batch Sizes derived from each Recipe & Call specific batch at the time of Scheduling. Create & Print bar-coded ticket for Batch Execution

10 Executing a Batch Schedule Create a Schedule for Immediate Batch Execution OR for that Day. Split or assign the batch for various Production Lines / ADMIN as required. Export the Schedule to Respective Production Line and / or ADMIN as required. On respective Production Line / ADMIN user will have to Import the Schedule for Execution.

11 Collect & Verify Components Collect Required Quantity using System Advice feature. Carry Printout to collect the components or use a Barcode Scanner. Once collected, all components will be verified by Admin / Executer using Verify Components feature & Barcode Scanner for required quantity before execution. Also allows fetching one component at a time. Will not allow a wrong component to be added as its Barcode is scanned before pouring. Verified

12 Batch Production Scan Batch Bar-code to Validate Scheduled Batch Now Production starts. Execute with options like – Sequential, Random mixing of components. Mixing will be as per ADMINs instructions, if any, for multiple weighing scales.

13 Batch Production ADMIN must select Right Container & capacity of weighing scale. Entire Batch on a Scale can be Terminated while Execution in case of Emergency. A Batch can be Completed by Skipping one or more components. Each pack must be scanned for accountability & safety of the Batch, before pouring.

14 Extra Features We Add Flavours to Your Software ….

15 3-Tier System Upgrade to 2 or 3-Tier System Max 8 Weighing Scales on Each Line; NO Upper Bound for Number of Lines. Executer will be able to carry out batches on Production Line but will not have access to ADMIN. i.e. Lab Scale & its PC (Server). Simultaneous & Independent Batch Production possible on Each Separate Line. Production on variety of weighing scales interfaced to same Line can be one at a time. To increase the Production through-put weighing scales can be distributed over more Lines. All component Re-packs are Bar-coded, details of variety of Package Sizes are NOT known to Executer & No weight readings are displayed on weighing scale.

16 3-Tier System System gets the Batch executed in Correct Manner without disclosing any secrets to Executer or Operator. No Formulation or any other details will be available on Production Line PCs. Required data for Production will be fetched in Encrypted Format from ADMIN only at the time of Production. After Batch Completion, Production Line PC will contain No valued data. This data can be transferred by using Pen-drive in case of isolated systems or using LAN if networked. Production reports, availed if any, will be Uploaded to ADMIN in Encrypted Format.

17 Smart Component Master Number of Components can be extended in multiples of 300. User Defined Multiple Re-Pack Sizes & multiple storage locations can be used for each component. Add new component derived out of your own recipe and use it as a single component in any other recipe. To calculate Cost of Recipe & Batches, entry of Cost / Kg. Of Each Component will be allowed and further processed automatically. Substitute One Component by Another in All or Selective Recipes, Batches & Schedules. After applying Substitute, weight of new component can be modified i.e. if replaced component is not required in same proportion.

18 Smart Component Master Entry of Planned Purchase Quantity for each component can be made, as you place Purchase Orders for procurement. This helps in anticipating stock to plan schedules in advance. Stock details of each component at 3 Levels i.e. Main Stock (Disclosed to Excise) In-Process Stock (Stock transferred for Batch Production) Finished Stock (Stock after Batch Production). Stocks can be transferred from one Stock Section to another by applying Predefined Rules.

19 Create Smart Recipe Derive a component from a recipe and save as a single recipe-component. Facility of inserting a recipe while creating a new recipe is provided. A single component derived out of a recipe. A loose recipe having all its single components separate can be part of a new recipe. When a recipe component or a loose recipe is part of a new recipe, its reference recipe is displayed in front of each such component. Calculate Cost of recipe & Batches derived from cost of components.

20 Create Smart Recipe One or more components added online in a container can be unloaded from the weighing scale & marked as Separate Container #. Components of Separate Container # can be added to Next Container in use either On Scale or Off Scale. A container can be unloaded from weighing scale to Stir & placed back on weighing scale to continue the mixing process. It also can be done to Heat the current container. In case of heating, Weight Loss is also considered.

21 Create Smart Batch A scale must be assigned to each of the component while defining a Batch. While assigning scales to each of the component, it checks if total weight of components exceeds the weighing capacity of currently assigned scale. It prompts to either Select another scale or accept Batch Execution with a break. Allows to carry out large batch size by using Containers of less capacity. The Batch is continued with another available empty container or reusing same container after making it empty. Allows to carry out large batch size exceeding weighing capacity of Weighing Scale. You may deploy your plant with manual dispensing & further expand to semi-automatic / fully-automatic dispensing. As ADMIN assigns a weighing scale suitable for each component, s/w automatically assigns its Dispensing Type as Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual. Similarly, use of automated trolley / no-trolley / manual trolley can be configured for each scale.

22 Create Smart Batch ADMIN can modify Automatic addition to Manual for a specific component in any specific batch. He also can modify it for a Specific Batch Schedule. Weighing Scale Diversion is allowed by maintaining status of current weighing scale. While Batch Execution, the System will Prompt the Executer for Next weighing scale as per component in sequence. If ADMIN does not insist sequential addition of components with scale diversion for a Specific Batch, then it allows mixing of all respective components assigned to one weighing scale at a time & then switches to another scale. In such case Batch Execution can be started with any weighing scale required for that Batch. Enter Opening Accumulated Produced Quantity & Opening Balance Stock when Each New Batch is created. Accumulated Production Quantity & Current Balance Quantity generated by execution of that Batch Size before Starting Use of this S/W is to be entered. Further when the Batch is executed using this system its Production & Dispatch records are automatically updated. The entry of opening stock is helpful to get records of batches executed before use of this software.

23 Smart Scheduling a Batch Create, Edit & Reschedule batches using Calendar & Clock. If a Schedule is not attended in time due to system power off, it will Automatically divert to Bypass-Bin. User shall reschedule the Bypassed Batch & then execute. If the system is either idle or running a schedule, a prompt will appear on screen to attend timed schedule. Depending on user response it will be either kept pending to take it as next Execution or sent to Bypass-Bin. A batch can be terminated while in Bypass- Bin, if it is redundant. Edit a Batch for a specific schedule for all the parameters like – Component Tolerance, Production Line, Auto/Manual Dispensing and Weighing Scale. To execute a schedule Print a Barcode along with Text information like Batch ID, Schedule ID and Scheduled Date & Time.

24 Smart Batch Production Using Automatic Liquid Dispensing

25 Reports At Glance Successfully Completed Batches. Batches Completed with Short of Components. Scheduled Batches. Pending Batches. Batches Bypassed without Execution. Batches Bypassed while Execution. Batches Terminated while Execution. Batches Terminated without Execution.

26 Reports In Detail All Time Events are logged online like – Start of Batch. Zero weight cross over of each component while adding. Barcode Scan time of each new packet either correct or incorrect. End of Batch etc. Export & Save to Excel.

27 Stock Transfer Stock transfer can be performed within, Main Stock (Disclosed to Excise) In-Process Stock (Stock transferred for Batch Production) Finished Stock (Stock after Batch Production) as per standard rules. In case of Spoiled / spill off component it can be transferred to Loss Account.

28 Verify Stock & Plan Schedule Before planning any schedule its stock / projected stock availability can be verified. Planned purchases also reflect in knowing projected stock. Stock of components will be updated as per consumption measured on weighing scales at the time of execution.

29 Production Records Production Records of all executed batches. View either as per Batch ID / Batch Name or Recipe ID / Recipe Name to know total production till date of a product.

30 Dispatch Records & Certificate Generate Dispatch Certificate. Print Certificate. Updates Production Records – Product wise, Client wise, Batch wise & their combinations.

31 Finally - Efforts V/s. Gain !!!

32 Please Call On Us To Study Your Process Requirements Contact: Satish Pathak Samiep Automation And Robotics Mumbai, India +91 77385 09667 Samiep – Close To Perfection, Close To You

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