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MILFOIL Milfoil blossoms from summer to autumn. Its therapeutic properties are known since the antiquity. It is a very useful plant for calming the uterine.

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2 MILFOIL Milfoil blossoms from summer to autumn. Its therapeutic properties are known since the antiquity. It is a very useful plant for calming the uterine spasms, in the care of the nervous illnesses and asthma. It is furthermore used to stop any external and internal haemorrhage using it in decoction or infusion or applying it on the wounds. It brakes the diarrhoeas, supports the urinary functions and is a powerful anti- haemorrhoidal.

3 HORSE TAIL Horse tail grows spontaneous in the neglected places, along the road margins, in the damp and stony places. It is a precious plant in the chemist home and it has been using since antiquity. Externally the decoction is used for compress on sores and wounds. For internal use the decoction is used for the cystitis care and some troubles of the prostate. It is a diuretic plant useful for renal problems. The decoction is also used in the nasal haemorrhages, in the gums or palate inflammations. In the weakness states, a cold decoction cup, taken before laying down, has really beneficent effects.

4 PEPPERMINT Peppermint grows in the dry places.The infusion is an optimum calming for the nervous demonstrations and a digestive that it is drunk both before and after the meals. It has benefit effects on the liver and it is diuretic, antiseptic and used in the preparation of several infusions, of comfits, tablets, tooth- pastes, chewing-gum and drinks.

5 DANDELION Dandelion grows in spring in Trentino and is used to clean up blood, the liver and the bile. The root constitutes the remedy in the liver dysfunctions and jaundice. Moreover during ancient times, the root was used for its febrifuge, tonic, diuretic, laxative, anti- haemorrhoidal and depurative properties.

6 LAUREL The leaves and the berries of laurel have medicinal properties. In fact the infusion drunk heat is able almost always to prevent the cold or flu. Furthermore it is able, to help the digestion and strengthen the stomach. The berries, instead cure, the nervous illnesses, the paralyses, the rheumatic spasms and better the articulations after plasters or traumas

7 BASIL Basil is one of the aromatic plants more used in kitchen to season salad, sauce, soup and cheese. It has also curative property: antispasmodic, diuretic, tonic- digestive, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory property. Moreover its juice smeared on the skin repels mosquitoes. In Italy it is famous in Liguria where it is used like main ingredient in its typical dish: Genoese pesto.

8 SAGE Sage grows in the sunny places of Trentino. Sage has tonic, digestive, anti-sudorific properties. The decoction of salvia is an optimal remedy in case of laryngitis or swollen and bleeding gums, or of aphtha or bad breath and for its benefit effects on the teeth it is used in tooth-pastes. A strong decoction serves in case of malarial fever, cough and serious catarrh. Moreover salvia with honey constitutes an effective expectorant.

9 ROSEMARY Rosemary blossoms since June to September. In kitchen, the flowers and the leaves must be used with moderation. The flowers can be used to perfume the sugar in the preparation of cakes and biscuits. It is possible to use leaves to perfume roast lamb. The desiccated flowers transmit an aroma persisting to the linen in the wardrobe. The essential oil is a very appreciated perfume. The infusion composed of lavender flowers cures anxious states, headache, flatulence, nausea, giddiness and halitosis. Its therapeutic properties are antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative and aromatic.

10 CAPER Caper is a perennial plant that spontaneously grows on the rocks and on the old houses walls, in the Mediterranean areas. Caper is salted or pickled, is used to prepare different recipes, sauces and condiments. Caper is used on meat, fish, sauce, frittata, pizza too. Moreover it has astringent, diuretic and digestive properties.

11 OREGANO Since the antiquity, Oregano has had a good use in the Roman kitchen. His use is also continued in the following centuries but mostly limited to the southern areas. In medicine it was used thanks to his entering perfume as disinfectant of environments during the epidemics. It has been the main ingredient of pizza and for this it was known in the north of Italy too. It is used to spice cooked meat, cheese, tomato salad, pizza, to preserve smoked fish, and vegetables in oil and in the digestive liquors. It is an excellent remedy in the bronchial catarrh and the asthma.

12 MARJORAM Marjoram is perennial herbaceous plant originated in Northern Africa; in Europe and Italy. It is developed as aromatic plant in the cold zones and cultivated as annual. Very much used in the kitchen to spice stewed meats, mushrooms, pulses, sauces, tomato salads and in the composition of liquors. The marjoram perfume is sweeter and spicier than oregano. Its therapeutic properties are sedative, antispasmodic, diaphoretic. For external use it is used for antirheumatic clutches.

13 CAMPHOR Camphor tree is majestic; it is high fifty meters and can live until 2000 years. The essences of these leaves are powerful decongestant of the respiratory ways and this tree is used to clear infects lands from malaria. Its leaves are used as repellents for many bugs.

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