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Restaurant Service Overview

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1 Restaurant Service Overview
Chapter 1 Restaurant Service Overview

2 Objectives…. By the end of this session today you will learn….
7 different types of Restaurant Concepts and their style of service Identify what a Franchise is What are the 3 main groups restaurants are generally classified under

3 What is the role of a Restaurant?
Prepare and Serve Good Food & Drinks Provide Friendly Service Create Good Atmosphere Health and Safety Honesty Good Value for Money

4 Definition and Role of a Restaurant
Q. What is a Restaurant? A. A restaurant is a place to that prepares food and drink to customers in return for money. Did you know that the first ever Restaurant was called a “Public Dining Room” and originated from France ?

5 Types of Restaurants… In groups of 4 list as many different types of Restaurants you can think of…. For Example Indian Coffee Shop

6 RESTAURANT CONCEPTS The main concept of a restaurant is main product
line of the menu. For example; Vietnamese Food, Pizza, Hamburgers, Coffee Shop Restaurants are generally classified into 3 groups Quick Service- Low Price, Fast Food Medium Scale- Medium Price, Casual Dining Upscale- High End price, great quality of food and full table service

7 Fast Food Restaurants Are also known as Quick Service Restaurants and they are usually part of a restaurant chain or franchise operation

8 What is a Franchise? A Franchise is the right to use a brand name.
A store, business, or restaurant can operate under the brand name license and sell the company’s goods.

9 Fast Casual Dining Is a type of restaurant that does not offer full table service but promises a higher quality of food and atmosphere than a Fast Food Restaurant.

10 Cafés Cafés are restaurants that focus on Coffee with selection of Sandwiches & Cakes. Cafés are also popular for Breakfast and Lunch Menus. The term “Café” comes from France and means “Coffee”.

11 Pubs A pub is short for “Public House” where people meet to drink and socialize Pubs originated over hundreds of years ago from Europe especially the UK Pubs serve many types of beers and food menus.

12 Casual Dining Is a relaxed atmosphere with sit down table service, the customer is given a Food and Drinks Menu to order from. It is also known as “Family Style Dining” . It is one of the most popular style of Restaurants and can be any number of themes such as Italian, Mexican, Indian. Prices are reasonable and not too expensive.

13 Buffet Is a self service casual dining experience where the guest have a variety of foods to choose from, with no menu.

14 Fine Dining Restaurants are described as upscale restaurant with an elegant atmosphere, high quality food and high end service. The staff are professional and well trained, food and wine expensive but worth the experience.

15 ACTIVITIES Please refer to your handouts and complete Exercises 1,2 & 3. You may work in pairs. On your own please complete exercises 4,5 & 6

16 Restaurant Service Overview
Scale $ Fast Food Quick service, order from counter Burgers, Pizza, Fries Quick Fast Casual Dining Better Quality of food than Fast Food Restaurants Cafes Casual service, well known for coffees and menu selection of sandwiches, soups, pastas and cakes Medium $$ Pubs Casual service, variety of beers, food menu. Casual Dining Casual sit down table service Medium range prices. Buffet Self Service, all you can eat, no menu Except for drinks Fine Dining Table service. High end quality of food and wines. Professional Staff. Upscale $$$

17 SPEAKING EXERCISE Write down the answers to the following questions…..
What is your name? What is your favorite restaurant you like to go to? What type of Restaurant would you like to own and why? Example: My name is Ursula I like dining at Red Sky on Tran Phu Street as they cook the best steaks in town I would like to own a pub as I like the casual atmosphere, sports and friendly people.


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