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PARDESI to “DESI” Glocalization By Abhishek Tammina “Think Global …. Act Local. ……”

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1 PARDESI to “DESI” Glocalization By Abhishek Tammina “Think Global …. Act Local. ……”


3 Global Food Chains As you grow big and spread across geographies, you need to be very specific about your targets and product/service offering. Every country, state, city, religion, person are different in various aspects and this demands every brand to have a strong local understanding. A Brand should not lose its core values, proposition but customize itself to the local audience.

4 India – The potential market for global brands 0-14 years: 28.9% 15-24 years: 18.2% 25-54 years: 40.4% 2007, UN FAO statistics indicated that Indians had the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world 42% of Indians are vegetarians Indians are highly price sensitive and are attracted towards offers Majority of the population prefers Spicy foods

5 Some Successful Adaptions by brands McDonald’s success is the quality standards they have been able to maintain all over the world. They have consistently developed new menu items thereby always attracting new sets of customer and giving enough reasons to old customer to be attached. There Menu has been always appealing to the local. The Indian Menu highlights the McPaneer, Mc Maharaj, Mc Spicy Chicken, Mc Spicy Paneer To ease lines inside and outside stores, many locations are adding second drive- through windows to speed up service. KFC had completely offered went out of its core and banked on the interest of Indians for whom Rice is the most common food. Rice Bowls a desi product with low price offering and great marketing attracted lot of new adapters towards KFC and this helps KFC to penetrate into the untapped market. Rice Bowls, Paneer Zing and a lot of Desi Products to attract the Desi Crowd Pizza Hut with its new product innovation Birizza ( Biriyani Rice with Pizza) to also follow the same stratergy of KFC n McDonalds

6 Learnings Common Global Standards – Quality and Service – Fast Delivery – Ambience Local Demands Local Food Varieties Low Price & Offers Diversified Product Menu Lot more … Star Bucks the worlds best coffee Brand expanding into the Emerging Markets and see their offerings Chicken Tikka Panini, Elaichi Mawa Croissant, and Tamarind Peanut Chicken Calzone And The trademark Chai Tea Latte is in the menu

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