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The MARKETING Awards – Integrated Campaign Darigold FARMalicious.

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1 The MARKETING Awards – Integrated Campaign Darigold FARMalicious

2 The MARKETING Awards – Integrated Campaign Darigold FRESH meets FARMalicious Forward from Overview: Darigold is a farmer-owned cooperative which began in 1918. Darigolds mission is to nourish people around the world and inspire them to create their best with our best. With this mission we invite everyone to make Darigold their own through the wonderful art of cooking, baking and preparing food. On our end, our dairy farmers produce some of the best milk in the world which then makes Darigold one of the greatest compliments to any culinary kitchen whether its at home or in a five-star restaurant. We are one of the nations largest agricultural cooperatives. Darigold is the brand under which we produce a full line of dairy products for wholesale, retail, and foodservice customers. The enclosed materials support the WHY we do what we do. Come join us on our passionate journey to inspire, from our farms to tables across the world.

3 Key Objectives Darigold FRESH magazine builds overall Darigold brand awareness and engages people. Meet the Farmer-Owners in the Darigold cooperative Learn about Darigold products and processing Meet the culinary professionals who use Darigold products Be inspired to create and enjoy delicious recipes made with Darigold products FRESH Magazine Background: In 2008 Darigold published the first volume of FRESH magazine. We thought we wanted to produce another cookbook, after all, were a food company and food companies make cookbooks! But when we started brainstorming and looking at the concepts that would become FRESH Magazine, the Darigold Brand really came to life and inspired us all even as we worked together to create it. In FRESH Magazine, we highlight our local farmers, with a focus on Darigold products and what any of them can soon become...with a little love and finesse in the kitchen. The acceptance and praise of FRESH magazine has been phenomenal and we are grateful for the incredible following that it has created.

4 Marketing and PR FARMalicious Campaign 2012

5 FRESH Meets FARMalicious 2012 Campaign Synopsis 2012 - Beyond the Magazine: This year, the FRESH concept is a major focal point in our new 2012 FARMalicious ad campaign. Beautiful food, delicious recipes, healthy cows and good farmers are the elements of FRESH that have been carried into Darigold branding efforts. Outdoor Digital Radio Reskin PR/ Food Service Shows, Retail Programs Social Media: o Darigold Newsletter o Dariblog o Darigold Twitter o Darigold Facebook o Darigold Pinterest

6 Our Mantra…

7 WHEN The cow nose waffle that started it all…

8 Outdoor Wallscape

9 Outdoor Bulletins

10 Full CampaignTotal Eyes on Impressions (EOIs) WallScapes907,200 Bulletins19,626,400 Total20,533,600 Recap: Farmalicious Out of Home (OOH) Full Campaign: August 27 th – December 30 th * Data to Date: Flights 1 & 2 (9/3-11/4)

11 Digital Layouts

12 728x90 300x250 160x600 500x500

13 Digital Campaign Screenshots

14 Digital Campaign Screenshots

15 Digital Campaign Screenshots Facebook

16 Digital Campaign Screenshots

17 Digital Campaign Screenshots Pandora Internet Radio

18 Farmalicious Digital Results Full Campaign: August 27 th -December 30 th Full CampaignImpressions Local Site Specific Portland and Seattle28,075,976 Vertical Network – AllRecipes5,882,352 Horizontal Network – Collective4,848,480 Mobile – MobileFuse, Pandora, BrandExchange 11,327,920 Pandora2,228,580 Facebook Portland and Seattle24,442 clicks Total52,363,308; 24,442 clicks Data to Date: 8/27-10/21, 2012 Facebook Fans prior to campaign launch = 20,124 Facebook Fans as of this submission 1/21/13 = 34,719

19 Reskin Page views have increased by more than 70% since July

20 Guerilla Marketing The Farmalicious Fun Fridge Event Food, Music, Games, and Goodwill

21 Farmalicious Fun Fridge Event On September 22, 2012, Darigold took over the Pioneer Courthouse Square space in downtown Portland to show Portlanders a little Darigold personality. We fed them delicious Darigold Treats, played music, gave away prizes and had lots of fun activities to do all afternoon.

22 Farmalicious Fun Fridge Event

23 Farmalicious Newsletter Monthly email newsletter with a seasonal recipe from FRESH Magazine. Opt-in email list that is over 10,000 strong.

24 The Farmalicious DariBlog Blog: 2,718 unique visitors

25 Darigold Twitter Twitter: 175 new Followers

26 Darigold Facebook Facebook: 14,425 new Likes

27 Darigold Pinterest 61 New followers since launch

28 Thank You! Thank You! We hope you enjoyed our FARMalicious campaign as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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