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Overview of Think Local, Act Personal & Making it Real Shahana Ramsden Making it Real Project Co-ordinator Senior Co-production Lead.

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1 Overview of Think Local, Act Personal & Making it Real Shahana Ramsden Making it Real Project Co-ordinator Senior Co-production Lead

2 Will help to mark progress towards personalised, community–based support Developed by TLAP, led by the Co-Production Advisory Group Making it Real

3 What is it? A set of statements from people who use services, carer and citizens saying what they would expect to see and experience if personalisation is real and working well in a locality or organisation. These are then matched against key elements that would need to be in place to make these experiences possible. These markers will help show how well a locality or organisation is doing in achieving personalisation and community-based support.

4 For example :

5 What is it not? NOT Performance management – TLAP is a voluntary movement for change (ADASS, Local Government Group, Department of Health, major provider bodies and the Care Quality Commission support Making it Real ). We believe Councils and organisations providing social care support will want to use Making it Real with local communities and people using support to show progress.

6 What organisations need to do: Register with TLAP website Board level commitment to starting the declaration process Full involvement of people who use services and carers Co-produce action plans and identify top 3 priorities Self report on progress every 6 months User/carer feedback mechanism to check progress on 3 priorities.

7 Homepage Select Add your organisation.

8 Creating login details Enter the email address of the person who will administer your organisation profile on the website. Well check to see if the email address has previously been used to register a TLAP account.

9 Creating a TLAP account If we cannot find a match for your email address you will be asked to set up a TLAP website account. This is a personal account that you can use to access other features on the TLAP website as well as Making it Real.

10 Adding your organisation Once youve logged in (or registered a new account) enter your organisation details. Your town and postcode information is used to display a location marker on our map. If you are happy for visitors to contact you they will be able to see the contact name and send emails using our form – your email address will not be displayed.

11 About your organisation This is your opportunity to tell people about the work that your organisation does. You must declare your interest before continuing.

12 Your details have been saved Start by making your board level declaration and use our questionnaire to check your progress. To give visitors to your MIR webpage a description of your plans click Add a comment. This is optional and will replace a default message. You cannot continue until your action plan is uploaded to your website or our website.

13 Options for adding your action plan 1. If the action plan is on your website enter the weblink to the document. For example: 2. To upload the plan on our site click Browse and locate the file. Then select Submit. The file will be uploaded. This may take some time if it is a large file. Once uploaded it can be deleted/replaced if required.

14 Action plan completed Once your action plan has been added you need to add your 3 priorities.

15 Adding your priorities Title: Try to give a short descriptive title that other people can easily understand. Description: Tell people about the steps youll take. Categories: Choose the categories (keywords) that you feel best describe your priority. You can add keywords of your own if you prefer by typing them in. Save this priority to continue to priority 2.

16 Priorities added Once youve added your priorities you are welcome to download and use the TLAP kitemark. Do this using the link at the top of your dashboard. In 6 months time wed like you to review your priorities. Youll receive an email reminder, but it is also worth adding a note to your diary.

17 Reviewing your priorities Tell people about the steps you took, the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Its also important to include any feedback youve received from users. Save this review to move onto Priority 2.

18 Priorities reviewed Once youve added your reviewed priorities its time to identify one initiative that worked well.

19 Sharing your learning Tell people about the initiative and the areas that were successful. Choose categories that best describe the initiative. Categories are used by site users to find information within a subject area.

20 Cycle 1 completed Congratulations! Youve completed the steps within a Making it Real project cycle. Archive this cycle so you can being a new cycle. You can return and edit your information whenever you like.

21 Cycle archived Once youve archived a cycle you can begin a new one.

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