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Introducing Vivo Miles

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1 Introducing Vivo Miles
A Teacher Guide

2 What is Vivo Miles? Vivo Miles is an online rewards system
Teachers award pupils Vivos (electronic points) for good work, effort etc. Students save and spend their Vivos on the rewards they want from an online catalogue Every student gets a personalised Vivo card, very much like a bank card Students can check their Vivo balance by logging on to their account through the website

3 Our Rewards Tariff Academic 10 V Effort 10 V
Form Time – equipment 10 V Form Time – punctuality 10 V Form Time – uniform 10 V Homework V Participation – action 10 V Participation – attendance 10 V

4 Using Vivo Miles This presentation will take you through how to use the system as a STAFF user, specifically how to: log-on reward a student or students correct mistakes post “Extra Earner” messages check on a pupil’s or a tutor group’s progress

5 How to log-on Go to
Enter your username, password and domain (school name) as detailed on your welcome letter Click on the login button When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an address so you can be sent a reminder should you forget your login Once logged-in, please change your login details to something more memorable and keep it safe!

6 Rewarding a student or students
EITHER: Type in the name of the individual student who you want to reward. All names will come up intuitively. Then click Reward. OR: Click on the class you are teaching to award multiple students in that lesson.

7 Rewarding a student (2) STEP 1: Click on the student(s) who you want to reward STEP 2: Click on the category you want to reward for. This will automatically default to the number of Vivos this category is worth. STEP 3: Write a more detailed explanation if required STEP 4: Press Submit.

8 What the student sees Details of this transaction will appear on the student’s account the next time they login:

9 Your Vivo budget You will be given a budget of Vivos to award each week Please try and use your full weekly Vivo budget allocation Please note that any unawarded Vivos will NOT carry over If you need more Vivos in a particular week, please contact your Vivo co-ordinator You can easily keep track of how much of your budget you have used from your homepage:

10 Creating groups of students to award
You will be able to build up your own lists of students to award by using the Lists feature Create and add students to a list Any lists saved will appear under your lessons for easy access

11 Your awards To see a full list of the rewards you have issued, click on the Transactions tab on your homepage If you realise you have made a mistake after pressing the submit button, click on the relevant transaction and then edit or cancel the transaction.

12 “Extra Earner” Offers You can give your students the opportunity to earn extra Vivos in return for their help, or for turning up to extra classes for example. STEP 1: Click on the Extra Earners menu tab on the homepage STEP 2: Click on the Add offer button STEP 3: Fill out the offer and press Submit.

13 What the student sees Once submitted, this will appear on the “Earn Extra Vivos” board on a student’s homepage the next time they login. Remember to subsequently reward those students who respond to (and fulfil) your offers.

14 Vivo Records You will be able to view every student’s Vivo record
Click on the Search Users tab on your homepage to find the required student. To monitor a tutor group, click on the Groups tab on your homepage and scroll down to the group you require.

15 And finally . . . We hope you find Vivo Miles an easy-to-use and valued tool The success of the system relies on EVERY staff member using it on a daily basis The system is under constant development. We very much appreciate all feedback – please your comments to Thank you and GOOD LUCK! And remember: Every Vivo Matters!

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