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Young Girls Friendships: Success & Disasters

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1 Young Girls Friendships: Success & Disasters
Deirdre Brandner Psychologist

2 Friendships Girls beginning to figure out who they are, what they like, what is important to them They want friends, to be liked and to fit in Get upset when left out, feel they are not good enough Don’t want to share friends, feels others are invading their friendships. What problems do you see arising ?

3 Differences between girls and boys
Girls have better at eye contact Girls historically have a critical need to trust and cooperate Female role carer means sense of identity is often formed by feedback from others Girls define friendship as someone who is honest and likes me !!!

4 Challenges of Friendships
Receive negative feedback from friends, but still want to be part of the group Mean Girls Rather stay in destructive group that risk being lonely Internalise the feedback they receive and blame themselves. Improves as they get older Those with better resilience, self concept have greater coping strategies

5 Little House on the Prairie

6 What to do ? Four step approach for Parents Observe Connect Guide
Support to Act

7 Learning about Friendship
How to be a friend ? Why friendship is a two way street ? What makes good friendships How to make it last ?

8 Putting in Perspective
Stepping stones Our baggage not theirs Model effective strategies Remain positive


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