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By: Claire Sheldon English 393-Section 501 May 6 th, 2010.

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1 By: Claire Sheldon English 393-Section 501 May 6 th, 2010

2 Who: prospective college students living in on- campus apartments:17-24 years of age What: teach new college students how to be a good roommate and stay that way When: process should be completed before roommates move in and continue throughout the semester(s) Why: to have little or no conflict between roommates

3 If directions are not properly followed: loss of reputation loss of housing

4 Patience Friendly personality Organization skills Fairness Communication Respect

5 Your institution will send a document by mail containing the names of your prospective roommates

6 By phone, email, or social networking sites, talk to your roommates Confirm the people you have contacted are your roommates Kindly introduce yourself and briefly explain about who you are

7 Write down anything that can be shared Kitchen ware, cleaning supplies, decorations, furniture, electronics (TV, DVD Player), appliances

8 Make sure your roommates know what they will be responsible for bringing Shopping together with your new roommates for apartment items can be a bonding experience


10 Make an appoint to talk to your roommates and get to know them You may not end up being best friends, but acting civil makes things less awkward By talking, you can voice your opinion and avoid large conflict Your semester living together will be much more enjoyable if you interact

11 Agree on a place for things such as dishes and cleaning supplies to be stowed This will limit any confusion Be respectful of your roommates opinions; youre not the only one who lives there!

12 Discuss with your roommates what items you are willing to share (e.g. dishes) and items you will not share (e.g. food, toiletries)

13 If you know your roommate has an 8:30 a.m. class, dont throw a party the night before If your roommate agrees to let you have a party, dont let your friends pass out in his or her bedroom or common living areas

14 Even though you may have agreed to share certain things, ask anyway If you use something up, replace it; if you borrow something, return it This will let your roommates know that you are responsible and will build trust

15 When your roommates need someone to study with, help them out If they need to talk about personal issues, listen to them

16 By completing this process, you will become an enjoyable roommate to live with Obtaining your roommates names, contacting them, listing apartment needs, coordinating responsibilities, interacting together, organizing shared items, agreeing on what can be shared, being respectful of each others personal space and belongings, and offering help when needed are all necessary in the achievement of being a good roommate.

17 ProblemSolution I didnt receive a document from the school with my roommates names Call your institution and have them resend another copy to you. My roommates and I dont get alongYou can agree to disagree, as long as things stay civil. Another option is to request a room change. The apartment is always a messTalk to your roommates. It might be uncomfortable, but one awkward conversation is better than four months in a dirty apartment. We dont agree on where items should be kept Try to go compromise; dont let it be all about you My roommates keep asking me for advice on uncomfortable topics Ask another roommate or talk to someone outside of your apartment (classmate, teacher, advisor, etc.)

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