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Hiring My Supporters Presenter: Ralph Beck. Good To See You Good See You.

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1 Hiring My Supporters Presenter: Ralph Beck

2 Good To See You Good See You

3 Living in Wernersville State Hospital I did not like the food Some of the nurses I know were nice The orderlies hurt people, they know better than to touch me One time I was restrained on the floor, I did not like that

4 I Want to Teach I was teaching people at the hospital how to Sign. I want to help people who are deaf and people who are blind. Because you never know which people are deaf or blind. Sign brings people together.

5 I told Wernersville it was time I wanted to change my life I was bored, I could only watch TV and there were no games and nurses gave me my medication David, Georgie, John, and Gail helped me get out I needed someone to help me, I needed someone to live with

6 Who will it be? First I needed to know what I would like in someone to provide supports for me. Someone who is fun and likes to go out to Park City and walk around I like to walk downtown Lancaster I like going to see baseball games The person has to be respectful

7 The Search Put ads in the newspaper Put out flyers David took me to different places like the store to meet people Looking for a roommate in Lancaster I am looking for a housemate. It would be a perfect match if the person knew Sign, enjoyed art, sports- especially baseball and helping me make new acquaintances and friends. I need someone to help me with daily living, personal care, and medical needs. I am looking for someone who can help me with the requirements of daily living in exchange for room and board. The roommate must be a non-smoker/drinker. The person must be patient and pleasant. I will be moving to an apartment in Lancaster City so I can be close to everything-you will be too if this is something you are interested in, let’s talk. Find Connect review Consider Observe Discover

8 Juan It was not easy to look for or find someone Georgie, who I trust, introduced me to Juan Juan and I like to eat at Park City and going to the park He asks me what I like and don’t like He and I share a love of big trees and have fun

9 Wilmer Juan introduced me to his friend Wilmer Wilmer is my room mate and helps me to cook Wilmer also helps me with my personal care We have been living together since October 2004

10 Job Description Gail, my friend, helped me to develop a job description It is a document that helps to explain who I am My likes and dislikes Where I want to go in my life I use the job description to direct my supporters.

11 My Outcomes (from my job description) I… – Will direct my life, supports and be my own boss – Will be employed – Will be healthy and safe – Will be involved in my community and form new relationships – Will be an advocate – am an artist

12 Directing my Life and Supports In Wernersville I had to ask permission but, I don’t now. I make decisions about my life and where I want to go. My supporters need to know sign, so I teach them. I help my supporters understand what is important to me and what is not. I have trained people in Planning Together and Fundamental Rights

13 Housekeeper I spoke to my circle of supports about paying someone to clean my apartment. Together we discussed how to make it happen. We talked about how much to pay the person and how often to have them clean. With help from David I put up flyers around my apartment building. I waited for a couple of days till someone called. It felt good to have a housekeeper.

14 Interviews I asked questions…”what kind of work you can do for me.” I asked how much do you want me to pay you. To pay the housekeeper it was up to me. To pay Juan and Wilmer Shared Support helped me to decide on pay.

15 Shared Responsibility My supporters are responsible to know who I am and helping me achieve the life I want I am responsible to my supporters to show them how they can help me in living my life

16 Thank You

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