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Education is the key to unlock the Golden Door of Freedom George Washington Craver Madhav University Industry Integrated Learning Program.

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1 Education is the key to unlock the Golden Door of Freedom George Washington Craver Madhav University Industry Integrated Learning Program

2 To Promote program :- To educate the working professionals and enhancement of their professional skills in the field of IT & Management through Industry Integrated learning and programs from UGC Recognized university. Objective

3 program is being offered by MADHAV University. MU Introduction of

4 Industry Integrated Learning and Programs (IILP) Mode of Education Introduction of

5 To enroll working professionals of various sectors in IT & Management courses matching to their job profile and previous qualification both. To enable professionals to out reach the expectations of their industry through state of the art technical and management skills. To provide access to flexible mode of education any time any where. Degree from UGC recognized university. USPsUSPs Introduction of

6 MADHAV University is a state private university authorized by UGC India, established at Mount Abu Rajasthan in 2013. One of the finest private university in terms of knowledge sharing and infrastructure. State of the art technology used for educating students in various faculty like IT & Management, Arts & Commerce, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Paramedical, Education, Research ETC. Innovative approach towards inculcating industry specific knowledge. UniversityUniversity Introduction of

7 MADHAV University Cell Madhav Hills Opp. Banas River Bridge Tolll. NH-14 Abu Road, District – Sirohi, Rajasthan-307026. India University Address Elegance Tower 232, 2nd floor. Jasola District Centre, New Delhi.110044. MU – Information Center MU – Information Center Presence

8 Marketing Strategy Search Engine Marketing Traffic through paid search listings Brand Aid Remarketing PPC (Pay Per Click) E-mail Marketing Social Media Marketing Facebook LinkedIn Twitter You Tube Presence

9 Increase in working efficiency of an employee. Implementation of new ideas at every level of a company. The transformation of Semi-skilled employee to highly skilled employee. Attendance of employee at workplace is must for completion of course. Employee will continue with the same company and hence reducing attrition rate. Successful model to develop managers and increase the potential of an employee. For Industry Benefits of

10 Up-gradation of education to next level. Up-gradation of skills of their relevant field. Specialization in any field can be done matching to the job profile. Implementation of skills in real time environment of industry. Learning at your own accord -flexibility of time and place Helps candidate to build their career in their own field. User friendly & state of the art portal for information and reports. No loss or break in job while studying. A successful mode of study in many For Professionals developed countries. Benefits of


12 MBA BBA PGDBM PGCBM DBM CBM Faculty of Management (IILP) Courses

13 Candidate can choose his specialization as per the job profile and nature of industry. For Example – A person working in media industry and wants to do specialize program in media management in that case he can enroll in MBA/PGDM in Media Mgmt. Freedom Of Specialization

14 UG/PG courses in various field of IT & Management. World class study material available online for students. Access to webinars from industry leaders and innovators. Implementation of ideas and techniques at their work place. Attendance of students is based on company attendance. Regular feedback of HOD/HR/Mgmt. for performance analysis. Assessment and evaluation of students through examinations at university campus only. Instant declaration of result and issuance of online transcript. How Does works?

15 Online access of world class study material. (Web classes, Online Study material) Continuous up-gradation of contents. (knowledge of real time technologies) Motivational Training for students on regular basis. (Online Videos, Presentations, Blogs for students) Knowledge forum for any doubts and clarification of students. (Dedicated forum for students and corporate) - Learning Methodology

16 Advisory board to validate the authenticity of contents. (Team of corporate leaders and innovators) Webinars to be conducted on various topics and fields. ( Online Seminar via video confessing like Skype etc.) Ideas of industry leaders and innovators to be shared. (Expert speech on real time knowledge videos) Grand Seminar at the end of each semester in university campus. (Face to face interaction with industry leaders and experts) - Learning Methodology

17 Student attend the assessment examination (Semester mode) at the University campus only. At the end of examination candidate will get the result instantly. Student gets a Degree/Diploma of MU (UGC recognized University) which is valid across Globe. ExaminationsExaminations

18 A working professional of any field and any sector can enroll for UG & PG Courses. Course should match to his job profile and industry type. Eligibility criteria of UGC and University to be followed strictly. Declaration from HR/Management required for admission. Complete form with self attested documents along with fee to be submitted for admission. Appearing in examination at university campus is compulsory. Norms & Eligibility

19 In this competitive world grooming is a continuous process. gives an access to the state of the art technology. provides knowledge while working. provides Degree/Diploma from UGC recognized university. has become a trend in develop countries. is the future of professional studies in India. is a win-win for Corporate and professionals both. SummarySummary

20 1.Whether the UGC Approved University Require Any Prior Approval from UGC/ HRD To Run Industry Integrated Courses in Regular Mode? Ans : No As per UGC /HRD There is no Prior Approval required to Run Industry Integrated in Regular Mode. 2. Whether the UGC Approved University Require Any Prior Approval from AICTE to run Technical Education? Ans : No As per AICTE There is no Prior Approval required for UGC Listed University to Run Technical Education. 3. Whether the UGC Approved University Require Prior Approval from DEC to tie up with Industry Integrated Education in Regular Mode? Ans : No As per DEC There is no Prior Approval required for UGC Listed University to Run Industry Integrated Education In Regular Mode. FAQs

21 4. How would a student have an edge from Freedom-Courses over a Distance/regular-Courses? Ans : In comparison to others, the advantages of acquiring industry specific knowledge within its Delivery of quicker results. The student relates as well as adapts quicker to markets, processes, products and people. Higher performance. You perform assigned tasks effectively, more than the others do. Faster promotion. There is an improvised scope of additional responsibilities to your existing profile. 5. I am an employee. Is my decision to do an Mgmt /IT courses through IILM Mode appropriate? Ans : Your decision is based on three perspectives - Working full time allows development of skills, attitude and competencies relevant for managers. Your approach at workplace, challenges the professional tandem. Workplace environment becomes a lab. You start learning to apply real professional situations and raise your performance level. Continue the steady flow of income. A consistency is automatically maintained in your financial commitments and life style. domain are : FAQs

22 6. Do companies consider Freedom Learning Programs during appraisals? Ans: Yes. They do. Work experience combined with learning improves performance. There is a connectivity that helps you connect your learning to practical situations. Improved performance leads to better appraisals. There is a complete scope to develop the ability and deliver quicker results. 7. What do I do if my busy work schedule breaks the study line in between? Ans: One of the attributes of our program is the flexibility. You can complete the program in Maximum 8. How do I reconnect if I miss an exam in a particular module? Ans : Examinations are conducted 2 times a year. In case you fail to appear for a particular reason, of additional 3 re-appear chances after the scheduled program. However, the reason you are enrolling for the program is to upgrade your knowledge and keep abreast with the industry requirements. We believe to help you meet your objective. So, we recommend that you make every effort to complete the program in the specified time. you have the opportunity to take the exam, the following semester. 9. Will the Freedom program enhance my overall personality? Ans: Yes, it surely would for those who choose to improve. FAQs

23 Work experience combined with Freedom program develops life skills. You will realize that, the Industry integrated program is far more empowering than just writing an Life skills give you the ability to express your personality better. There will be an insight to understand people better and work more efficiently. Earning ability increases self confidence. It is evident that you shall become a more mature and responsible individual. 10. Does MU University, Rajasthan has recognition from UGC? Ans : Yes. The Madhav University, Rajasthan is established under section 2(F) of Act 1956, 11. If I have a Diploma and not a bachelors degree, am I eligible for the PG Courses? Ans : No. The eligibility for enrolling to the Post Graduate Program is a Bachelors degree. 12. What certification will be provided to the successful candidate? Ans : Students will get the (Industry Integrated-Degree/Diploma) from Madhav University, 13. Why should I join Freedom Program? How is it better than others? Ans : Students have access to world class content, curriculum which is in tune with the industry, Has empowered the University to award Degrees. as per the course enrolled. interactive. workshops and case based learning along with this student will get a degree/Diploma from UGC recognized university. exam and qualifying. FAQs


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